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Poet Paul’s View Of 2012

Occupy Boise was a bunch of tents Placed on the old Courthouse lawn But when they were removed The grass was all gone They overstayed their welcome So their permit was revoked The only grass not ruined Was that which was smoked!

Crapo Joins Politicos Bringing Shame On Idaho

Looks like Idaho Senior Senator Mike Crapo can expect lumps of coal in his Christmas stocking. Santa found out who was naughty and nice. The self proclaimed abstainer wasn’t watching traffic signals close enough. Crapo has joined the ranks of Idaho politicos who have brought shame to the Gem State with his Sunday morning drunk […]

Poet Paul On Pot

Our Northwest neighbor has shown What you get when weed seeds are sown The name they have got Since they legalized pot Is the State of Washing-stoned! –Poet Paul

Boise Raises Tax Levy, Doles Out Cash To Unions, Elected Officials, One Citizen Calls It An “Exhibition Of Unprecedented Arrogance”

The city council gave each other praise Before voting themselves a nice raise The taxpayers got What they paid for – NOT! Therein the big problem lays. –POET PAUL We haven’t seen a lot in the legacy media, but Tuesday’s council session was sort of like a lottery jackpot for some–at the expense of most. […]

Poet Paul On Garden City Bike Law Repeal

We will have an upcoming story about the arrogance of local government officials coming soon. Meanwhile, here is a ditty from Poet Paul and the Monday action of the Garden City council when they flipped their collective finger to the voters and biking enthusiasts who passed a measure on November 8 to limit authority of […]

Poet Paul On Black Friday

It’s a sure sign of our econo mee Bread lines as far as we see Clutching their coats and shuffling their feet They’re not in line for something to eat They’re at Best Buy for a flat screen TV! AND… The Statesman said it in type “Black Friday is meaningless hype” Merchants don’t think They’ll […]

Ada Commishes Tell Dynamis To Pay Within 90 Days

Ada Commishes voted unanimously Wednesday to tell Dynamis to essentially “pay up or shut up” with regard to the proposed waste to energy project at the Ada County landfill. Commish Sharon Ullman–an avid supporter of the project to date–was the one who made the motion which called for a LETTER to Dynamis telling them to […]

Cyclops Closes The Good Eye

Cyclops was a simple man Who was not city hall’s biggest fan He exposed sneaky schemes By Mayor Dave’s teams Rest In Peace Jim Monihan –Poet Paul “Cyclops,” one of the most frequent commenters and loyal readers of the GUARDIAN closed his good eye Sunday for the last time, a victim of cancer. For those […]

Touching Without The Junk

When news reports surfaced–repeatedly–on local TV about the MTF lady (male to female transgender) conducting free breast exams in local Boise bars, our staff Poet Paul couldn’t resist weighing in–especially in light of the increased attention to groping at airport TSA checkpoints. She posed as a doctor In order to cop a feel The “patients” […]

Poet Paul Fans Flames of BSU-U of I Feud

Boise State”s prez, Dr. Bob, has backed off a bit on his ill-thought comments about not playing ball with our northern in-state rivals. The legacy media has been all over it and Poet Paul has weighed in as well. BSU’s Kustra has lately been able To give the U of I a well-deserved label His […]

Bieter Seeks To Abolish Citizen’s Right To Vote

Using an appearance before the Chamber of Commerce as a “bully pulpit,” Boise Mayor Dave Bieter urged citizens to approve a proposed constitutional amendment that would serve only to abolish rights citizens currently enjoy to approve bonds to pay for airport facilities. We find it ironic the good Mayor seeks to abolish the right of […]

Come To A GUARDIAN Party Thursday

Guardian’s first five years have flew How long it would last no one knew All I have to say Is keep plugging away And Happy Birthday to you! –Poet Paul GUARDIAN PARTY INVITATION TO: ALL READERS, friends, politicos, and anyone wanting to see what Cyclops, Cynic, and Kappa Ta, Timm, Paul, Clancy, Dean Gunderson, and […]

Give Legislators Your Right To Senate Vote?

An old proverb among politicos: “Power corrupts and absolute power is REALLY COOL if you’re the one with the power!” A particulary worrisome bit of news came out of a recent Idaho Tea Party survey of national candidates and an Idaho Public TV interview/debate on IDAHO REPORTS. Republican 1st District Congressional candidates Raul Labrador and […]

May Day Is Exercise In Democracy

Once only an opportunity for the Ruskies to roll out the latest rockets in Moscow, May Day has become a worldwide day of protests and demonstrations. The Thais want elections, Albanians claim election fraud, Nepal has anti-government protests, Greeks are against spending cuts, the English protested “militant Islam, Iran saw labor demonstrations, and in Montana […]

Ada GOP Family Feud Gets Nasty

The GUARDIAN got no fewer than five calls from Republicans wishing to offer a version of the family feud that erupted during the monthly Ada County Central Committee meeting Tuesday at the Court House. Party faithful, and candidates all seem to be a reflection of today’s society and politicos–they don’t trust each other. A guy […]

Poet Paul Works Overtime On Economics

THE COST OF SPIN DOCS… Police and School Districts must collar Every way they can save a dollar When the budget axe drops Don’t fire teachers or cops Cut spin docs Hightower, Exline and Hollar! ON BOISE’S DOWNTOWN… DBAn members may think The city is in the pink Perhaps they haven’t found The big hole […]

Boise vs Meridian In “Screw Thy Neighbor”

We can’t help but chuckle at all the so-called “partnerships” and “regional planning” schemes put forth by local governments when their real goal is to screw their neighbor. Latest battle in what the GUARDIAN has dubbed ECONOMIC CIVIL WAR is Meridian’s quest to lure the Hawks baseball franchise away from Boise–even attempting to get the […]

Volunteers Work To Keep Park Open

Assorted volunteers, including the Brother Speed motorcycle club (officially designated a gang by coppers and corrections) have donated their time and labor to keep Niagra Springs State Park open. It is located along the Snake River on the north side of the Hagerman Valley. Poet Paul took note and offered up this: Park closures we […]

Poet Paul

EDITOR NOTE–“California” in this case could be any state. No need to either defend or vilify those from there. Newcomers to Idaho say they wish To just relax, hunt and fish But on the past they dote With this often-used quote “In California we did it like this”!

Poet Paul Is Back!

After a winter break in the warm of Arizona, Poet Paul has returned. Here is his take on the legislture which so graciously left town this week. The Idaho Legislature adjourned Letting you think no stone was unturned They’ll go home with bags packed But get no pat on the back For that’s something they […]

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