Ada Sheriff Sgt. Resigns After Claims of Sexual Advances

Good news and bad news for an Ada County Sheriff’s department patrol sergeant.

Good news is he will not be charged with any criminal violations after allegedly making unwanted sexual advances toward a female while on duty. The bad news is his career is over and he has voluntarily resigned from the department.

The GUARDIAN has confirmed Sgt. Joe Wright resigned last week following the results of the investigation by Boise Police and the Gem County Prosecutor.

While no criminal charges are being filed, the $1.5 million civil case is proceeding. The IDAHO STATESMAN published an account of the tort claim–a forerunner to a civil suit–in the April 10 edition.

In that account, they reported Wright was accused of taking an intoxicated woman to her home from the jail in his patrol car after she posted bond and had a fight with her boyfriend at the jail.

The claim filed by a Boise woman alleged that Wright kissed the woman on the lips at her home and called her the next day while on duty.

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  1. What Cops forget is the Power Continium can change very quickly in any given situation. Conduct yourself above board at all times, do nothing you would wish to appear on the front page of the local paper or have your family find out about and you will have no problems. Forget this and you leave yourself open for all manner of trouble.

    Male/female issues like this are like dealing with a time bomb. It is going to blow up in your face but you just don’t know when. Abuse of power as a police officer can be tempting and this guy is an example of why it isn’t a very good idea to do so. He is not the first and won’t be the last.

  2. Too bad this officer has to aired out like dirty laundry. Maybe he is guilty, as the voluntary resignation points too. But her story seems pretty scetchy (BAC of .27!!!). Tort Claims of the this manner should have to have a guilty verdict in a criminal case before being filed. Seems to me, this will circumvent the proper legal channels.

    signed, Arm Chair Lawyer.


  4. In all my life I’ve never come across a more dangerous situation than an intoxicated woman.

    I bet she tells him “no hard feelings” when she happens across him someday.

  5. If he is indeed guilty, I hope she was worth it! ( I doubt it, as nothing is worth tossing everything you have down the drain.)

  6. This is an example of what officers refer to as career suicide. Doing something extremely stupid that results in job loss. Sadly It will cost the taxpayers a few thousand dollars to settle out of court for his behavior.

  7. Guess what. There is now another Tort claim by a different female against this guy…come on media..he is a jerk and has done it before

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