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Honor And Dishonor At Boise Police

The GUARDIAN has received word of a philosophical split among the local cops over another well intended, but not well thought out internal campaign.

We hear that a “challenge coin” has been minted in honor of Mark Stahl, the officer who was killed 10 years ago in the line of duty in a hail of bullets during a traffic stop that erupted in a shootout. Some officers see it as “dirty money.”

In what can only be termed a twisted irony, the coin is the product of Randy Hayes, the former officer who was fired in shame, tried, convicted, and jailed for having sex with a female minor while on duty. Hayes’ novelty company was selected to provide the coin.

The intent is a fund raiser to sell the $20 coins which are part of a military-like challenge coin tradition. Proceeds are to go for a memorial to Stahl. It is a project of the independent “Boise Police Citizen’s Police Academy.”

In the military these coins are sometimes known as “commander’s coins.” They are passed out to troops for doing good things as well as traded among units, and sent as souvenirs. Lt. Gov. Jim Risch had one minted to give to National Guardsman when he was guv. Harmless way of creating esprit de corps and offering a talisman (good luck charm for you non-library types) to carry in one’s pocket.

Since the BPD insignia is used on one side of the coin, the chief approved the project.
He told the GUARDIAN the coin will comemorate the 10th anniversary of the only officer to lose his life in the service of the department.


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  1. This sounds like the way a lot of WWII vets feel about buying from Japan. It is history, life goes on, but you sure can’t blame these guys for the way they feel. They are entitled to their emotions.

  2. Certainly this is a totally worthy cause. The execution of which is not nearly as important as the cause itself. Where can I get one of these memorial coins?

    EDITOR NOTE–This is one we were “of no opinion.”
    No public money was used, but it is something with meaning for the officers–both for and against the way it was done. It appears there were 512 coins minted and they apparently stay within the department. Glad to hear more from a BPD copper.

  3. Hey, Guardian… even opportunistic pedophiles have to make a living, huh?

    (But seriously, Randy Hayes’ family could probably use the scratch. After all, Mr. Breadwinner is in the slammer, and they are surely victims, too… though not to the degree of the girl who was seduced.)

  4. I wonder if Hale ever thought of another gimmick for our men in blue. A commemorative .223 tracer bullet for the Foothills fire. They could call it “The Freedom Fire”.

  5. BrianTheDog
    Mar 29, 2007, 6:59 pm

    YAWN!!! Nothing to see here folks, just move along. Next story please.

  6. Amazingly, I have to agree with BrianTheDog on this one!

  7. Unfortunately, you are missing the point. As expected, you are analyzing this from your own selfish view point. But, we would expect nothing different.

    If you look at it from another viewpoint, it is incredibly hurtful to the morale of the police department, as well as just plain wrong.

    BPD allowed a convicted sex offender and sexual predator (who had sex with underage girl while ON DUTY) to supply the dept. promotional material for a fund raiser for a fallen officer (let us not also forget that Hayes was previously fired from the dept for sexual harassment and was re-instated on a technicality). Basically, the dept. went with the lowest bidder on this one.

    At best, it is disrespectful to the hard working officers who care and do their best to protect us. The poor judgment used here makes me pause to wonder what else is happening where similar lack of wisdom is occurring.

    BTW: Hayes has no family to support, so you can nix that argument.

  8. It’s now official! The Guardian is the “go-to” source for the daily. March 29th. The Guardian breaks the story. April 2nd., Page two of the daily. Not even a bad time-lag G man! Are you getting a check for doing their legwork????

  9. Lately, not a day goes by that there is not an article in the Statesman 1-2 days after the Guardian breaks it.

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