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Dr. Busted Selling Fake Falsies

Ok. We admit the only reason we are posting this press release from the U.S. Attorney is to use the headline.

However, we do have some questions. Like, what is a “sample sizer?” The Dr. was also charged with offering patients fake boobs with sizes switched in their records.

Shoe salesmen used to switch sizes so female customers thought they had smaller feet. That apparently is not the intent with chest measurements.

Judge Lynn Winmill sentenced Temp Ray Patterson, MD, (formerly of Burley) to seven months in prison with a year of supervised release after his time is served. He also will pay $8,200 in restitution and a $10,000 fine.

The RELEASE. Continue reading here…

VA Charity Bilked Out Of $44,000

The following is provided by a reader known to the GUARDIAN who has inside knowledge of the facts provided.

Tuesday, the day after Veteran’s Day, a team from the Boise VA as well past long-term employees, quietly gathered at the federal courthouse to hear the sentencing of Szilvia Rideg.

Rideg, the former executive director of the VA charity Idaho Veteran’s Research and Education Foundation (IVREF), plead guilty last year to Federal felony theft of $44,000 during her time at the foundation.

Ms. Rideg managed to make full restitution the morning of her sentencing, which came as a surprise to those in the courtroom. She was sentenced to five years probation, fined $5,000 along with twelve months of house arrest with possible electronic monitoring. Oddly, she continues to work as a grant administrator in another state but is now forbidden to handle funds, open lines of credit or handle cash. She must also take a personal finance class.

IVREF is a medical research charity that furthers the cause of veteran’s healthcare by studying, researching and hopefully curing diseases that veteran’s may suffer from either through the course of their service or later in life. IVREF was recently awarded a $10 million grant by the National Institute of Health (NIH). Rideg was the administrator of this grant.

Besides the economic impacts of her crime, her deceit also took a toll on the researchers employed at the VA as she attempted to cover her tracks by lies, allegations and blame directed towards her co-workers. For several decades researchers have left the facility and the Boise VA has come under scrutiny by the National Institute of Health as they have watched this unfold from afar.

Rideg attempted an apology during her sentencing, however, she spoke so softly that her words were lost in the courtroom and mostly unheard by the audience.

The court noted that Rideg, who came to the US seeking protection from a communist regime, stole from the very people, veterans, who fought for the freedoms and protections she now enjoys.

Links To Mayor Runoff Race

KTVB Channel 7 has video of the City Club CANDIDATE FORUM with Lauren McLean and Dave Bieter. Bill Manny does a pretty good job moderating the questions from the audience as well.

Don Day at BOISEDEV did a nice interview with incumbent Dave Bieter. Bieter refused to say if he would repeat his letter in support of former priest convicted on kiddy porn charges.

IDAHO PRESS reporter Margaret Carmel covered the City Club forum and offers her account of the action.

Ada Seeks Ideas For Fairgrounds Rebirth

Ada County Commishes met Wednesday and decided that “horse racing is out” at the fairgrounds. Details at IDAHOPRESS.

The GUARDIAN has long advocated creating an agricultural-based historical park on the site which could serve as an educational destination venue. We will roll out our plan which so far has received no reception from past or present commishes. Please offer your sentiments.


All you developers and politicians better keep your greedy hands off the Western Idaho Fairgrounds because it belongs to us–the people of Ada County.

If there are any changes they should be along the lines of an “agriculture heritage park” preserving the past in a manner which will educate today’s children and adults. It will provide a hands on experience for students and give us all a peek into the proud agricultural heritage of rural Idaho.

Given the numbers of farmers who have curtailed their farm activities for economic, social, and geriatric reasons, there is a wealth of expertise in the area of milking cows, planting crops, horse shoeing, threshing grain, fixing tractors, feeding goats, and tending chickens.
With a vote of the citizens and through donations, we could finance a demonstration farm with authentic barns, sheds and farm houses–plenty are being demolished to make room for the hordes seeking to live shoulder-to-shoulder with their neighbors in what was once rural Ada County.

Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia, Greenfield Village near Detroit, The LBJ Ranch in Texas are all historic parks which preserve our heritage and provide an educational experience for young and old alike with historic demonstration farms and they are big tourist attractions.

The oft-maligned state of Mississippi has a wonderful “southern town” heritage park adjacent to the state fairgrounds in Jackson. It has a general store, church, gas station with a hand pump, and all that exemplified life in the deep south about 1900.
With a little excavation, the high water table at the race track could serve as a superb urban fishery. The Idaho Historical Society has several turn of the century structures which would be a valuable contribution to an authentic Idaho farmstead. Toss in a blacksmith, a small sawmill, some steam engines, antique farm equipment and you have a first class year round educational attraction with working demonstrations on a rotating basis.

If anything is changed or developed at Ada County’s fairground site it should be for the benefit of every citizen in the county and not aimed to benefit politicians and developers. Traditionally county fairs provided a common link between urban and rural life. What better way to make that link permanent than with an historic theme park?

Before the developers and other special interest groups get their hands on our fairgrounds, the people need to make their voices heard in support of a park-like venue with something for everyone.

The horse races have proven to be an endless round of scandals, lawsuits, and a drain on public resources for the pleasure of a dwindling few. With our new farm park we can give youngsters the opportunity to take a wagon ride behind real “horsepower.”

And yes, there is room for a hotel AND God forbid a convention center!

Nearly 70% Vote Against Bieter

Tuesday’s local election results had incumbent Boise Mayor Dave Bieter failing to garner even one-third of the votes as city council president Lauren McLean came in with more than 45% of the votes cast among the seven candidates.

According to city ordinance, a run off election will be held December 3, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving since no candidate received more than 50%. Some estimate the cost of a runoff will be $100,000 at the expense of Boise taxpayers.

If the four term mayor is truly concerned with safeguarding the city treasury and doing the honorable thing, he should “BE KIND” and withdraw his name from the race, concede the victory to McLean, and try to retain some dignity. Since we have never had a runoff or a concession there needs to be some sort of legal determination.

If not, the GUARDIAN would be surprised if Bieter can resurrect a win over McLean, especially when his pet Library and Sports Stadium projects were soundly rejected by voters in Propositions 1 and 2 which gave a voice to the citizens–measures which Bieter openly opposed. Nationwide, second place candidates seldom win run off elections.

Complete results can be found at ADA COUNTY ELECTIONS.

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