Statesman Threatens Congressional Candidate

If nothing else, Andy Hedden-Nicely has a knack for pushing hot buttons.

Of late he has appeared on KBCI-TV channel 2 (8cable) in a point-counterpoint segment.
Now he is running for congress as an independent on something called the United Party and demanding coverage in the Idaho Statesman–coverage they are reluctant to provide.

Hedde- Nicely wants to have his voice heard during the primary campaign and claims the Statesman has refused. They say wait for the general election since there is no opposition.

Now he is urging a boycott of the paper he wants to cover him. What’s more, some of his supporters have taken to placing stickers on Statesman boxes.

“I have urged everyone to refrain from defacing the Statesman’s or anyone else’s property,” said Hedden-Nicely.

“I am like Hamas, I have no authority over people. All I can do is urge them to do the right thing and not put stickers up,” he said.

Meanwhile the attention he sought in the newsroom has come from the front office at Idaho’s largest daily. Hedden-Nicely released the following e-mail he says came from publisher Mike Petrak:

Please remove all stickers and any related matter from the vicinity of our racks. They are private property. It is illegal for you to deface private property. Damages will include all lost sales and potential sales. We have alerted our sales crews in all areas of the Treasure Valley to inspect all racks today.

If I find one remaining by 1 p.m. today you will have our response on your desk by 5 p.m. Andy, I am so sorry you’ve chosen this course of action. Again, you leave us little choice.

Perhaps this is your way of bringing notice to yourself. I fear it will only drain your resources and distract from the message of who you are and what your represent.

Andy, we said we will provide coverage of your views during the general election, as we do with all candidates.

You understand our policy and why we feel it is fair to all. I am sorry you disagree with it. Committing a criminal act may not be the best way to solve your disagreements with the Statesman.

Stay tuned to the GUARDIAN as events develop.

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  1. I urge you GUARDIAN FANS to check out Andy’s United Party website. I think Andy is on to something. You can bet the Statesman would have splashed his name all over the front page if he annouced he was the “Socialist Party” candidate. The new format for the paper fits perfectly in the tray in our “California” brand parrot cage! Imagine that.

  2. I suppose it would be too much to assume that any “lost” sales might be the fault of a newspaper scuffing to steal advertising from local town papers by “customizing” their front page format. I know several in my neck of the woods who barely enjoyed the Statesman as it was, and now that their local paper looks to lose ads on the short term, they have quit the big newspaper altogether.

    That said, Andy’s kind of a cool guy. At least he looks cool, when compared to that counterpoint dweeb we see with him. Hmmm, maybe not a good thing. Anyway, his comparing himself to Hamas, is probably not going to win any big points, but I get the gist. You go Statesman, intimidation ALWAYS has Karma to deal with in the end.

  3. Oh please. Play nice people. C’mon Statesman. You’re going to sue him? Sure get him to stop but please that’s a little extreme. Good luck collecting your damages not to mention your attorney fees. I’ma thinking that’s a cost of doing business.

    Andy Andy Andy. This is a time for liberals in Idaho to stand together. I know you think the Dems are pathetic and you’d be mostly right but if you know a better way you should be working for reform within the party rather than from without. Do the names Ralph Nader and Ross Perot mean nothing to you? They mean spoiler to me.

    The system is set up for two parties. Count them, two. I agree the time is ripe for a populist movement but nobody’s really using the structure already in place at Democratic Party headquarters. They might appreciate your energy, drive and ideas. Plus you won’t have to reinvent the wheel. If you can’t do that, if you can’t garner the support necessary to drive the party in the right direction, how do expect to gather 51% of the general election vote? This is yet another example of the left banging their head against a wall and you’re only adding to the dismal image the left has in the state. An effort worthy of my pen name.

    And just a political tip from a guy who admittedly operates from his armchair. Don’t ever compare yourself to Hamas.

  4. I wonder if it was his people that were putting money in the Idaho Statesman dispensing boxes and taking all the papers?

  5. Isn’t that new publisher from KALIFORNIA? Isn’t he threatening to sue a guy over something petty he has little chance of winning?

    By chance does he live on Eagle Island?

  6. It seems to me Mr. Hedden-Nicely has the opportunity to make a powerful statement about his political platform by how he handles this situation. If he is a voice for change and an alternative for Idaho, then the old standbys like the Idaho Statesman really shouldn’t stop him. He has many other resources avaiable to him and what a way to show Idaho residents how effective he will be in congress if he can utilize alternatives for change/progress before he’s even on the trail!

    I have to say I’m a little concerned if his answer to this bump in the road is by throwing a fit (for lack of a better term) and trying to turn everyone against the Statesman. I have no opinion about the Statesman’s handling of this one way or the other. What I’m watching for is how Mr. Hedden-Nicely negotiates this obstacle.

    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the difference.
    -Robert Frost

  7. Mr. Logic,
    I think the Statesman’s new publisher came from Kansas City, MO.

    Great scoup, Guardian!

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