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“Bashful Flasher” Hits West Boise

Boise police arrested a dude in West Boise who has to be a candidate for a “Dumb Pervert of the Year” Award.

The guy apparently wanted to show his stuff to children, but was too bashful or afraid of getting caught, so he just drove past unsuspecting kids and tossed naked photos of himself at the victims.

Alert witnesses provided license number and a (detailed) description of the alleged pervert. Police think they got their man since he matched the photos he was tossing out the window of his car.

No doubt the defense attorney will say, “Your honor, my client was so repulsed at these naked photos of himself he was compelled to toss them out the window of his car.”

He is charged with disseminating material harmful to minors, but watch for it to get reduced to littering.

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  1. Howcum some good-looking WOMEN don’t do that kind of distribution?

  2. How about, “Your honor – my client is a civic-minded citizen! He has decided to run for public office, and was distributing campaign literature!”

  3. Say Gordon,maybe this guy saw Terry bradshaw’s New flick and just went,well, Bonkers!!Anyway, I hate to have to clue you in here, but them ladies was probably debatin’ that in their shrewd little minds, and then they heard about guys like us!!!

    Now Steve, really hit on the reality of the situation,” New PR campaigns for America’s Hollywood politico’s”- Let’s face it, they never represented us anyway.
    Now here’s my uniquely twisted idea –
    We’ll label all male politico’s who use our new ” can’t Lose P.R.” campaign as sex perverts, thus getting rid of most of the republican party.

    Now since most female candidates have to be attractive…, well… I’ll let you take it from there.

    We might have a gender biased congress… but I’ll bet we have a lot fewer wars and more people will be Smiling ( all the time!)

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