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“Told You So”—Sorry

The Associated Press reports the well intended publicity stunt on the part of Idaho cops to “help their brothers and sisters” in the hurricane Katrina disaster area were met with a less than enthusiastic reception.

The GUARDIAN had questioned the wisdom of sending people and products to the area in the context of a story about Rep. Buth Otter’s “no” vote on federal spending without proper forethought.

The general word from the disaster area was, “Thanks, but no thanks.” Part of the problem comes from cops, firemen, and medics craving action. There simply isn’t enough action to go around. Best to save the efforts for close to home.

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  1. Howard Jones
    Sep 28, 2005, 8:39 am

    I almost make the trip you are so critical of but was unavailable at the time. The bottom line is that some supplies sorely needed DID get to those in need. I dont know how an act of support can become become a negative thing in your mind. And if you think driving a rental van non-stop to Mississippi is action then you need to get away from your desk and do something besides make paragraphs. What did you do? I’m glad for those down south that you are an abberation.

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