Boise Guardian

Air Force Chickens Out On GUARDIAN Challenge

We recently applauded the U.S. Force decision to “answer the GUARDIAN challenge,” to bring in an F-35 so Boiseans could see and hear it.

According to the IDAHO STATESMAN, they will have a pair of the reputedly noisy birds on silent static display at the GOWEN THUNDER AIR SHOW, but not fly them after arrival nor will they let the public know when they are scheduled to depart. The air show is set for October 14 and 15 and will feature both the Thunderbird and Canadian Snowbird acrobatic demonstration teams.

To us, the move only serves to lend credibility to opponents of stationing a squadron of F-35s in Boise. Opponents claim the F-35 is the noisiest fighter in the Air Force inventory. If, as the pro F-35 folks claim, it is not deafening, then why not announce departure times and demonstrate the noise levels?