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Boise’s Official F-35 Rhetoric Toned Down

Far from pulling the plug on F-35 support, we detected a “decreased volume” in the official City of Boise rhetoric following a visit by Mayor Dave Bieter and two city councilors to Hill Air Force Base in Utah this week.

F-35 fighters at Hill AFB. USAF Photo

Morgan Boydston at KTVB interviewed Mike Journee, Team Dave’s mouthpiece who used phrases like, “…a continuing mission at Gowen which COULD include the F-35,” instead of the previous mantra of, “without the F-35 we could lose the Air Guard.” He soft pedaled the intense efforts previously employed by the City.

Gone was the previous confrontational tone from City Hall toward opponents of the noisy fighter jet being based in Boise. We see that as a step forward in what has become a divisive debate.

The GUARDIAN has been made aware of a series of written exchanges between the Citizens For A Livable Boise, Journee, and airport director Rebecca Hupp. Both sides claim to have the “true facts” regarding the noise and ultimate effect of the F-35 on Boise’s quality of life.

If Boise is not selected as a finalist for the F-35, we are confident the politicos and the citizens will be able offer support for an alternative flying mission in the future. Meanwhile, the current A-10s will probably remain on duty for several years.