Politico Takes Dynamis And Beer Seller Payments

Looks like freshman Congressman Raul Labrador has taken money from Lloyd Mahaffey, the controversial CEO of Dynamis. Interesting to note back taxes in Boise County go unpaid while political payments are made.

Betsy Russell of the SPOKESMAN-Review lists Mahaffey as a contributor to Labrador–who happens to live in Eagle where Dynamis is based–to the the tune of $3,500.

Russell also noted the Mormon Congressman was paid $5,000 by the National Beer Wholesalers PAC.

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  1. awesome! any ideas as to why these people keep getting elected? This “do as I say but not as I do” leadership style is indicative of weak leadership, why do we keep putting these crooks in office? Our entire state is full of people who continuesly get caught for stealing, or taking bribes, or tapping someone’s foot in a bathroom, when will all this crap stop?

  2. Ronin when people start paying attention. Quit voting party lines, and the main thing is just plain and simply start voting.

  3. costaprettypenny
    May 6, 2012, 8:00 am

    Same deal, why is the Mayor of Star and a couple buddies trying to ram through a very vague contract for the city to spend $15,000 to do a study to see if an ice skating is feasible in Star. Follow the money!

  4. yeah but if you recall the term limit fiasco a few years ago, that was a lesson in the fact that voting doesn’t matter in Idaho.

  5. Pablo Hernandez
    May 6, 2012, 3:34 pm

    It is said you are what you eat, however, with politicians it is you are who you accept money from.

  6. Horse Racer
    May 6, 2012, 5:16 pm

    Both BG and the previous posters have it backwards. Politicians are no more accountable for those who support them with money than they are those who support them with votes.

    Imagine a world where a candidate or incumbant had to vet every donor, and was later held responsible for every voter. A donation and/or a vote is a sign the citizen agrees with the politician, not the other way around.

  7. How the people’s money is spent is none of the people’s business. I was elected by the people to do what is best for them. 😉

  8. Defending the actions of Idaho politicians is like trying to justify the actions of Hitler. This is an obvious battle between ‘good and evil’, ‘us vs. them’, ‘the haves and the have-nots’. whichever side you are on now, will be your undoing, the revolution will come and all those who fight for evil will perish with the oppressive rule of the Idaho state debacle government!

  9. I don’t know about that whole Dynamis dog-and-pony show; it has a certain “Emperor’s New Clothes” flavor to it.

    With regard to the beer wholesalers, IMO the contribution isn’t particularly noteworthy. The malted beverage industry buys million$ worth of barley, hops, etc., from Idaho growers. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if all 4 of our congressional representatives get money from the beer lobby. (And 3 of the 4 are Mormon. That’s GOTTA be scary to the Mormon-haters, huh?)

    Is it hypocritical? Well, I’m a Mormon and I don’t drink, but I have nothing against the beer industry. (I do have issues with people who get drunk and hurt other people.) I also happen to believe that cannabis should be decriminalized, even if I choose not to indulge.

    EDITOR NOTE–Maybe a bit “unfair” to bring in religion, but you gotta admit it is sort of like the same players taking money from the Planned Parenthood folks–at least with that group they can claim the organization does more than abortions. The entire concept of politicos being paid by ANY interest group is just tawdry.

  10. Mike Murphy (not that one, the other one)
    May 7, 2012, 9:27 am

    I’m still waiting for this Birther darling of the Teahadists to produce HIS Birth Certificate insomuch as EVERY and ALL Puerto Rican Birth Certificates issued prior to July 1st, 2010 were invalidated by the Puerto Rican Government because of rampant fraud. Despite gleefully reporting on his demands on the President to produce a copy of his, the local remnants of the Fourth Estate have been as quite as church mice regarding Raul’s legal status in the United States and thus, his legal status as a U.S. Congressman. Is not what’s good for the Goose also what’s good for the Gander anymore?

  11. @Ronin: Nothing goods comes from a revolution until decades after, even when it goes well. We don’t need a revolution, we need to attract different people to be leaders. What if we had Bill Gates or someone on par with him as our national president? We just need to stop electing sales people to leadership jobs.

  12. Ronin- You do know that meth is bad for you right? Your rant about Hitler makes you look ridiculous and unfortunately takes away from whatever point you were trying to make.

  13. thanks there snoop, I’ll take that into consideration, so long as we are all poking at each other, why don’t you change your name, ‘snoop’ takes from the credibility of the statements you make.
    Zippo, I agree that it takes time to rebuild from revolutions, although I also know that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing right, and that normally takes time, as the old saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”
    and I agree, Bill Gates would most certainly get my vote.

  14. Good point horse racer, but lost on this crowd, for sure.

  15. Bill Gates as president? And Zippo says we need to stop electing sales people?

    Um, Bill Gates is arguably the best salesman ever! He and a few of his geek buddies created a SALES empire that’s probably never sold a truly innovative product. They’ve either purchased or stolen the good ideas of others, tweaked and fine-tuned ’em, and the rest is marketing clout. (If I’m wrong, tell me what product Microsoft has developed, before somebody else already developed a similar product.)

    He seems to have a good heart – witness the billions he donates to various righteous causes. But success in one endeavor does not equate to success in everything.

    Donald Trump for president? Bill Gates for president? Michael Jordan or Lance Armstrong for president? Ha!

  16. I guess this is as good a place as any to let those of you who are interested know that Ada County 7-Day Pre-Primary Sunshine Reports are posted at:
    This posting has nothing to do with Dynamis, but does relate to Sunshine Reports and is purely informational in nature.


  17. @bb: And he did a damn fine job of organizing/leading that big monstrosity you described so well. MSFT is not upside down in debt last I checked and I bet you’d have one hell of a hard time getting Bill Gates to give a crap about lobby money. Innovative leader yes, and yes you are correct, one of his hats is that of salesman.

    I don’t think Mr. Gates would be spending trillions and 10s of thousands of troops to protect the Arabs from their neighbors while sending them free food, medicine, and tecnology, while also paying $100 for oil.

  18. Zoiks Kappa! Sharon is getting her ass handed to her. Looks like Republicans are tired of her mucking about in their elections. So when is Otter going to appoint Case to Vern’s seat?

  19. Soon I hope, Maybe he can start by getting some answers and try to get our money back.

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