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Jones Offers “Power To The People”

Major kudos to former Attorney General and Supreme Court Justice Jim Jones for his efforts to fight the legislature’s attempt to deny Idaho citizens a voice.

KIVI, Channel 6 has a good story on Jone’s efforts to collect 16,000 signatures from folks opposed too SB1110 which has passed both Idaho houses and awaits action by Gov. Brad Little. Jones is urging Little to veto the law which would make it virtually impossible for citizens to place an initiative on the ballot without signatures from at least 6% of the voters in all the state legislative districts.

If signed into law, that means a lack of the 6% signature goal from any district would prevent any citizen proposal from ballot consideration.

McLean To Join Republicans?

Declaring, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” Boise mayor Lauren McLean announced today she has notified her fellow Dems that she encourages everyone to join the Republican Party.

“We have no chance in the legislature, but if we join the Rs, we can eventually takeover the Republicans and give the RHINO tag (Republicans in name only) some real meaning, said McLean

Thousands of Dems have registered with the Repubs just so they can vote in the closed primary. That same thought seems to echo McLean’s call to essentially create a cadre of moles in the Republican Party.

When the GUARDIAN brought up the idea of changing parties with Republican Gov. Brad Little, he said, “Gosh, I was thinking of doing the same thing and joining the Dems since our GOP has been co-opted by Janice McGeachin and the Orange Man.”

As soon as he heard of McLean’s plan, Republican Rep. Mike Moyle introduced a bill in the legislature prohibiting any members of the Democratic Party from joining “any political organization unless 10% of the members of that organization approve their application for membership from each legislative district in the state.”

Former soldier, lawyer, Attorney General, Supreme Court Justice, and current media columnist Jim Jones opined, “only a fool would believe this garbage.”

The Culture Of COVID

After finally getting both COVID vaccine shots (the Brits call them “jabs”) pent up desire to be on the road again put us in the car for a cross country drive to Florida to visit relatives.

In Farmington, New Mexico the local Denny’s required diners to register and provide a phone number prior to seating. It wasn’t a scam. New Mexico had no deaths and only a few cases of COVID that day. The registration was to enable tracking in the event of a confirmed case.

Everywhere in the South masks are required and there is an abundance of hand cleaner stations.

Several hotels had paper seals on the room doors after they had been “sanitized.” In Florida, masks were as common as shorts and sandals.

The “anti-masker” element was not present the further east we went.

Ada Commish Tries To Influence Judge

The IDAHO PRESS has revealed a blockbuster story detailing an attempt by Ada Commish Ryan Davidson to influence Judge David Manweiler to “accommodate” political activist Ammond Bundy’s refusal to wear a COVID mask inside the courthouse.

Davidson denied any attempt to influence the judge, but said the mask issue was his own personal belief.

While Davidson claims to have been attempting to resolve a tense issue on the steps of the court house, he was treading on thin legal ice when he talked to a judge about a pending case in which he (Davidson) was not a party.

Idaho Code 18-1353 was sent to the GUARDIAN by a reader. It says in part: “Threats and other improper influence in official and political matters. (1) Offenses defined. A person commits an offense if he:

(d) privately addresses to any public servant who has or will have an official discretion in a judicial or administrative proceeding any representation, entreaty, argument or other communication with purpose to influence the outcome on the basis of considerations other than those authorized by law.

Ada Commishes Nix Jail Plan

The GUARDIAN offers kudos to Ada Commishes Ryan Davidson and Rod Beck for not endorsing a plan by previous commissioners to subvert the Idaho Constitutional mandate to seek voter approval for debt to build a jail expansion.

Margaret Carmel at BOISEDEV has a detailed account.

Under former Commish Dianna Lachiondo, a plan was hatched to create a financial product called “certificates of participation” to finance jail construction. The newly elected commishes will either save up some cash or go to the voters–as the Idaho Constitution requires for permission to go into debt.

Lawyers claim the Idaho Supreme Court “blessed” the so-called certificate scheme in a ruling against Guardian editor David R. Frazier in favor of the Greater Boise Auditorium District.

The GBAD and jail issues are not at all similar. The auditorium expansion is owned by the CCDC urban redevelopment agency and leased back to the GBAD. CCDC is authorized to sell bonds without voter approval.

Under the plan nixed by the new commishes, the jail would have been a debt secured by taxpayer assets with no citizen approval.

Ironically, local governments keep approving new construction and attracting more businesses and population all the while complaining about overcrowding at the county jail, schools, and highways.

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