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Ada Parks: “Boise River Never Safe”

Ada County Parks Director Scott Koberg said in an internal e-mail to the County Commissioners Wednesday, “The Boise River is never ‘safe’,” after the commishes questioned news from the Boise Fire Department claiming 14 rescues–including four “life-saving events” in about five hours.

Koberg noted the river float is always a, “float-at-your-own-risk” endeavor.

Common sense prompted the GUARDIAN to question the wisdom of floating the river if it results in such a demand on Boise Fire rescue services. The Ada County commishes had already asked the question of Koberg, prompting the memo he sent them. Koberg noted the Monday opener of the float season was the busiest ever. He also said the opening was conducted after the Boise FD had cleared obstructions and the flow of 1,300 – 1,500 cfs is within the historically appropriate range for floater recreation.

The news from BFD along with Koberg’s comments beg a few questions:
–Should Boise and Ada Parks provide lifeguards like they do at pools?
–Is the BFD claim of 4 life saving events in 5 hours accurate?
–Will the BFD have a crew on the river every day? Is it necessary?
–How much are specialty skill firefighters paid hourly?
–With so many rescues in such a short period should the float be banned?


Arson Kits Go On Sale Thursday

The annual July 4th records falsification and safety advice is now available from Treasure Valley “first responders” regarding use of fire works.

Officials sternly tell residents that “aerial fireworks,” including bottle rockets, mortars, and those producing “booms and bangs” are illegal. Meanwhile hundreds of dogs jump fences and run off in terror as both police and “patriotic” citizens ignore the illegal acts.

Last year on July 4th, there were 62 calls for service into dispatch from people reporting either illegal fireworks or a hazardous situation. BPD did not issue any citations.

Each year the folks at two large fireworks vending outlets ask customers to sign documents promising not to set off fireworks on public lands or other areas where they are prohibited–like the state of Idaho.

Both the Boise Police and Ada County sheriff’s departments have issued statements saying they “prioritize calls” and don’t really enforce the use of illegal fireworks.

The aerial explosives and fire crackers are responsible to injuries, lost dogs, disastrous fires, and sleepless nights for many. Meanwhile the much tamer devices described as “safe and sane” fireworks go on sale in strip mall and supermarket parking lots. For all but 10 days of the year children are admonished to not play with matches. Ironically, the only place to play with fireworks away from restrictive adults is in vacant lots and foothills land subject to wildfire.

A wise old father once suggested simply burning cash to get the same results as shooting off retail fireworks. In Vietnam resourceful revelers celebrating the lunar new year burn U.S. $100 bills for good luck. At least they do it with photocopies instead of real Benjamins.

The answer to the issue of fireworks displays is to boycott the arson stands and attend licensed displays found throughout the state. In Boise fireworks are scheduled to begin at 10:15 p.m. (dusk), but festivities at Ann Morrison Park begin at 6 p.m.

Which Flag On Harrison For Flag Day?

The Stars and Stripes, Old Glory, or simply the American Flag will be flying proudly Tuesday, June 14 on Flag Day, throughout the USA.

In Boise, chances are pretty good we will see rainbow striped Gay Pride flags fly from publicly owned lamp posts along Harrison Blvd., not the red, white, and blue.

We find it interesting that generations of Americans have been stirred and fought to protect the Star Spangled Banner and all that it stands for. Regardless of one’s sexual or political preferences, it seems the symbolism of a flag can stir passions–both good and bad.

The Trump movement has co-opted the American Flag to a certain extent. If you see a big pick-up truck with a flag flapping in the back, chances are slim the driver is a liberal. Bottom line is this: If flags are to be flown from public property they should represent EVERYONE–like the USA, state, City, County, etc.–and not a special interest, be it religious, political or sexual/gender.

Crosses, religious symbols, and the Ten Commandments have been banned from public property. We question the legality, fairness, and propriety of flying special interest flags from public property. The practice only fans the flames of discontent and leads to vandalism and dissent. Those who wish to fly the rainbow flag should do so from private property and their right to do so is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution under free speech.

Boise Police Lt. Popped For DUI

Following up on an anonymous tip, the GUARDIAN has confirmed that Boise police Lt. Steve Butler was arrested by Valley County Sheriff’s deputies over the Memorial Day weekend and cited for driving under the influence .

He was apparently involved in some sort of crash. Since the misdemeanor was not witnessed by the deputies, he was issued a citation and released until a future court date. A Valley deputy told us that is a common practice when an alleged misdemeanor is not witnessed by officers and there was no case of “professional courtesy.”

City Workers Coming And Going

This cryptic note came in Monday and got us to thinking.
“Please start a thread on Guardian regarding where are the City dept heads. Yes, the Police Chief has problems, but what about Fire Chief? Did he ever move into the city? Earn a bachelor’s degree? These were the posted requirements, but?”

We noticed on again, off again, KTVB newsy Justin Core has left the PR post at Lauren McLean’s mayor office and is returning to the TV station.. Seems like he is at least the fourth or fifth to hold and leave that post during her administration.

She also recently announced a proposed 45 additional city government workers to handle the work created by growth, but the City Admin continues to seek more businesses, offer assorted “incentives” to developers, hence more people and more demand for services. If they would simply welcome only those people and businesses willing to pay their fair share of taxes and a fair wage it would solve many of our problems.

New planning director comes from Atlanta, GA and wants us to think differently than we have been thinking.

We would welcome any INFORMED comments about what’s happening with our local government. PLEASE PLEASE, no nasty general negative comments not supported by facts.

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