ACHD Wins One Loses One

The Idaho Statesman and Boise City oppose a planned widening of Ustick road from the current two lanes to a more sensible five lanes.

ACHD is gun-shy over the debacle when Curtis Road was built with only two lanes and was over capacity the minute it opened. This time the engineers are planning a BIG road from Cole to Five Mile to accommodate the growth the city has spurred and approved with new developments along Ustick. The City created a traffic mess and now don’t want to make room for the resulting monster.

Meanwhile at the other end of town, ACHD has agreed to build a bridge for Harris Ranch developers so they can meet a City-imposed requirement for a Boise River crossing before building 2,500 houses and a retail space with more square feet than the Town Square Mall…and we all LOVE to drive around the mall. Right!

The developer should pay for the bridge and not force existing residents to subsidize growth.

The Statesman calls for cooperation for the warring sides. We think that is about as likely as peace in Iraq.

Conclusion: The east bridge will create more problems like Ustick and failure to widen Ustick is unthinkable.

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