Boise Guardian

Good Noisy, Bad Noisy, Boise

Gotta hand it to the Boise City Council. They are consistent when it comes decisions about economic benefits. Noisy jets at Gowen mean $155 million good. Noisy cars and cycles mean loss of diners downtown.

Numerous readers called our attention to the new ordinance featured on KTVB.COM. All the messages pointed out the hypocrisy of the council action. Of course the GUARDIAN delights in “pricking the balloon of hypocrisy.”

Team Dave works doggedly to attract a squadron of F-35 fighter jets which rattle windows with about 110 or more decibels, but write tickets to kids driving cars found offensive by the downtowners. What will the coppers do with all those loud bikes that make charity runs like “Rolling Thunder?”

Tuesday the council passed an ordinance to ban noisy vehicles emitting more than 92 decibels on city streets. The council responded to downtown business owners who claimed the night time cruise drove away customers.

Camerom Lumbsden, owner and operator of downtown restaurants Fork on 8th Street, and Alavita on Idaho Street, testified at the council meeting. He says the loud noise and exhaust is disrupting his business.

We wonder how those downtown business folks, like Lumbsden, feel about the loudest fighter jet in the entire world being based at Gowen Field and causing disruption to the residents, making their homes “not suitable for residential use.”

It says a lot when officials react so decisively on a few downtown business owner complaints, yet refuse to even meet with residents opposed to the F-35.