Melt Down At Boise’s Idaho Ice World Continues

Plagued by theft, conflict of interest, a midnight Zamboni run to Burger King, the infamous “strip hockey,” and rowdy boys having fun drinking and mooning, Boise’s City-owned Idaho Ice World can now add forcing young boys to disrobe in public to its credit.

When young men were participating in a game of “strip hockey,” at the City-owned Ice World they called it a “team building exercise.” Older teens had to remove an article of clothing each time they missed a shot, leaving some in little more than jock straps to the outrage of the mother of a young girl.

We can’t imagine what they called it when an entire team of 11 to 13-year-old boys was forced to disrobe in the public lobby of the ice rink as punishment for the alleged act of a single juvenile in the shower.

It happened in early November 2011 according to Eric Andresen, whose 13 year old son was among those subjected to the group humiliation because another boy reportedly peed on someone in the shower. That’s about the time the Penn State scandal was making national headlines with Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky.

One of Andresen’s major concerns was the city’s claim of abiding by the guidelines of “USA Hockey” which requires all local hockey program affiliates to post a “responsible adult” to monitor locker rooms and supervise conduct in the locker room. He claims they failed their duty and wanted his money back after he and his son decided to withdraw from the program. So far, no response from either the city or the Steelheads on refund of at least $800.

Andresen made his complaint with the city over the behavior of the Peewee AA Junior Steelheads coach–who was also the hockey director at a salary of about $44,000 a year. The GUARDIAN has been informed the hockey director resigned Monday. By our calculations this is the 6th hockey director to leave in the 14 years the city has owned the site.

The GUARDIAN contacted Boise’s Park Department for comment about the incident and other allegations relating to their employee. They said it was “a personnel matter.” While not confirming the incident took place, their silence tells us SOMETHING happened and they don’t want to talk about it.

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  1. Can someone please explain what or where the conflict of interest is or was? The Hockey Director doesn’t schedule the ice, he doesn’t make up the game schedules, he uses other coaches input to select teams, he doesn’t fix the games, he doesn’t control the money. As long as he isn’t on the clock when doing Jr. Steelhead stuff where is the conflict?

    EDITOR NOTE–One last attempt at an analogy. How about a school principal who is an after hours volunteer coach of his son’s team? Teachers who are employed by the coach will think twice about grades for the kid, other staff will defer to the coach if he holds their jobs in his hands, his budget decisions for sports will have less scrutiny than that of a gym teacher for instance. Hope that makes sense. Not a crime, just a conflict.

  2. Boise MadDog
    Mar 26, 2012, 7:30 pm

    @Maybe Not – the Hockey Director sure does make the schedules. If not making them he has direct influence & finally approves them. The conflict is an obvious ethical one with ties to private business in the community the City must remain neutral and in this instance Mr. Mylymok could hardly pass that test simply becuase of his past & present professional affiliations. Although a great embassador for the sport, the City made a horrible choice in offering him the position on a paid permanant basis. Now maybe the City can move forward and take care of the kids – which I think is Parks & Recs charter. By the way, isn’t there a GM at the rink overseeing the daily operations as well? I’m just saying.

  3. @ Boise Maddog, I was being serious in asking because I really don’t understand and even if he does make the schedule what does that conflict with? It is my understanding that the GM would oversee the daily operations but what does that have to do with anything? In what way did the Director not remain neutral?

    EDITOR NOTE–You are mixing a general ethics in government issue with minute details about hockey. Your view is right in line with the city and its ethics commission. Our ethics story was saying, “folks just don’t get it.” Perhaps there are no ethics issues and the guy should have stayed put and not resigned.

  4. @Editor = thank you for trying to help me understand but the Hockey director didn’t have any paid employees or had anything to hold or anyone, he probably doesn’t even have any real control over any budget stuff. Sorry, I guess I am just not getting it. Thanks anyway.

  5. Hockey 4 Life
    Mar 26, 2012, 9:48 pm

    Uh NEWS FLASH….He has not officially resigned. Way to go IIW posting BS announcements before they are official. There was no conflict of interest. After the 2008 season, he did not coach any one particular team. He did get on the ice for the house practices and help all teams. It should be noted that the 2008 complaints were submitted by people from the same organization that submitted complaints this time (plus a few from the Jr. Steelheads). If Andresen wanted his $800 back, I am not sure why he would expect the City of Boise to give it to him since it was a Jr. Steelheads issue not a City of Boise issue. Did he present his issue to the Jr. Steelheads Board Of Directors?

    I would also like to know why names of youth players were put into the complaint without the childs or their parents knowledge. Considering that the youth are under age, it would seem unethical to use their name in a complaint without the consent of the parents.

    Congratulations to those few that filed the complaints. IIW will more than likely be loosing the best HD they have had. He has spent so much time working with the kids on the ice. He just about knows every youth hockey player by name. Can other sports programs say that about their Directors? He has spent more hours than most can imagine only to get stabbed in the back. The previous HD’s have been MIA most of the time. His possible departure will be sad for the majority that actually did appreciate what he has done at IIW over the years.

  6. If nothing else, it sounds like the city has an extra $44,000 to spend on something else since nobody can say what the hockey director does anyway. Perhaps he should have made some rules about where to undress.

    Editor, do you think $44,000 is enough to study the trolley some more?

  7. Hockey 4 Life
    Mar 26, 2012, 11:18 pm

    @Zippo…since you are also following the other story on the Guardian with regads to ehtics, you know that some of the HD’s duties have been listed. However, since the Guardian is such an indepth and completely unbiased media machine, perhaps they can do some actual work and find out for themselves what the duties are for the HD.

  8. Not Taking Sides
    Mar 27, 2012, 6:57 am

    It may appear that the Hockey Director has an indirect personal beneficial interest as his wife works for the Junior Steelheads and he serves as a coach for them. However, the Junior Steelheads rent ice time and are thus paying the City. Further, the scheduling of ice time is not controlled by the Hockey Director, but rather controlled by the General Manager and Office Manager at IceWorld. All involvement by the employee with the Junior Steelheads is either work-related or on a volunteer basis, whereby he receives no salary or reimbursement for his expenses and has agreed that his volunteering will not interfere with his duties as Hockey Director. Therefore, the employee’s indirect personal beneficial interest is remote. Further, the employment relationship with the Hockey Director is in the best interest of the City. The employee has extensive hockey knowledge and his performance has been characterized as outstanding. The Ethics Commission hereby determines that the employee’s behavior is in conformance with this section of the Code of Ethics.

  9. @Hockey 4 life must be in the know or related to the HD. Stick to the facts. What complaint do you speak of? Why are you defending the HD if he hasn’t resigned. Seems to me that if he hasn’t resigned the “best hockey director” should be back at his desk.

  10. Hockey 4 Life
    Mar 27, 2012, 8:04 am

    @Lurker…I am defending because IIW announced his resignation when he has not officially resigned. Mr. Andresen and the others that filed the complaints know what I am talking about. I happen to know one of the families who’s name was used in the report without their permission or knowledge untl after the complaints were filed. Yet the review board did not bother interviewing them about any of the issues that were addressed using their name without their permission.
    The HD has also been handling this situation very professionally by not bashing those that have filed the complaints.
    I am not related to the HD. I just appreciate all that he has done for youth hockey in Idaho. I say the City Of Boise should put it to a vote for all the hockey patrons of IIW whether the HD should resign or not.

  11. Hockey 4 Life
    Mar 27, 2012, 8:08 am

    @ Not Taking Sides…The HD’s wife does not work for the BYAHA Jr Steelheads. She is not paid by the organization. Many years ago she may have been, but has not been for some time. Within the BYAHA, she simply a hockey mom enjoying her kids play hockey. I agree with the rest of your comments.

  12. Not Taking Sides
    Mar 27, 2012, 9:24 am

    @HOckey 4 Life, I know that his wife is not now part of the organization I just wanted to put the Ethics findings out there when HD was hired by the city. I too am aware of the complaint that you are referring to and had also heard that parent was not very happy. Thank you all your comments and whether people realize it or not have provided them with more facts than they choose to believe. I too hope that no matter what happens at IceWorld we will not lose a great coach.

  13. My opinion is the IIW hockey group is a very cliquish bunch. There are the Hawks, the Steelheads and the rec league folks. Whatever the problem was that created two travel teams in such a small market permeates the attitudes of the parents and kids. I love watching my kid play hockey. I love cheering for his team. If IIW gets a new hockey director, they need to follow and enforce rules, foster a hockey community encompassing all and COMMUNICATE. I’m thinking if the parents knew the kids were abusing the locker room and were told they lost that privilege for a week, it would be fine.

  14. Hockey 4 Life
    Mar 27, 2012, 4:57 pm

    @My two cents, I would have to both agree and disagree about the groups. A lot of the families from both organizations are good folks and get along with each other. Unfortunately, the ones that do not from either group can ruined a lot of things. I would also have to include both groups in the Rec league group as the majority of the travel players from both groups also play house.

  15. It seems to me this whole thing is being blown a little out of porportion. We are talking about young adult boys here. They will do just about any stupid thing to make themselves look good in front of their peers. Let it go and move on. There are worse things to worry about in the world other than changing or stripping in a lobby. My son has played hockey for years and there were always players changing in the lobby. I agree that parents should be responsible for their kids and I also agree that the locker rooms probably should be monitored but like I said, boys will be boys. Too bad someone had to lose their job over this trivial incident.

  16. So the HD allegedly made the boys change outside the locker room to their jockey shorts, really, this is nothing all of us that have been involved in hockey have not seen before. We are not all pedifiles but I agree that we need to be careful in this day and age because you never know. If I were you, I would thank the kid that decided he needed to pee on someone else to get some attention.

  17. Hockey 4 Life
    Mar 28, 2012, 12:44 pm

    I do have one more thought on this issue. If this peeing incident occured in the showers, who is expected to observe the boys while they are showering? I only ask because if an adult watching his underage players shower, I am guessing that would not go over too well with anyone and would more than likely make nationals news. I for one would not put myself in a situation that could be viewed as preying on kids.

  18. @Hockey 4 Life, if your lips get any tighter on the hd’s butt, you could probably tell us what he had for lunch. And he has resigned, it was made public.

  19. Hockey 4 Life
    Mar 29, 2012, 12:07 am

    @A Fan…ha ha nice take! However, I am still curious as to who everyone thinks should be assigned to watch the adolescent boys take showers in the locker room to mske sure there are no more peeing incidents. If this was the incident that lead to the boys loosing locker room priviledges, thus leading to the “resignation” of the HD, then I would like to know what the protocol is for the future HD so they don’t get in trouble for a similar incident. The resignation announcement was sent out prematurely. He has not officially resigned. IIW was not suppose to announce anything yet.

  20. sounds like hockey 4 life IS the vaunted HD

  21. Hockey 4 Life
    Mar 29, 2012, 1:06 pm

    @stfu…ah you caught me! Do you happen to have any ideas about the shower issue yet? Anyone…Anyone?
    Dislaimer: I am not the HD.

  22. and I’m not @stfu…. heres an idea…ban hockey… just teaches kids to fight

  23. Let em shower at home. Healthier feet that way too, and a lower hot water bill for the city.

  24. No Bias Here
    Mar 30, 2012, 8:56 am

    Hockey 4 Life sounds like you are in bed with the since resigned HD or a relative, wife or the HD himself. Either one your comments are Bias and one sided. It is apparent a complaint was made months ago and nothing was done which is why it is coming out now. I have nothing to gain or lose here just a frustrated tax payer.

    As for the hockey numbers in Boise, my sons used to play hockey and prior to the just resigned HD there were at least 10 teams in the squirt division and I believe 12 mite teams with 12-15 players on each team. A bit of research shows that teams this year were mite/squirt, squirt/pee wee and no bantams (all combined age groups and not dedicated like in the past). I have a relative in the Idaho Falls area and they have over 100 players in their mite program this past season. How many does Boise have? Recession??? Just another excuse for the HD to be out of the office to golf or fish. From my understanding Idaho Falls makes it cost effective for young players to play and markets their program in the community. Shows by their numbers. My children have never received any marketing material from the City of Boise regarding the hockey program…used to but not for years.

    Bottom line is that a lot of people were unhappy with the since departed hockey director, no just the youth programs. Reading your posts Hockey 4 Life sounds like you are a Junior Steelhead parent. Since you are very dedicated to protecting him.

  25. Hockey 4 Life
    Mar 30, 2012, 11:45 am

    I am biased by stating that their are good folks in both programs? I am a Jr. Steelhead parent. I also have friends that participate in the Hawks program. Both programs serve a good purpose (outside of the stupid politics between the two). By the time most kids hit the bantam division, they are starting play high school hockey or they have moved onto other sports. Loosing kids at the bantam level is one of the reason USA Hockey introduced the ADM in hopes of getting more kids to stick with hockey and make it a life long activity for them. I am in support of Jeremy because I appreciate what he does. I will not gain anything whether he remains the HD at IIW or does in fact resign. I have never been IF’s rink, but I bet the location does not hurt it like IIW’s location does.

  26. Allegations against Hockey Director:

    I have a child who skates for the Steelheads team that has come into question and am disgusted with the irresponsibility of this blog. Firing off an article on your blog without getting statements from both sides shows a lack of integrity. My kid has never been “forced” (as Mr. Andresen said) to undress in the IIW lobby. There were some discipline issues with the kids in our locker room and a message was sent to the players. If you don’t respect the locker room then that privilege will be lost.

    No one was told to get dressed/undressed in the lobby area. Mr. Andresen has a personal agenda against the Jr. Steelheads program as a whole and if this story was true why did he wait 5/6 months to make his false claim?? Whether it’s listed on the Hawks web site or not Mr. Andresen has been telling people that he is the new Hawks President. Seems to me that this is more about this angry man trying to get back his money, which he was obligated to pay, when he joined the Jr. Steelheads program. When he was told he would not be getting his money back he then decided to try to cast our program in a negative light. He ended up leaving the program as a disgruntled parent and as the new Hawks President has chose to personally attack anyone who has crossed his path. It seems to me that a witch hunt has transpired out at IIW and this will be a step backwards for youth hockey.

    Many players have benefitted since the arrival of our Hockey Director and our players have taken huge steps forward because of the programs such as the Jr. Steelheads and the over haul of our recreational programs. Shame on you for posting this article and making it look as if this is the reason he has left IIW. There are hundreds of supporters of our hockey programs who are very upset about what has transpired and the City of Boise has heard from the majority. The kids respect and love everything that he has done for youth hockey and he has treated everyone fairly no matter what program they have skated for! Unfortunately in today’s society the squeaky wheel (minority) gets the oil and the masses are the ones who end up suffering.

    EDITOR NOTE–We are shackled by the city’s claims of a “personnel matter” which they refuse to comment upon. Seems the line between coach and hockey director is kind of blurry. Resignation seems unexplained if the HD has so much support and respect of the vast majority of parents. We post these issues so folks can have a forum to get it all out in the open. City is not at all helpful many times, leading to bad blood on both sides.

  27. Not Taking Sides
    Mar 30, 2012, 3:16 pm

    The fact is that this is a Jr. Steelhead issue and should not have become a city issue. Mr. Andreson should and I believe did take his complaint to the Jr. Steelhead board. The fact that Mr. Mylymok was/is the HD should not have entered into this complaint. I also have heard that Mr. Andreson received a refund of his money back in Nov.

    To bad the employees of the city don’t have the support of the HR dept. and have to prove their innocence against any allegations made against them. Wasn’t it the ethics committees finding that it was okay for HD to coach his kids in the Jr. Steelhead program?

  28. Not Taking Sides
    Mar 30, 2012, 4:27 pm

    @Editor I have heard that most of those wanting and willing to show their support have chosen to do so to the city vs the guardian.

  29. Whoever wrote this is article is quite as ignorant as the person who complained to him.

    There are lot’s of truth’s but more half truth’s that to took place, than has taken place. Prior to this article has the reporter ever spent time IIW or any other ice rink for that matter. I doubt it because you are pretty clueless.

    These kid’s werent running around butt naked as you imply, they weren’t running around in just jocks and jill-pads. They were in short’s, stinger’s etc. These kids have more on than some of the figure skater’s that dress in the lobby and they aren’t indecent.

    To compare what took place to the Junior Team playing “Strip Hockey” and Zamboni escapede in the middle of night is ludicrous.

    What this whole thing is about is an unhappy parent seeking some kind of revenge. And it is irresponsable Journalisium like this is what is wrong.

  30. @Not taking sides- Ethics committee said he couldn’t take payment or reimbursements. He did both.

    EDITOR NOTE–We saw the 2008 opinion and it did not mention “reimbursements” as we recall. We have seen evidence of reimbursements, but not payment from the team or league.

  31. Not Taking Sides
    Mar 31, 2012, 11:02 pm

    @WTF – I never said he didn’t take reimbursements. On March 27th I posted the exact wording that the Ethics committe had given in their opinion. He did not however get paid for coaching.

  32. Clearly we need better Media controls.

  33. Hockey 4 Life
    Apr 1, 2012, 9:46 am

    The Jr Steelheads Bantam AA just won the National Championship today!!!
    Why don’t you do a story about that?

    EDITOR NOTE–We can certainly offer a congratulations on that!

  34. hmmm…

    seems like he BS is way out of control..having a new mite player this year i have had the opportunity to hear a lot of stories/rumors or what ever you may chose to call them while at the rink..
    i have heard parents telling about how the house coaches both at peewee and squirt level had verbally berated their child..i have heard stories about a peewee hockey trip to NH where the kids went to a frat and saw strip beer pong and some other sad things… i have heard some other pretty sorted stories that make me wonder if they do any sort of back ground checking on these “great” coaches…I also heard the stories about the Andreson thing..i do know that he did tal;k to Mr Mylymok first..and got the brush off, i also know that he did ask for his money back but was charged for trips he and his son didn’t go to..hang around the pizza place for a bit and you will learn a lot..
    The standing joke there is that you have a better chance at seeing Big Foot than either hockey was funny but i didn’t ever see any of them there so maybe some truth..
    With the things that i heard i would have ot say that even if they are only 50% true.. the parents should have said something and not let the child be used ..what kind of parent allows thier child to be abused ..they should all grow a spine.

  35. Eric Andresen
    Apr 1, 2012, 8:36 pm

    I have watched this mockery develop and would like to set the record straight. My complaint to the city of Boise is available for all to see should they so desire. Should anyone have questions they are more than welcome to ask me any time they see me at the arena.

    To say that I was the one who was instrumental in the removal of Mylymok should check their facts. I did indeed file a complaint with the city regarding the undressing in the IIW lobby. I personally feel that such actions by any coach wether it be the Jr. Steelheads or a hockey director is unquestionabley absurd. For the record I did approach Mylymok and the Steelheads. Their answer was “we’ve taken care of the problem”. They may have taken care of the problem by their own definition by not by mine. I won’t tolerate anything even remotely similiar. I complained to the city regarding the response that I got. What happened after that is between Mylymok and the city. You can bash me all you want but know this, I stood up for what I feel is right and just. Can you say the same? I am not the only dad that is upset by the actions but I am the only dad that will stick up for his son in this case. That is my job in life.

    Hockey 4 life needs to say who they are. We already know. I will never apologize for sticking up for what I feel is right. So many posts have put words in my mouth and distorted the facts. The facts are free for the looking at the city of Boise. Go look for yourself .

    I am not the president of the Hawks. I don’t believe I’ve ever been involved with them other than as a parent. My son joined their organization after we quit the steelheads due to the undressing in public incident. Yes, it was punishment for another player urinating on someone in the locker room. Yes, USA Hockey’s locker room policy was not followed and finally, Yes I followed all procedures.

    Now all the trolls can bash me. I’ve got a set and stuck up for the truth. If you don’t like it, I don’t CARE!

  36. Not Taking Sides
    Apr 1, 2012, 10:05 pm

    @ Andreson- So are you saying this complaint process has taken 5 months to come to a conclusion. Didn’t this “undress” incident take place in Nov? Guess we know what your opionin must be of the parents that didn’t share the same objections. Maybe you can apply for the job and make all the changes so the hockey program can be just like Minnesota.

    EDITOR NOTE–To one and all. Please keep it civil and don’t use the forum to pick fights. Express any opinion you wish, but don’t come to conclusions and speculation about one another.

  37. Not Taking Sides
    Apr 1, 2012, 10:10 pm

    @WOW – I know for a fact that the asst. hockey director is there alot more than people think she is. I wonder how many people have walked by her and not even realized that is who she is. Have you asked to speak to her and was told that she is isn’t there, the same for goes for the hockey director. Is there some reason people feel they should be there all the time? Careful what you believe, the story will change depending on who you are listening. Hope your little mite player loves the game and doesn’t have to be part of this kind of drama.

  38. It's obvious who you are
    Apr 1, 2012, 10:49 pm

    Mr. Andresen, we all know you did not JUST go to the city regarding the “urinating” incident. You had way more unfounded allegations you “came up with” to complain about and you know it. The citys complaint records were also public. Not to mention you can also thank your friend (NAME DELETED) for that one because she opened her big mouth to her friends. (or should I say to those she has LEFT.) And to poster “wow”, we all know you dont have a mite in this program and you know exactly who you are. So you both can spew this in any direction you wish, but this message board REAKS of you and _______ and all of your assumed names. Get a life!

  39. Mr. Anderson and Mrs. (DELETED) are two very angry and sad people to have went after this man. The only thing he has ever done is teach and love these kids for years. He has been a friend, a mentor and a role model for our youth. Shame on the both of you for what you have done to this family. Perhaps Mr. Anderson has forgotten about the countless hours Mr. Mylymok has spent on the ice with his son teaching him all of his vast knowledge in the sport of hockey! Look up Mr. Anderson the next time you are at CenturyLink Arena ..and you will see his name proudly hanging on a banner in the rafters. I guess they dont just retire ANYBODYS numbers now do they? Oh wait, yeah I guess they only do it for a player who has been an instrumental player in the game of hockey and possess’s leadership qualities both on AND off the ice isnt that correct? Oh brother, just like ‘Obvious’ said above, please DO get a life.

  40. Eric Andresen:

    You did the right thing for your son. There is more to life than sports and winning. If it helps, I tell my son that the only opinion of me that matters at this point in my life is his.

    To all else:

    As parents, we have a duty to teach our children right from wrong. It is not OK to urinate on someone. It is not OK to disrobe in public view at a public venue.

    As a former middle school substitute teacher, I can tell you that kids that age are testing the limits. During my tenure in the schools, I had a fire extinguisher lobbed at me, had my foot stomped on, endured an assault from spitwads and staples, and was insulted to no end. If I could not gain control of the classroom, I called for backup from an assistant principal or the school resource officer. Mr. Andresen did the same by bumping up his complaint. Punitary actions were from administrators. Good luck to the players on the junior hockey teams. May they triumph on the ice and in life.



  41. Jeremy stay strong through this horrible mess and know that you have and always will be a great mentor to our son.

  42. Diane Sower
    Apr 6, 2012, 11:40 am

    What are all the other parents saying about this incident? And why were these kids so intimidated that they simply did not walk off, call their folks, and go home? There’s something amiss here, and it’s not just the hockey coach.

  43. crazy hockey mom
    Apr 6, 2012, 3:09 pm

    As a parent of a player on that team I am here to set the record straight. NO players were intimidated whatsoever. Nobody needed to walk off because the team (sans one player) understood the message the coaches were trying to get across “if you cant behave like mature young men in the locker room, you lose that privilege for the day”. Period. Done. None of us parents (sans one of them) had any problem with it at all. Actually, we commended the coaches for implementing their policy for that day. As a matter of fact I was right there and boys were all giggling and joking around about it in the lobby. So lets not make this into some kind of a big issue, PLEASE!

  44. The HD’s son is on the team..and the asst coach’s son..(the urinater) they may not have had any problem with it as the offender wasn’t punished..everyone else was.

  45. Hockey 4 Life
    Apr 6, 2012, 4:52 pm

    @ Andresen…If “we” already know how “I am” then why would I need to announce my name to this site. I sincerely doubt you know who I am since we have never met. If you do know who I am based on this site, I would question the integrity of the Editor whom I assume would be the only one that would have access to what my email address and have the ability to pass onto you to determine who I am. At this point, I really doubt the Editor would have stooped that low.

    EDITOR NOTE–Thanks for the vote of confidence. I am too old and fat to stoop. Besides, I don’t give up names or addresses, no matter who asks.

  46. Hockey 4 Life
    Apr 6, 2012, 7:34 pm

    @ Editor…Nice response.

  47. Diane Sower
    Apr 6, 2012, 8:49 pm

    So, it’s apparently okay with all the parents that the boys disrobe in front of the coaches.

  48. Hockey 4 Life
    Apr 6, 2012, 10:29 pm

    @ Diane…they were not naked. I guarantee you that there is more skin shown on any given day at Roaring Springs when they are open. Hockey jocks are the equivalent of bicycle shorts only with a cup. Perhaps the YMCA should cancel their swim program because there are boys walking around in Speedos that tend to be very small and cover much less skin than hockey jocks.

  49. Not Taking Sides
    Apr 7, 2012, 7:08 am

    @ Diane – It is not at all like it has been made out to be. I was there on that day and did not see ANYTHING inappropriate. Please come out on a hockey evening and you will see what I mean. Most kids wear shorts, under armor or come dressed to the rink. These are good parents and only one seemed to have the issue with it. These are good parents and they would not have let it happen if they had an issue.

  50. crazy hockey mom
    Apr 7, 2012, 2:31 pm

    For the record, there were two “urinators”. One the Asst. Coaches kid and the other not. Both were disciplined in the same manner as the other. No favortism. The entire team (including HD’s son) all lost their locker room privelage for the day because nobody came clean as to who did the urinating until after the fact.

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