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City Seeks Ice World Hockey Director

Boise’s recreation department is looking for a new director for the hockey program at Ice World, following the departure of the former director amid some controversy.

Here is a link to the rather lengthy advertisement for the JOB.

We have been told by an insider, “The applicant will work for the city only. No outside camps, coaching, or lessons. Nothing connected to his primary duties for the city.”

That’s good news. We understand the figure skating director has also come under scrutiny, but has retained her job and will work under stricter guidelines as well.

The city gets kudos for responding to concerned parents, the public, and others who have expressed their concerns on the GUARDIAN. When it is all said and done, it looks like there may be some smooth skating at Ice World.

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  1. Get the Facts First
    May 2, 2012, 10:14 am

    All for about $18/hr! I’m sure some “has beens that never were” will be swarming for their day in the Boise hockey spotlight. Of course it pays more than the premier AA ECHL team. Boise needs a hockey director as much as they need an ice arena. But then again look at all of the hockey talent that has hit the national stage lately…..

  2. Use to be on the Edge
    May 3, 2012, 9:19 am

    Yes, those supporters of the hockey director should be very happy for him. He got a very good job doing what he loves to do. One door closes and another opens up.

    Smooth skating at IceWorld remains to be seen…There are still all those that bring/brought drama to the facility and programs and whether things have tightened up for the skating director remains also to be seen……

  3. costaprettypenny
    May 3, 2012, 8:20 pm

    The former Ice Rink Manager may want to apply to the City of Star. The Mayor of Star and a couple buddies are trying to ram through a very vague contract of $15,000 to do a study to see if an ice skating is feasible in Star.

    The Mayor tried to run the contract through as a consent agenda item last Tuesday but too many unanswered questions from one councilman. But watch, at the next council meeting the Mayor, the council and a couple “on boards” will be the only people in attendance for the discussion. Note: The attendance at Star City Council meeting is almost non-existent, the Mayor and council have succeeded in chasing everyone off.

    When asked about the rink, the comment was “that there are many other cities who would want to develop an ice rink in their cities”.

    It was odd too that the Mayor already has a firm to do the $15,000 study. It seems we don’t need to go through an RFI process in Star. We already know the answer we want!

    Is anyone looking west of Eagle?

  4. I find this website appalling! After reading several blogs regarding Ice World you should all be ashamed of yourselves for instigating negative innuendos resulting in turmoil and rumors that appear to be human resource issues. NOW we have no skating director and our children are the ones who will suffer the consequences NOT you! I say GROW UP instead of using a forum for slander!

  5. Editor: Can you please post the electric bill for IceWorld. I’m thinking they can build the trash burner in the parking lot of that half-empty outlet mall and just plug it right into the IceWorld. That way Idaho Power and the county need not be involved.

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