Spring Means Blooming Politicos

Where is Mr. Babbit when you need him? (For you newcomers, he ran for everything all the time and was a great Irish tenor who was never elected)

Along comes another apparent Irishman with a website proclaiming his candidacy for Boise Mayor. Mike Murphy’s website reads like an entry for on-line dating:

Murphy for Mayor’s Details
Status: Divorced
Here for: Networking
Orientation: Straight
Hometown: Brooklyn
Body type: 6′ 3″ / Average
Ethnicity: Other
Religion: Catholic
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Children: Proud parent
Education: College graduate
Occupation: Provocatuer
Income: Less than $30,000


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  1. Grumpy Old Guy
    Mar 31, 2007, 8:29 pm

    I consider it very premature to decide on which mayoral candidate will get my vote this time. But, I confess I am very troubled by the choices so far. An unknown (Darrell Babbitt incarnation), the current holder of the office, or the person who was Chief of police during the time that so very many people were shot and killed in circumstances not clear to me.

    I know that there were investigations and that the police officers were held blameless; but, I don’t believe that the investigations were ever sincere or complete. The “shoot and shoot to kill” modus had to have been a from the top decision and Mr. Tibbs was the top.

    I still haven’t seen much of choice for this election so far.

    Grumpy and disgusted.

  2. I have to agree with grumpy. Mr Tibbs hasn’t shown me anything I’m interested in. Can’t we find a better candidate? Is Boise so lame we have to keep putting these same people in office that are do nothings. We really don’t owe these people anything. So why do we keep moving them from one office to another.

  3. For the sake of historical accuracy, Jim Tibbs was chief for a relatively short time. I believe most of the “controversial” police shootings took place before his watch, although the community was still smarting. The only one I’m aware of during Tibbs’ tenure was the Matthew Jones (teenage kid with the WWII bayonet-rifle) debacle.

    ALL the candidates should be set up on MySpace, eHarmony, etc. – otherwise, how can we make an informed decision?

    Where’s Harley Brown? He’s been a perennial local candidate, as well. (I always liked to mentally picture a City Council meeting, with Harley and Vern disagreeing… and they’d take it out to the parking lot to “settle it like men.” If there were more City Council fist fights, I’m confident attendance at the meetings would pick up. Of course, government would cost more if paramedics had to be at every meeting.)

  4. Bike Boy, you are correct on Tibbs and police shootings. He was often the spokesman defending the shootings on camera, but only the the one you mention was on his watch.

    Also, you must include the infamous “butt breath” comment at the commish meeting between Vern and Gary Glenn…it’s just LOGICAL.

  5. Grumpy Old Guy
    Apr 1, 2007, 11:40 pm

    Thanks everyone, my memory is failing me. Lt. Tibbs was the spokesperson for the P.D. for several years, before Ms. Hightower ascended to that position. Good catch, my bad.

  6. “Darrell Babbitt incarnation”? This is the only public office I’ve ever sought. Moreover, I assure you I have no political ambitions beyond the Mayor’s Office. Please register and vote this November. Even if it’s not for me!

  7. We had a single issue candidate for county commission two years ago. he stayed true to his word and actually provided the forums that brought his issues to the table. He was successful in that his issues got extensive public review. The last sentence in your post is actually quite impressive. I applaud your commitment and wish you the best of luck in the upcoming campaign. You are evidently an “involved” citizen. Have fun, and forge ahead. We need more involvement such as yours.

  8. How about “Dave Frazier for Mayor?”

    EDITOR NOTE–GUARDIAN is a better gig and I would have to give that up along with my lovely wife who has made it clear I will never run, let alone get elected!

  9. In my view, the more competition you have in a political race the more American it is. Mike has a few things going for him-He’s an Irishman and he sounds more than honest. Thats a rare quality in most of Boise’s current politicians . I am ,of course the most popular guy in Boise because I will stand up and point out corruption and use my name… and you know what ? I could care less I’ve got some of the best locals for friends and I’m doing great.I have always been for the People and I will always fight for their freedoms and welfare.If I get knocked down, I’ll pick myself up and come back swinging! So Mike,Erin go Bragh, give me a call ( Joe 426-8097) and let’s add some Americanism to Boise elections. Just remember, you might be taking votes away from Tibbs which would help Bieter, which would be a DISASTER!

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