The GUARDIAN was born of necessity and frustration. The people need a voice and the internet is the perfect forum.

Local politicians with their personal agendas work to circumvent the will of the people. The local media depends on a friendly reception from the government and big business. This natural timidity combined with a profit motive leaves print, TV and radio news emasculated (in English that means they don’t have any cajones).

The GUARDIAN aims to include a lot more people in the equation. We can’t do it alone. If you value the rule of law, free speech, truth, honesty, and a voice in your government, the GUARDIAN is your friend. Give us FACTUAL tips, comment on the news and preserve our constitutional freedoms.

The GUARDIAN is free, not part of any social agenda, religious group, political party or cult. We aim to be equal parts DAILY SHOW, letters to the editor, social conscience, whistleblower, humorist, and lots of factual information.

The voice gets stronger as more people speak and hear the truth. Please share our address, https://boiseguardian.com, with everyone you can. This lo-tech site will have some hi-powered results if we all join the cause to keep the government officials on track. They aren’t ALL bad people, they just need direction.

Welcome aboard,
Editor, activist, humorist, photographer, humble servant

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