City Government

Mayor Hotline May 21 to 27

Trevor D. Hitchin
N. 15th St.
Boise, ID 83702
ISSUES: He would like to discuss the following issues with Mayor and City Council.
1. Bike/pedestrian safety – Three people he knows have been hit by cars on their bicycle or walking in the last two years. He would like to make some suggestions on how to make the bike lanes safer.
2. Foreclosure Fraud: He would like to talk about being a victim of foreclosure fraud and collusion with a law firm and several other companies.
3. Native American Hotsprings: He would like to talk about bringing back the hotsprings just below Table Rock to pay homage to those who were here before us.
Mayor’s Office

Bill Erickson
Leadville Ave.
Boise, ID 83706
He lives near Ivywild Park and has received a couple of citations for letting his Golden Retriever exercise for 10 minutes. He got his ticket in the morning when nobody else was around. The officer recommended that he take his dog to Manitou Park instead, which won’t work for him. He would like to see the off-leash hours extended in all the parks. He complained that the cops should not be wasting their time writing dog tickets in the parks.

International phone call from South Korea
They would like to invite the City of Boise to the International Awards for Level Committees providing UN Environmental programs.
Mayor’s Office

ISSUE: He was wondering if the City of Boise is going to fund the convention bureau.
No action taken

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  1. Oh, how I love the Hotline!

    I see Mayor Dave is taking that first one himself… the one about bike/ped safety, shifty lawyers, and the hot springs.

    Are those hot springs the ones that were replaced by Paleface Natatorium? (I wish I could’ve seen the Natatorium back in the Glory Days…) If so, I say tear down the swimmin’ pool, and while yer at it, reintroduce some wolves down there on the golf course.

    As for Mr. Erickson’s complaint about the dog tickets… personally I wish the coppers would quit “wasting their time” enforcing the laws that I prefer to break. They can write all the dog tickets they want!

    Have they gotten the tickets for South Korea yet? The “International Awards for Level Committees providing UN Environmental programs” – that sounds like the BIG TIME!!


  2. Poor Mr. Erikson,
    He now has a criminal record for dog off leash. I suggest he start making arraingements with Nancy Cladis for weekly UA tests and do some community service. How about polishing Boise Police boots for starters.

  3. Now you have done it Mr. Erickson. That idiot mayor we have will award another $75-80,000 for another study to bring back the hot springs and then run a damned trolley to it!

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