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Ball Park May Face Extra Innings

It looks like Boise’s downtown “field of dreams” ball park proposal could go into extra innings if the home team calling itself CONCERNED BOISE TAXPAYERS is able to keep the developer and local agencies from getting to first base.

The group boasts Gary Michael, former Albertson CEO, as the lead off pitcher with a bullpen full of old Boise sluggers. Although their names haven’t been put on the roster yet, many have earned signing bonuses and are accustomed to playing in the big leagues.

CBT sent a letter last week to the Greater Boise Auditorium District Board of Directors citing five surveys and studies they wanted completed at the expense of the developer, Greenstone Properties, before any GBAD money is appropriated to the project. The letter will be read into the record at the Wednesday 2p.m. GBAD regularly scheduled meeting.

The home team is pushing for the visitors to pay for studies of traffic, noise, lighting, tranquility of nearby parks, and “true economic impact at build out.” These surveys don’t go for peanuts and without GBAD participation it could give the home team the advantage.

At issue is a scheme that will need money from GBAD, CCDC, and assorted agencies–even property taxpayers. Dubbed a “private-public partnership,” the project is a condo, retail, ballpark development planned for the area of Americana and the Boise River–known by oldtimers as the K-Mart site.

BOISEDEV has several good stories explaining the ballpark details, rules of the game, and price of admission.

The letter: Concerned Boise Taxpayers of Boise

UPDATE 7/26/17
Once again the BOISE DEV site has come up with some straight forward reporting on a GUARDIAN piece.