Anti F-35 Noise Group Launches Website

In a subtle maneuver that would have any fighter pilot pulling extra G’s, a group organized to fight the noisy F-35 jet has co-opted Mayor Dave Bieter’s favorite line about making Boise the “Most livable city in America.”

CITIZENS FOR A LIVABLE BOISE” now has a central “meeting place” on-line. They even qualified for the “.org” designation.

While rather restrained in their approach, CLB presents information and news stories from around the nation not likely to be produced by local media outlets or shared by proponents of basing at least 18 of the loudest fighter jets in the Air Force at Gowen Field.

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  1. Thanks Dave…

    Dan Marler
    Citizens for a Livable Boise

  2. It’s time to ask who will benefit from basing F-35 in Boise.
    Mayor Bieter’s usual friends, the developers.

  3. Dave Bieter sucks
    Apr 14, 2017, 5:41 pm

    Nice website!
    I use an iPad and had several errors where the pages had to reload.
    They need a Photoshopped pic of Bieter and Otter riding on the top of an F35, Strangelove style.

  4. John Glerum
    Apr 16, 2017, 8:55 am

    The Citizens for a Livable Boise (CLB) grass roots movement is solely about protecting Boise’s Environment and Economy by providing comprehensive facts and information. In addition, members are given a voice to confront elements that work against the Livability of Boise. CLB is not against US Fighter Jets, ANG or US Military. What we ask for are the best planning and decisions approaches possible to assure our beloved cit’s livability.

    Join Citizens for a Livable Boise by emailing

    Thank you.

  5. Getting fair play
    Apr 21, 2017, 7:00 am

    Has this website been announced on any of the local media channels or in the papers? It deserves a mention as the other side of the story. Whada ya say, major media? Play fair.

    EDITOR NOTE–They read it every day.

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