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Politicos Dislike Public Scrutiny

Lee Iacocca could well have been talking about Ada County in his new book, “WHERE HAVE ALL THE LEADERS GONE?” Add Eagle Mayor Nancy Merrill to the list of well intended inept elected officials. In keeping with the tradition of excluding the public from hearing the public’s business, she scheduled a meeting of city and […]

Boise Taxpayer Challenges City Budget

Richard Rogers is mad as hell and doesn’t want to take it anymore–especially when it comes to Boise property taxes. After he got his property tax assessment and estimated tax he called the Mayor’s Hotline to complain. Here is the gist of what he said. By RICHARD ROGERS My city taxes are going up 18.1% […]

Activist Challenges County Budget

While the Ada County Commishes are touting a ‘lower levy’ the truth is in the numbers and this year’s budget calls for record spending. If the commishes think they have heard the last of Sharon Ullman they are dead wrong. A former commish herself, the lady has her ducks lined up comes out shooting. Here […]

Mayor Hotline July 14 to 20

–LOTS OF NO WAY TO HALF WAY HOUSE –JAN and ADDIE ARE BACK –UNHAPPY TAXPAYERS 7/16/07 Anonymous: I think we should license cats. I realize we can’t keep them restrained but many are picked up, fed or euthanized every year. A license fee would help pay for this and take some of the strain off […]

Growthophobia Heads For The Hills

Growthophobia and excess traffic are spreading to the mountains of Idaho. Here is an opinion by a GUARDIAN reader warning of taking our urban problems to the wilderness. By CHET BOWERS The Mountain West is experiencing an ever increasing use of our public lands by operators of motorized vehicles. An armada of 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers, 4-wheelers, […]

Mayor Hotline July 7 to 13

–GOOD COP-BAD COP –GOOD FIREMAN –LEAKY TRASHMAN –BAD AIR, BAD GROWTH –GOOD FIREWORKS, BAD FIREWORKS 7/6/07 Anonymous Air Qualilty: I just want to say that the air in Boise today is 155. That’s unhealthy for all human beings. We’re calling this stuff an inversion layer, we call it haze; it is smog. Instead of some […]

Poop Plant Wins Plaudits

The people at the City poop plant are flush with pride and tooting their horn over winning “the wastewater equivalent of an Emmy.” According to a press release sent to the GUARDIAN, the West Boise Wastewater Treatment Plant has earned a “Platinum Peak Performance Award”… for the proper processing of people’s poop. We can just […]

Air Quality In The Eye (and lungs) Of Beholders

Two writers with opposing views on the air quality issue in the Treasure Valley asked to use the GUARDIAN as a discussion platform. Tim Kempf of Eagle is keenly interested in growth issues and fancies himself as using a scientific approach to issues. Michael Barnett of Nampa sees air quality as being somewhat stable, but […]

Line Up The Ducks BEFORE You Shoot Them

The following is a self-described rant by Activist Tony Jones after attending the Ada County Planning and Zoning Commission meeting. His report: “Some people think the reason roads, air, and water are deteriorating in this county, and taxes are increasing, is a big complicated subject. It may be as simple as one word: Messy. Last […]

Parked Police Prowlers Guzzle Gas

As the price of gas has climbed over the past six months, several GUARDIAN readers have asked about the practice of leaving public vehicles running for long periods of time. The GUARDIAN editor noticed a marked police cruiser sitting at idle in the parking lot of a convenience store while the cop was inside sipping […]

Vows Dampen Fountain Fun

GUARDIAN reader Joe D’Errico complained of a recent incident in Ann Morrison Park and was put off by the e-mail response from a Team Dave staffer. We were able to answer his question with a simple, “You were right Joe, and the folks who roped off the fountain were wrong.” Parks Department officials say NO […]

Micron Conspiracy Theory And More

The GUARDIAN has finally been forced to enter the Micron debate. Here are a couple of pieces from readers. We welcome comments–especially from Micron refugees. As usual, names are protected to protect the victims. By BOB BLURTON   Micron has been pretty mum to the media on the layoffs issue, prompting speculation among many of […]

P&Z Commish Wants Growth Moratorium

GUARDIAN EXCLUSIVE By STEVE EDGAR Sitting as an Ada county P&Z Commissioner for over a year now, I have come to the conclusion that we need a moratorium on growth in the Treasure Valley. My reasoning is to allow time for catch up and create some breathing (no pun intended) room. I have arrived at […]

Mayor Hotline June 30 to July 6

–NO WAY HALFWAY –GOOD COP, BAD COP –KUDOS TO SUMMER COUNCILOR –NASTY MOUTH COUNCILOR 6/29/07 Gaylon Hughes 1273 N. Astor Pl. Boise, ID 83704 Half-Way House: I was calling to voice my concern on the new Christian Hope or whatever Mr. Mansfield’s organization is called. They’ve opened the house on Astor Place that has what […]

Amnesty For Patriotic Idahoans

Boise area growth, a midweek holiday, and high temps combined to jam the public water venues at Barber Park and Lucky Peak Wednesday with patriots celebrating July 4th. Corps of Engineers rangers in nifty uniforms and Idaho Park rangers also in nifty uniforms turned away visitors to both Sandy Point swimming area below the dam […]

Walk of Shame Or Walk of Fame

Here’s a tale from a Northender willing–mostly willing that is–to pay his share for sidewalk repairs.  He isn’t happy about paying, but he has to consider MOST of us in Boise don’t have sidewalks or city maintained trees between the curb and sidewalk.   BY TIM DUBLIN “ I’m writing to raise awareness and forewarn other […]

Grey Sky Means Yellow Alert

By Guardian Reader BIKEBOY A major threat to Boise-area quality of life is growth. And one of the by-products of that growth, that impacts all of us, is ever-increasing traffic. (Speak up if you disagree.) As the community continues to sprawl in ‘most every direction, there are more people on the roads, every week. (By […]

Grow Houses With Snake River Water

A Boise engineering firm has beensoliciting developers to fund a $1.5 million feasibility study to take 368 acre feet a day from the Snake River so more houses can be built on the desert between Boise and Mountain Home. According to the brochure in bold red letters: “DEVELOPMENT OF THESE LANDS WILL REQUIRE A NEW […]

Growthophobe View Of Traffic

Feel free to share this aspect of growth recorded Friday, June 29 looking east from Five Mile overpass. Perhaps Boise City and the Chamber of Commerce people would be honest enough to post this image on their websites. The GUARDIAN authorizes use of this image to any website wishing to illustrate traffic conditions in Boise.

Mayor Hotline June 23 to 29

NO WAY HALFWAY GOOD COP BAD COP ACHD ISSUES 6/22/07 Gaylon Hughes 1273 N. Astor Pl. Boise, ID 83704 Half-Way House: I’m calling to voice my concern about the new halfway house or inmate detention center, or whatever you want to call it, that’s been placed with eight men living on my street now without […]

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