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Attention Growthophobes, You Could Be New Guardian

I haven’t had anyone step up to apply for the FREE ownership of the BOISEGUARDIAN.COM website. There is an 18 year history, invaluable archive, and the opportunity to make yourself an on-line publisher.

I am now 78 and seeking to have some time to do some creative writing and photography without the responsibility of fact checking and providing a forum for readers of all philosophies.

If you, a group, or even journalism students want to have a shot at public news gathering, send me a note expressing your interest.

Warm regards,

Looking For Someone To Be New “Guardian,” A Swan Song

For the few followers left at the BOISE GUARDIAN, it is obvious that there has been no coverage since the city election in November 2023.

I would like to make an offer that should be hard to refuse: free access to be the new BOISE GUARDIAN.

After 18 years as editor, I, Dave Frazier have decided it is time to pass the GUARDIAN along to another journalist who would like to carry on the role of “guarding” the citizens rights by overseeing local government activities. It would be a great opportunity for aspiring journalists.

Over the years I have changed policy within Boise City departments which took advantage of citizen’s property for personal use, advocated for police oversight, revealed administration manipulation, and a whole lot more.

However, I simply don’t have the fire in my belly anymore. I am 78 and feel it’s time a younger crew takeover. I don’t want any money or control, just looking for a good honest person or group willing to have fun and keep tabs on government. Admittedly it is a “legacy thing” in part, but I promise my motivation is pure of heart.

The new person or persons are welcome to sell ads and set their own agenda for coverage. Ideally the new operator would be non-partisan, fair, and have a sense of humor…the April Fools spoofs are legendary. (see the archive)


Boise-Ada Election Takeaway Notes

Mclean-Masterson race probably had two winners. Mclean benefitted from incumbency and handily ensconced herself as a political power in Idaho. Masterson went through the motions, but his heart wasn’t really in the race. After a lifetime in public service, he had his eye on retirement and family time. Two winners.

Jail bond missed by only a few votes. We advise sheriff and county officials to renew efforts to force the state of Idaho to take the daily 100 inmates that belong in the prison, but the state refuses to pick them up. The issue is NOT the super majority, it is the people of Ada County subsidizing the state.

KTVB-7 had the best coverage by far. Their crawler at the bottom of the TV screen kept folks informed of election results and reporters at key venues contributed to the evening’s information. They also did a nice job tracking results throughout their coverage area all the way to SE Idaho.

BOISEDEV had big boy coverage with a television-style anchor desk commenting and covering the races.

Secretary of State Phil McGrane made guest appearances with the media folks, including KTVB and BOISEDEV. Keep your eye on this guy he is looking like a valuable public asset for all Idaho.

The Politics Of Power Is Electrifying

We saw the local legacy media publish (broadcast) a story from Team McLean claiming Boise’s airport and Lander Street sewer plant would be using solar energy provided by Idaho Power.

That simply is not true. While Idaho Power has solar facilities on the grid, they also have other sources on the same system. The good mayor could also claim the city is powered by water from C. J. Strike Dam.

The claim of powering the airport and sewer plant with solar is like saying the water we get from the Boise River is “spring water.” Sure, there are springs that contribute to the river flow, but the water is mostly snow melt runoff, and from whatever sources drain into the river.

The truth of the matter is McLean is claiming “credit” for an amount of solar power consumed, but that amount was mixed in with electricity generated by numerous sources including that generated from coal, gas, hydro, solar and wind.


Here is the mayor’s claim sent out from her public office Thursday–just three weeks prior to the election.

“This week, our City Council approved the City of Boise’s participation in Idaho Power’s ‘Clean Energy Your Way’ program. This allows us to fully transition both the Boise Airport and the Lander Street Water Renewal Facility to clean electricity – a giant leap toward our goal of achieving 100% clean electricity across city government operations by 2030.

I appreciate our partnership with Idaho Power in getting us so much closer to our clean energy goals through the purchase of power from a new solar facility. The Clean Energy Your Way program may also allow other Idaho Power customers to purchase clean electricity, helping residents and business reach their climate goals as well.

Together we are leading the way to a cleaner, healthier future for our children.”

BOISEDEV reporter Margaret offers more details of the financial deal which is a long term agreement with Idaho Power.

Debate Topics For Boise Races

While the current topics for conversation and debate in the Boise mayor and council races are focused on housing, homelessness, and the alphabet soup of sexual preferences, the GUARDIAN has come out of retirement with some important topics.

FEES IN LIEU OF TAXES are needed to offset the subsidy Boise taxpayers make toward state government. The mirrored office building at Broadway and the Boise river is owned by BSU and pays no taxes as a state-owned property. HOWEVER the majority of the space is used by for profit PRIVATE business.ccThat spqce should pay fees to the city.

THE HP CAMPUS is now owned by the state of Idaho and pays no taxes. HOWEVER part of it is occupied by HP for private commercial business. That portion should pay fees.

THE COUNCIL DISTRICTS are a good idea, but citizens should be able to vote for ALL candidates while candidates should come from each of the districts–just like the county commishes.

POLICE COMMISSION still needs to be instituted. Citizens have no voice in the biggest budget item in Boise government. Commission would be like, Parks, Airport, Zoning, Library, etc. The Office of Police Accountability (OPA) should be under that civilian authority, not at the whim of the mayor.

FIRE SERVICE is provided for free by Boise to the likes of BSU, but the university pays for police. BSU is like a town of 28,000 that pays no taxes or fees for fire protection. Same is true for state-owned HP campus and capitol mall. HOWEVER the Feds pay Boise for fire protection at VA and federal building. There is no logical consistent policy.

We have tried in vain to bring these issues to the candidates and have been ignored each time.

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