Thoughts From The Road Summer 2011

The day job has the GUARDIAN editor on the road gathering photos for the LIBRARY. As always, we have thoughts to share.

–Don’t panic when you hear a loud explosion within the car while negotiating the 8000 foot plus summit between Victor, Idaho and Jackson Hole…especially if it is followed by the aroma of fresh potato chips. Bags packed at low altitudes with air injected can really surprise you!

–Teton mountains are spectacular no matter how many times you see them. Bike path is needed and interesting improvement for both riders and drivers.

–Wyoming coal mines from the air (low level photo shoot) are filthy and ugly. Those shovels, trucks and draglines are massive. Trains to each mine and power plant move thousands of carloads of coal daily.

–The Harley boys and girls pretty much take over NE Wyoming and the Dakotas. Gotta say they are well behaved, but part of that is due to the massive presence of coppers.

–Hotel rooms are at a premium in NE North Dakota where people are still displaced due to recent floods. Rivers still high and parts of many roads still one lane due to flood damage.

–Seems like every hill in USA has a radio or cell tower on it if not a row of windmills.

–“PREMIUM” gas with ethanol is cheaper than regular unleaded throughout the corn states.

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  1. Drive safely and enjoy!


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