Coppers Cooperate To Buy Bike Parts

When the GUARDIAN made a call Tuesday urging coppers to get together with a bike mechanic and fix the special three wheeler which was stolen and recovered in pieces, they were ahead of the curve.

We talked to the union prez who reports the copper on the case had already contacted the manufacturer in England as well as a Boise Bike mechanic. Both are donating their services and parts to “gitterdone.”

It all started when a bad guy stole an expensive trike from a special needs victim. The trike was stolen Sunday afternoon from in front of the man’s residence. It was his only means of transportation. It was recovered at two locations Monday after the news media highlighted the story.

GUARDIAN kudos go to the media, the public, the coppers, the manufacturer, and the bike mechanic for doing the right thing and helping a fellow citizen in need. No doubt the “real media” will have an official report from the coppers public relations dept. We just wanted to make sure the story gets out now.

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  1. It is nice to see a positive/community interest story on the BG. I applaud those who are stepping up to get this bike rolling again. Hopefully they will get him a proper lock and show some good locking strategies.

  2. I can only wonder what kind of a cretin stole the bike in the first place.

    Good on the Cops for fixing this guys bike.

  3. Sweet! So what does this special guy do for a regular job? And is it that easy to sell bike parts?

  4. I know the gentleman whose bike was stolen, really cool guy, he was dependent upon that bike for what temp and volunteer work he could find. Kudos to the cops for stepping up and for others who are helping out as well!!!

    Piss on the dirty thief. Disabled victim or not, thieves are the scum of the earth.

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