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Massive Anti Ball Park Reaction At Open House

We visited the Convention Center Thursday where Boise promoters of a baseball park-Sports Stadium had set up their sales pitch in the lobby.

Council Candidate Logan Kimball (center) talks with Chamber of Commerce ‘s Bill Conners (right) and a citizen at open house.

Without question, the reaction of those who attended was overwhelmingly opposed to the idea. City Council Candidate Logan Kimball crashed the party, handing out flyers detailing reasons to oppose the stadium.

This note from DAVID S. SMITH was typical:

What keeps the Boise Hawks here? They may leave or go out of business any time. Taxpayers will be on hook if they leave? Why should taxpayers have any faith in AGON?

The site is near Cooper Court/Bum City. That population will immediately swell and find the facilities irresistible. City took 1 ½ years to respond to the Bumtown. Will the city become indifferent again to the local businesses in the area? 1 ½ years in unacceptable. I saw someone urinating on the Interfaith Shelter just last week. The city has shown indifference to property values in this area of the community.

City fiscal credibility poor. Americana Blvd supposed to be shut down to two lanes. Might want to rethink that project if access to a ballyard is expected. Fingers point at ACHD. Project halted delayed because of projected costs exceed expected? How can taxpayers expect city budget numbers regarding stadium to be correct? ACHD and City seem detached from each other and expect taxpayers to pay either way.

City can’t seem to handle money appropriately for Foothills Levy taxes. City competence is questioned because the incompetence and mishaps are real.

50% of property in Boise is off tax rolls. This shifts tax burden onto too few taxpayers. My property taxes are more than double what I paid for a similar valued property in Charleston SC.

What happens during the next several economic downturns? Downturns are a certainty and will happen at least three times over the 20 years of this project. Duration can last years. This will happen and city resources will be stressed. Cities usually lay off teachers and school and police/fire services during these times. We won’t be able to lay off the debt this project starts.

There is a perfectly good venue for baseball, and related activities in the current location leased from the city for another 60 years.