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Idle Thoughts On Gas Guzzling Copper

Guest opinion by STEVE “BIKEBOY” HULME Today a Boise Police Officer (a pretty young gal with a ponytail, but that’s irrelevant) pulled up next door at the “Headstart” school, in her marked SUV cop car. Left the motor running. (A sign in the next parking spot over – NO-IDLE ZONE – SHUT OFF YOUR MOTOR.) […]

Clegg Offers Buses For Homeless

APRIL FOOL FOR GUARDIAN Claiming she still had a desire to help with City Council problems, former councilor Elaine Clegg has come up with a novel solution to help solve the problems of the “unhoused community.” Clegg is the recently appointed director of the Valley Regional Transit bus system. She noticed upon taking the job […]

One Third Of Boise Council May Be Hand Picked

With the surprise announcement that Boise City Councilor Lisa Sanchez has moved out of her district and failed to attend Tuesday’s meeting, the composition of that governing body potentially could be one-third appointees of Mayor Lauren McLean. Here’s how it could go. Sanchez was elected to serve a temporary district in Boise’s North End. She […]

Coppers Get Kudos On Quad Murder Case

After repeated complaints from both local and national media reporters about the lack of information about the quadruple murder of U of Idaho students, Thursday’s release of the affidavit seeking the arrest warrant is a major about face. The GUARDIAN has read all 19 affidavit pages detailing the probable cause for the arrest warrant of […]

No Charges For Boise Top Copper

No charges will be filed against Boise’s top copper, Ryan Lee, following an investigation by Idaho State Police and the Clearwater county prosecutor into a “training incident” involving a choke hold. The officer who was allegedly injured has filed a tort claim against the city of Boise. That civil action is yet to be resolved. […]

Greetings And Thanks To GUARDIAN Readers

We are gettting old and tired, but there is still work to be done. So many windmills at which to tilt!

McLean To Join Republicans?

Declaring, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” Boise mayor Lauren McLean announced today she has notified her fellow Dems that she encourages everyone to join the Republican Party. “We have no chance in the legislature, but if we join the Rs, we can eventually takeover the Republicans and give the RHINO tag (Republicans in […]

Historic Election Photo 2020


From GUARDIAN World Headquarters…

Thanks for supporting the GUARDIAN. Wishing everyone the happiest of holidays and a New Year!

Forum To Discuss Bench CCDC Plan

State Rep. John Gannon will be hosting an informational forum on the proposed Central Bench urban Renewal Disitrict. Date: Wednesday 5/29 6-8 pm Location: South Jr High This will be an opportunity to learn about and understand the issues around the proposed Central Bench Urban Renewal District. Representatives from various agencies will be on hand […]

Is Our System Of Government Broken?

By DAVID R. FRAZIER, editor Whenever I see or hear comments from citizens saying, “They are going to do whatever they want no matter what we say,” I cringe. Throughout my years in school and while serving in the military the mantra was, “we have a government of the people, for the people, by the […]

Happy New Year!!

We have a year’s worth of blank pages to fill with your help in the next year.

New Year’s Resolutions We’d Like

We somehow made it through another year which means it’s time to work on those “New Year Resolutions,” beyond losing weight, getting more sleep, being nice, etc. Here are a few to get the conversation started… –Cut allotted weather segments to one-third the current air time. No teasers like, “will it snow?” Just say snow […]


Wishing everyone a bright and jolly Holiday season. Thanks for a great year and be sure to stay tuned for 2019!

Half A Dozen Growth Slowing Ideas

GUEST OPINION BY David Klinger “When the burdens of the presidency seem unusually heavy, I always remind myself it could be worse. I could be a mayor.” — President Lyndon Johnson A mayorship was once considered America’s second toughest job. Now, with the presidency devalued, it’s probably become No. 1. It’s a job I don’t […]

Taking A Break

The GUARDIAN is taking a vacation break…road trip and fishing with 14 year old grandson. Check back about June 10.


To one and all we want to wish you the merriest of Christmases.

Happy Thanksgiving !

Here is a note from “EAGLE WRITER” worthy of a stand alone post. Editor, you mention Thanksgiving, and it also gives us the opportunity to reflect on all that is good. – We live in a beautiful and great state with little violent crime, a balanced budget, “manageable” taxes, and a nice quality of life. […]

Where’s the NEWS?

We offer an apology for not offering much to our loyal and faithful readers, but there hasn’t been much in the way of legitimate news upon which to comment. We feel obligated to let you know the GUARDIAN is still around, but with little to offer. –We really don’t want to discuss who patted whom […]

Growthophobes Applaud Lady Councilors

It was the “women’s vote” on the Boise City Council that put the stops on a planned 430 home urban sprawl off Columbia Road behind Micron at Tuesday’s meeting. Councilors Maryanne Jordan, Elaine Clegg, and Loren Mclean all cast NO votes on the proposal, citing limited access, increased traffic on a single road, and lack […]

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