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Property Tax 101 (Bend Over)

Here is an easy way to figure your approximate property taxes after getting that “assessment notice” in the mail. –The notice is the value of your property which gets taxed (minus the homestead exemption). It is the basis for all taxes. If you think it is too high you can call the assessor for an […]

Dirt on The Farm Take Two

The odor at the Boise Poop Ranch (“Twenty Mile South Farm”) near Kuna is getting a little stronger and the Boise City Council probably is not aware of the extent of the problem, thinking it is just a personnel matter. Boise operates the 3970 acre farm mostly to get rid of the leftovers from the […] Weather Central

The GUARDIAN has noticed the local TV weather wonks never seem to know what is happening in the weather. All the do is ask US what going to happen. Usually it goes something like, “Will the rain continue? More after this…” And who writes those awful adlib lines like, “Vin has been working on sunshine […]

China Syndrome

Can anyone explain why it is a “subsidy” when the Korean government helps out memory chip makers, but when Gov. Dirk signs legislation giving Micron multimillion dollar tax breaks at the expense of Ada County residents it is called “incentivization?” The GUARDIAN doubts that Dirk’s position has anything to do with the fact Micron has […]

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