Howard “Screamer” Dean in Boise?


The GUARDIAN got a tip that Democratic National Chairman Howard “Screamer” Dean plans to make a whistle stop in Boise on Friday July 15 from noon-2 pm. (No whistles or trains these days, but it IS a catchy phrase.)

Unlike the Republicans who offer $1,000 a plate dinner tickets and photo ops, the Dems are planning a “Give ‘em Hell Howard” box lunch picnic program at a currently undisclosed location.

No doubt Idaho’s only two known Democrats, Cecil Andrus and Bethine Church, will be on hand to greet Screamin’ Howard. Andrus is former Idaho Gov. and U.S. Interior Secretary and Bethine is the widow of former Sen. Frank Church.

Maria Weeg, the new chairman of the Idaho Demo party, is scrambling to host the get together and it should provide a brief respite from an otherwise politically boring summer.

Stay tuned to your local mainstream media for details and plenty of “team coverage” as well as “exclusive reports” following the two hour stopover. Of course all bets are off if Screamer decides to play like some other entertainers who cancel Idaho appearances.

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  1. Interesting how you rip the “main stream media” at every possible chance, but eat out its hand by using the term “Screamer.”

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