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Looking For Someone To Be New “Guardian,” A Swan Song

For the few followers left at the BOISE GUARDIAN, it is obvious that there has been no coverage since the city election in November 2023.

I would like to make an offer that should be hard to refuse: free access to be the new BOISE GUARDIAN.

After 18 years as editor, I, Dave Frazier have decided it is time to pass the GUARDIAN along to another journalist who would like to carry on the role of “guarding” the citizens rights by overseeing local government activities. It would be a great opportunity for aspiring journalists.

Over the years I have changed policy within Boise City departments which took advantage of citizen’s property for personal use, advocated for police oversight, revealed administration manipulation, and a whole lot more.

However, I simply don’t have the fire in my belly anymore. I am 78 and feel it’s time a younger crew takeover. I don’t want any money or control, just looking for a good honest person or group willing to have fun and keep tabs on government. Admittedly it is a “legacy thing” in part, but I promise my motivation is pure of heart.

The new person or persons are welcome to sell ads and set their own agenda for coverage. Ideally the new operator would be non-partisan, fair, and have a sense of humor…the April Fools spoofs are legendary. (see the archive)


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6 comments for “Looking For Someone To Be New “Guardian,” A Swan Song”

  1. Dave, Thanks for starting something that made a difference. Many good stories happened here regarding development, city government and many other topics. I did not always agree with your slant, but everyone was mostly civil in the discussion. The most memorable story for me was Evolution: Humans to Monkeys, Chimps, Gorillas.

  2. It’s been a pleasure.. Thank you. I haven’t looked at your site in months, but I did today? Coincidence? Hmmm.

  3. Concerned Neighbor
    Apr 8, 2024, 7:30 pm

    You’re the last of the real journalists in this area. I greatly appreciated your writing and insights.

  4. Thank you Dave for all that you have done and for being a levelheaded voice in the city of Boise. I do hope that someone (better at writing than me) takes you up on your offer.
    I just got done taking a “survey” on what credentials the mayor should use in picking a new police chief. I told my wife, she better take the survey or “someone else will set the bar for her”. She asked why they would even have such a thing and then asked what the boise guardian had to say about that. This brought me to your swan song. You will be missed.

  5. Bill von Tagen
    Apr 21, 2024, 12:13 pm

    So sorry to hear this. You have provided a valuable service to the residents of Boise, Ada County and Idaho. Thank you for your service, Dave. We will miss you.
    Bill von Tagen

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