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Boise-Ada Election Takeaway Notes

Mclean-Masterson race probably had two winners. Mclean benefitted from incumbency and handily ensconced herself as a political power in Idaho. Masterson went through the motions, but his heart wasn’t really in the race. After a lifetime in public service, he had his eye on retirement and family time. Two winners.

Jail bond missed by only a few votes. We advise sheriff and county officials to renew efforts to force the state of Idaho to take the daily 100 inmates that belong in the prison, but the state refuses to pick them up. The issue is NOT the super majority, it is the people of Ada County subsidizing the state.

KTVB-7 had the best coverage by far. Their crawler at the bottom of the TV screen kept folks informed of election results and reporters at key venues contributed to the evening’s information. They also did a nice job tracking results throughout their coverage area all the way to SE Idaho.

BOISEDEV had big boy coverage with a television-style anchor desk commenting and covering the races.

Secretary of State Phil McGrane made guest appearances with the media folks, including KTVB and BOISEDEV. Keep your eye on this guy he is looking like a valuable public asset for all Idaho.

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5 comments for “Boise-Ada Election Takeaway Notes”

  1. You hit the nail of the head on all accounts. The McLean slate benefited also from some strong grassroots door-knocking.

  2. As long as the Sheriff is promoting license plate readers, he can forget any support I might give him on any subject. And don’t get me started on publishing pics of people in jail with no followup at all.

  3. hilarious!
    His heart wasn’t in it.
    Is that a quote from him?

  4. Was Masterson controlled opposition?

  5. Dave – November to February is a looong time. Are you ok?

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