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Yes, There Really Is A Santa Clause–Many Of Them!

Each year there are random acts of kindness that pop into the headlines during the Christmas season. This one is from Facebook, but we know Winn Mickey at the Overland Station Post Office on Federal Way and it is a true story. From Winn’s Facebook entry… “So I walked into a Jackson’s food mart and […]

What Does Kennedy Death Mean To You?

Things are slow here at the GUARDIAN world headquarters, so we decided to jump on the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination bandwagon. We would like to hear from both the youngsters under 50 and the seniors about how they perceive the loss of JFK and what it meant to them. By DAVID R. FRAZIER […]

Up And Down With BOI

First we get news the Boise airport is ranked #7 in a poll of some sort by a travel magazine. On time departures seemed to be the reason for the national ranking. GOOD NEWS! Then, the same day we hear the airport is turned down for a $700,000 grant from the Feds to get flights […]

Risch, Crapo Charitable Vows For Wages Unacceptable

A story by Statesman writer Dan Popkey about the federal shutdown reports, “Sens. Mike Crapo and Jim Risch say they will donate the portion of their $174,000 annual pay earned during the shutdown to charity. Such a simplistic move by our elected officials illustrates the problem. They have no shame. These guys shutdown the government […]

“Mr. Everyman” Pens Note To Congressman Simpson Et Al

The following letter was actually sent to Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson and should be read by the entire Congress. The author has requested anonymity, but is well known to the GUARDIAN and soon, no doubt, to Congressman Simpson. The GUARDIAN felt it brilliantly expresses the sentiments of many frustrated Americans. Dear Congressman Simpson, I am […]

Bieter At Boehner $50 Fund Raiser For Simpson

OK, we admit it. The GUARDIAN enjoys raising questions with regard to politico fund raising. When we heard Boise Mayor Dave Bieter, an avowed Dem, was introduced at a $50 a plate fund raiser for Repub Rep. Mike Simpson Monday, we wondered who paid. Did Bieter have to pay to get in to hear U.S. […]

Cascade Shooting and Rescue Conducted In Near Secrecy With Media Blackout

With dozens of reporters from local and national media converging “on scene” at Cascade it was ironic that news of Hannah Anderson’s rescue and James DiMaggio’s death on Saturday came from the sheriff of San Diego County 1,000 away. Reporters massed outside the Cascade emergency center–just like the television viewers across the USA–got the news […]

What Happened To Honesty And Common Sense?

Gotta admit it has been difficult to write much in the way of “constructive” criticism lately with all the crooked businessmen and business deals coming to light and politicos trying to match the business folks. We have a plethora (for non-library types that’s a whole bunch) of scams that have come to light and not […]

Boise Seeks $700,000 ObamaFare For Airlines

Boise cheerleaders are at it once again, dumping public money into a sales pitch for a corporate welfare plan under the delusion business will flock to the City of Trees if you pay them enough. This time the idea is pay airlines–with federal matching funds–to fly routes that are otherwise not profitable in a free […]

Up In The Air Over Political Spending

Recent news accounts from Boise and Mountain Home make us pause over the reasons public money is being spent for political reasons–all ultimately aimed at “helping business” by keeping airplanes flying. Our friends at the Mountain Home News report local politicos are worried about yet another round of potential Base Realignment and Closures (BRAC). The […]

Crapo Campaign Finance Debacle Handled Like Wayward Catholic Priests

The scandal evolving over the quarter million dollars reportedly bilked from Idaho Senior Sen Mike Crapo’s campaign fund sounds like the Catholic Church and its abusive priests: “shuffle the offenders and keep mum unless someone squawks.” Lost in all the revelations reported by both the STATESMAN and ASSOCIATED PRESS is the ethical issue of keeping […]

Crapo Cash Caper Causes Crash

Our Senior Senator (“sen-sen”) Mike Crapo sits on the Senate Banking and Finance Committee making decisions which can make or break the financial health of the United States of America. However, according to an ASSOCIATED PRESS/IDAHO STATESMAN story, the guy hasn’t a clue his staffers are using the political payoff cash in his war chest […]

Boise Has No Authority For Trolley

Looks like that pesky IDAHO CONSTITUTION has gotten in the way of Team Dave once again. Mayor Dave Bieter is set to ask the City Council Tuesday for funds for yet another street car, trolley study. What he should be doing is sucking up to the ACHD Commishes because that group holds ALL the cards […]

Crapo, Risch Sponsor Bear Skin Rug Bill

Just in time for weekend news reports comes a bill introduced in the U.S. Senate for Americans who legally killed polar bears in Canada five years ago, but didn’t get their trophy furs across the border before the 2008 law banning import of dead bear parts was passed. Senators Mike Crapo and Jim Risch introduced […]

Idaho Senator’s Wife Draws Ire Of U.S. Judge

In an order issued Monday, U.S. District Judge B. Lynn Winmill suggested Renee McKenzie, wife of lawyer and Idaho Senator Curt McKenzie, may have violated Idaho Code by practicing law without a license. The judge characterized Renee McKenzie’s dealing with a prison inmate as a “side show” for the court, a “serious security risk for […]

Politics Is Tearing Us Apart, City, County, State, And National

Rather than jump at every stupid move by government, we have been reluctant to post much in the way of comments on recent political events…”no news if good news” reasoning. Contrary to popular belief among some politicos, the GUARDIAN does NOT like to have a negative slant on every topic that comes along. However, we […]

Lawmen Circle The Wagons In Anticipation Of Criminal Charges

Police and prosecutors are circling the wagons in anticipation of indictments against local coppers in the near future. The IDAHO STATESMAN ran a big rehash Sunday of the story posted last June by the GUARDIAN about the demise of Robert Berrier’s career in law enforcement following a forced resignation for sexual misconduct with a drug […]

Boise FAA Tower To Control Bozeman

In what can only be an “ironic irony” the new Boise air traffic control tower which is head and shoulders above most any building in the state will serve as the approach control radar service for Bozeman, Montana. Before the politicos got involved, the plan was to have Boise’s TRACON (Terminal Radar Approach Control) operated […]

Boise Gives Away Fire Service Outside City

Each budget season local governments across the USA look for ways to fund essential services. According to the Minneapolis STAR-TRIBUNE there is a move to charge fees to tax-exempt properties ranging from churches, and hospitals to government agencies and institutions of higher learning. In Boise the most glaring example of free city services lies with […]

Where To Find More Local Tax Revenue

We are starting to hear rumblings about assessing property taxes on the Idaho Department of Lands for its commercial enterprises like the 10 Barrel Brew Pub and Affordable Storage operations in Boise. If the legislature abolishes the personal property tax, it will devastate local cities, counties and schools–more so in smaller counties that lean heavily […]

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