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The Politics Of Power Is Electrifying

We saw the local legacy media publish (broadcast) a story from Team McLean claiming Boise’s airport and Lander Street sewer plant would be using solar energy provided by Idaho Power.

That simply is not true. While Idaho Power has solar facilities on the grid, they also have other sources on the same system. The good mayor could also claim the city is powered by water from C. J. Strike Dam.

The claim of powering the airport and sewer plant with solar is like saying the water we get from the Boise River is “spring water.” Sure, there are springs that contribute to the river flow, but the water is mostly snow melt runoff, and from whatever sources drain into the river.

The truth of the matter is McLean is claiming “credit” for an amount of solar power consumed, but that amount was mixed in with electricity generated by numerous sources including that generated from coal, gas, hydro, solar and wind.


Here is the mayor’s claim sent out from her public office Thursday–just three weeks prior to the election.

“This week, our City Council approved the City of Boise’s participation in Idaho Power’s ‘Clean Energy Your Way’ program. This allows us to fully transition both the Boise Airport and the Lander Street Water Renewal Facility to clean electricity – a giant leap toward our goal of achieving 100% clean electricity across city government operations by 2030.

I appreciate our partnership with Idaho Power in getting us so much closer to our clean energy goals through the purchase of power from a new solar facility. The Clean Energy Your Way program may also allow other Idaho Power customers to purchase clean electricity, helping residents and business reach their climate goals as well.

Together we are leading the way to a cleaner, healthier future for our children.”

BOISEDEV reporter Margaret offers more details of the financial deal which is a long term agreement with Idaho Power.

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  1. sounds like your beef is with Idaho Power- not the Mayor’s office.

    The title made me think the article was going to be about Idaho Powers VP of Public affairs (government relations) pulling in over 1million in compensation – and higher power rates.

  2. Their Clean Energy Your Way is a future program.
    Crazy that the Guardian is so politically bias about it.

    If I build a 50megawatt solar farm, pump it to IP as required and I use 48megawatts at my facility, AM I not net zero? I built and inputted the same I consume.

    From IdahoPower (instead of political junk).
    Construction Option (coming soon!)
    A partnership with large commercial customers.

    Partner with Idaho Power on a new, dedicated renewable energy resource to meet your specific sustainability goals. You’ll get credit for the additional value the resource brings to our system, but Idaho Power will manage it on your behalf. The resource is tailored to your specific hourly energy needs with Idaho Power continuing to serve as your reliable energy provider.

  3. Concerned Neighbor
    Oct 13, 2023, 7:58 pm

    Marxist McLean is wasting tax dollars to pay extra for dirty solar. It’s an accounting trick on the power side and political trick to get the contracts locked in before she gets kicked out of office.
    Take a hard look at Europe’s disaster in switching to more polluting more expensive less reliable energy such as solar/wind. They are telling people not to use heat in winter. How many civilians will that kill? They have to bring coal back because they shut down their clean nuclear reactor. Insane.

  4. She deduced it for we the stupid people
    Oct 14, 2023, 9:09 pm

    On the road to California

  5. I question if you can guarantee that the power you sign up for is in fact clean. From Idaho Powers website it says “Sign up for as much renewable energy as you like. Match your exact energy use each month for an extra penny per kilowatt-hour ” Are they double dipping on giving people ‘renewable’ energy? Kinda like fractional banking? I think that is @concerned Neighbor’s ‘accounting trick’

  6. Greenberry Haggin 1755
    Oct 19, 2023, 7:30 am

    The whole global warming thing is just a lie to justify the continued destruction of your freedoms and standard of living.

  7. Matt,
    Step1. I build a 50megawatt solar farm and connect it to Idaho Power
    Step2. I use less than 50megawatts (from Idaho Power) in my facilities.

    Is “my use” plus positive to renewable power?

  8. What destruction of freedom and standard of living are you having Greenberry?

    More severe hurricanes. People in the Gulf Coast really ARE having destruction.
    More severe drought. Farmers in the SW really ARE experiencing a loss of production.

    More fire, drought, flooding, and actual LOSS of life.

    But it is cool to know you and your Neighbor know more than the scientists at NASA. People on the Right used to think Earth is flat.

    EDITOR NOTE–Flat earth society has offices all AROUND the world. 🙂

  9. The connections
    Oct 19, 2023, 4:36 pm

    It’s just that the connections are with oil companies. Please write about this. The solar co. is actually an oil co., right?

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