Irish Tenor Sings Swan Song

We don’t know if he is a tenor or if he can even sing, but we won’t have Mike Murphy to kick around any more. He has returned all his campaign contributions and offers this “swan song:”

“For personal reasons (all very good ones fortunately), I have made the decision to
drop-out of the Boise Mayoral Race.

I truly hope that my brief participation in the Democratic Process has had a
positive, stimulating effect on the public discourse and brought to the fore’
overlooked and neglected issues.

And it is with no small degree of satisfaction that I witness some of the issues
raised by my candidacy being co-opted by our career politicos (Yeah, sure… Just a

I wish each and every one of you the absolute very best in all things, and thank you
for the wonderful learning experience this has been for me.

In parting I would like to thank the vast majority of our Police Officers, Emergency
Personnel, and City Workers for their dedication to the people of Boise, and hope
the voters will elect bosses worthy of their efforts, this November.

Warmest Regards,
Mike Murphy, Regular Guy ;)”

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  1. Certainly to the dismay of my neighbors, I can belt-out a mean James Brown, Frank Sinatra and Billy Idol in the shower!

    I am overwhelmed by the number of folks (including many who didn’t have anything nice to say in the beginning) who have emailed me to express their sadness at seeing me bow-out.

    I want to thank Dave at the Guardian and his “gang” for helping me to mature my message.

    I have come to believe that I’ll be able to affect more change as a Private Citizen than a Candidate (Mr. Ombudsman, expect a Certified Letter very soon), so don’t bury me just yet! 😉

    Have a helluva Summer folks.


  2. Mike;
    Your candidacy was a definite plus to boise. Wish you had stayed in longer… You see Mike, there is a definite lack of Honest, sincere candidates, like yourself, in most political runs. Why not point out what the other candidates are doing for the good or bad of all of us ,Mike. You have the ability,know-how and friends!
    PS- I’ve met ’em from all over Mike… When you meet a good Irishman you’ve met the best: Thanks, from us all Mike!

  3. Mike:
    Just cuz you’re outta the race doesn’t mean you can’t still wade in on the things that interested you in running in the first place — via The Guardian, the Daily Paper, at Council meetings, ACHD, Legislature, Commisshes ….
    Hey, wait a minute: Being not mayor or a mayoral candidate means you can raise cain a whole lot more places than you could if you were tied to only city stuff. So I’m betting we’ll be hearing a lot from and/or about you.

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