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More Poop On Sewer Plant

Insiders tell us there have been some “come to Jesus” meetings with about half of Boise’s employees, including those at the Public Works Department’s sewage treatment facilities.

These group ethics training sessions were prompted by the scandals during the previous city administration which saw several leaders go to jail. To his credit, Mayor Dave Bieter is apparently making good on a campaign promise to return ethics to government.

Employees, past and present raised questions about a couple of mid level Boise sewage plant managers running the private Hidden Springs sewage treatment plant while moonlighting on a private contract.

The GUARDIAN was presented with reports of actions readers felt were “illegal, unethical, conflicts of interest, naughty, or fattening.”

We have been assured by city officials that everything is being done according to the rules and all parties in the sewer treatment plants have been advised about moonlighting policies. City officials apparently see no problem with supervisors hiring underlings to work off duty …kinda iffy in some circles.

What city workers do on their own time should be of no concern to management–as long as it does not conflict with their city obligations. In order to know if there is a conflict, we think disclosure of all part time jobs should be made as a condition of employment.

Selling skills or training obtained at taxpayer expense for personal gain pushes the envelope in our opinion. Examples would be cops testify as expert witnesses in civil cases based on their employment and training, arson investigators working for insurance companies, sewer experts taking trouble calls at work for private companies, building inspectors working for those they inspect, planners “consulting” for developers etc.