Don’t Mess With Sheriff Gary

Ada County Sheriff Gary Raney has decisively handled a couple of serious incidents recently, demonstrating sound leadership and concern for citizens.

First, it was a series of errors and omissions in the jail which apparently made it possible for a dangerous inmate to escape last month. Raney checked out the situation and BAM! He fired several deputies and disciplined others. No whitewash or long delay waiting for the public to forget–and lose faith in the department.

Next, a big nasty police dog got loose from a deputy in Meridian and attacked a youngster riding his bike in a subdivision. A neighbor heard the youth’s cries for help and saved the lad from more damage, but only after being bitten as well. Again, BAM! Raney took the proper action when he fired the dog and subjected the deputy to discipline for allowing his “partner” to run loose.

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  1. It would be interesting if the history of Boise Police canines were to be revealed to the general public. I recall one in particular which bit several innocent bystanders, unprovoked. The dog was never pulled from service, although I believe he is retired now, and living with the police officer and his family. Then there was the dog officer Schnebley “forgot” to let out of the car when he arrived home….it cooked. Tax dollars wasted and no discipline. Poor Larry P. he had such a hard time with accountability.

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