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Sorry to be late with this one, but the GUARDIAN was on a “fact finding trip” to the Northeast getting a dose of Yankee history and learning about how they do it with the advise and consent of citizens.
The fall colors were great too!


Eric Schoman
1201 N. 7th St.
Boise, ID
Foothills Advisory Committee: I would like to comment on the process of the Foothills
Advisory Commission that met again this week. My comment is that this body continues
to make decisions regarding use of the foothills without any public input other than whom
they designate will speak to them. The recent changes of having the Humane Society
enforce the city ordinances without public comment. The report given by the Humane
Society to the Foothills Advisory Commission is done without public comment. When is
the City of Boise going to let the people who actually use the foothills have a say in how
they are regulated in the use of the foothills? Thank you.

Leane Chaffee
3 Mesa Vista Dr.
Boise, ID 83705
Downtown Trash: I’m calling with a comment and a suggestion. We have family in
town that were walking our Boise streets and looking for a place to put trash. They said
they had a very difficult time finding any public trash cans so they could dispose of their
stuff and keep our streets clean. They kept it but wondered why there were no trash
cans on some of the streets in Boise. Just an idea, pop it in. Thank you.
Action Taken: Public Works contacted
Joanne Brady Fritz
841-0977 or 422-9839
Parking Ticket: I’m calling with a concern. I live in the North End on a corner and we
were at a funeral on the 15th of September and came home to find that two of our cars
parked 15 ft. from the corner were ticketed with parking tickets. It seems just like a very
random kind of action. My partner has lived here for 18 years and I have lived here for
12. We have always been good neighbors and good citizens; obviously we didn’t know
the exact law or feet until we got the tickets, and we were 15 ft. from the corner. I’m
really upset because it seems like a very random, and everybody on my corner actually
got tickets that day. I think there was one that I felt was probably a valid ticket because
he was just a few feet from the crosswalk, you know right on top of it. You know it just
seemed like a really random moment to issue tickets. As I drive around the North End
and look at other corners, everybody is parked even closer and there are no other
tickets. So, I just can’t figure out why that corner, why that day? There was no warning
that they were going to be targeting or looking at people parking too close to corners or
anything in the North End, so that’s my concern about the randomness of an event that
seems really unfair. I certainly understand the law; I’m a law abiding citizen, and I would
really like some follow-up about this; I would really like to understand why that happened
on Officer Birch; why that happened that day; why all of a sudden so randomly we would
have that experience out of the blue. It seems unfair; it seems selective, and maybe he
did every street corner in the North End because that would have been what would have
been done if he were following the law that day for everybody else, and I wouldn’t want
that for everybody. I just want to understand why and make sense of it? Maybe I can be
helpful by letting neighbors know, taking an active part and letting neighbors know or
papering the neighbors and saying to be respectful of the law, and do you know the law?
I certainly didn’t know there was 20 ft. or 30 ft. I was conscious of being careful of where
I park. We have a busy packed street corner, and again we were gone that day to a
funeral, so we had left two cars. I would really appreciate some response to that and if
there is some other action I can take that would support this. The other part of this is I
don’t have $72 in the 17 days. I get paid once a month and that $72 is my grocery
money. It’s a hardship. I would love a call back.

September 27 – October 3 2008

Lynn Lockart
520 N. Archer St.
Boise, ID 83706
Neighborhood Association Meetings: Morris Hill Neighborhood Assoc.
I’m just calling to find out when the Mayor’s meeting for our area is going to be. I
received the Mayor’s newsletter and it had from what I could tell just two areas where
the meetings were going to be held, but I didn’t see anything for the bench area, the
Morris Hill Neighborhood Association area, and I would like to go ahead and forward that
information on to the folks that are in our membership. Please have someone get back
to me.
Action Taken: contacted

Helen Sprove
(925) 292-5460
Auto Impounded: I’m having a problem with an auto repair shop in Boise called Irish
Auto Repair, and I need someone to help me with it. I can’t seem to get hold of anyone
who is going to help me and I need someone to call me back so I can find out whom to
talk to, to find out what my rights are. I’m in California and I have an automobile in this
gentleman’s shop that I didn’t put there, and I want to know how I can get my car back
because he’s put a lien sale on it. Could you call me back please; if you don’t I will call
you again. Thank you.
Action Taken: contacted

Gang Activity: I am an anonymous citizen in the city of Boise, having lived here for 35
years. We’ve decided to place a call to you even though it’s public record, but want to
leave our name and address out of it because it is public record. We found that we
receive harassing phone calls and visits at our home when we place calls to the Mayor’s
Hotline; however, we want you to know that we are sick and tired of marauding
teenagers causing property damage in our neighborhood. We are part of a
Neighborhood Watch Team and find it virtually impossible to get extra patrol in our
neighborhood. Apparently dispatch and the Police Department are understaffed. We
have a huge drug, alcohol, and prostitution problem, followed up by retaliatory gangs
who are not dressed up in gang clothes, come through here and retaliate for other
children. We would like this to stop. We would like you, Mr. Mayor, and the City Council
to sit down and think of ways that we can teach property values and respect in our
schools because apparently our Police Department is overwhelmed with crime going on
in the neighborhood. We would appreciate your thoughtfulness in this regard as soon as
possible. Thank you.

September 27 – October 3 2008
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Share Maack
1201 N. 7th St.
Boise, ID 83702
Foothills Advisory Committee: I am calling to leave my comments regarding the
Foothills Advisory Committee. I have concerns about them continuing to look at issues
related to the dog policy without dealing with the public, without involving the public,
without there being any opportunity for public input. I thought it was very clear that the
3,000 or so people that were concerned about dogs in the foothills want to be involved in
that process. I’m very concerned that we’re not being included, and I can also say from
having observed them at a meeting, that I do not think that the Foothills Advisory
Committee is qualified to make those decisions. I would appreciate my concerns being
shared with the City Council, and Mayor, I just really feel this is again a breech of the
public trust. It’s not possible to go to those meetings; it’s not possible to speak at those
meetings; it’s very difficult to contact the members of the committee; they do not publish
their minutes until they’re approved a whole month after; there are no agendas that are
published; there is no public access and I am very, very discouraged with that process.
Thank you for listening.

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  1. Tech Jockey
    Oct 10, 2008, 9:19 am

    Hey Anonymous,

    Kinda hard for the mayor or the police to know where to go if you don’t leave any contact information….don’t ya think?!?

  2. Is a parking ticket really $72 now? That seems a bit steep. I had no idea.

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