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Tibbs Offers His Response

Here is the text of a Tibbs statement issued Thursday. Maybe the self-inflicted gunshot to the foot has potential of healing.

“I am responding to an Idaho Statesman Opinion Dated August 3, 2007.
To be clear: Had the resolution to pay $65,000.00 to the Gallatin Group been decided on the date scheduled by Mayor Dave Bieter, I would have demanded to know in council chambers why taxpayers are paying to support Bieter’s “uniquely qualified” political cronies and handlers. The standard I look for in governance allows every citizen to know that their mayor and council will always act forthright and independently.

“It is important to review the events leading up to my complaint to the Ethics Commission. It is my responsibility and right as a citizen, a council member, and as a candidate to question the relationship between Bieter and the Gallatin Group. This firm includes Cecil Andrus (Co-Chair of Bieter for mayor campaign) and Marc Johnson (member of Bieter campaign finance committee). The Gallatin Group has every right to support their candidate. They do not deserve an inside track to the city checkbook. If Bieter calls this mudslinging, because he is questioned, I suggest he look in the mirror. I intend to return leadership and accountability to the office of Mayor. This includes finishing the job of cleaning up City Hall that was initiated by Mayor Carolyn Terteling-Payne. My goal to ensure that City Hall answers to its citizens is the cornerstone of my candidacy, my serious commitment to serve.

“The Mayor should agree with me that the place to deal with problems of ethics involving public officials is in the Ethics Commission that he created. I have done that. This matter isn’t about politics; it is about honest and transparent government. I intend to deal with public policy matters in the proper arena, before the City Council.

“Again, what are the facts?
July 3: I made a necessary medical appointment for July 24.
July 22: The City Council received a memo from Mayor Bieter endorsing Gallatin for a $65,000.00 contract. Bieter admitted that Gallatin’s president, Marc Johnson, is a volunteer member of his campaign finance committee. He did not disclose that he paid Gallatin thousands of dollars in political consulting fees. Bieter’s awkward attempt to avoid the appearance of an obvious conflict of interest by recusing himself from only the final discussion is highly questionable. The Mayor votes only to break a tie, but his enthusiastic endorsement of Gallatin directly influences public contracting decisions.
July 24: Date for discussion of the Gallatin issue, as stated in the July 22 memo. On this same date, I informed Council leadership that I would be leaving at 1:30 p.m. for a necessary medical appointment. I was not advised by Council leadership to stay for any significant issues.
July 31: Date issue was to be resolved as stated in the Bieter memo. The Gallatin contract issue never appeared on the agenda. I reviewed the Council minutes of July 24th discovering that a decision was made in my absence. I have been accused of engineering my absence to avoid the vote. Rather, the vote may have been engineered to avoid my presence and input.

“If the present Mayor were authentic about transparency and openness in city government, he should welcome any citizen’s inquiry of this questionable matter. It is the Mayor’s duty to assure that our government and its leadership serve the citizens, by asking difficult questions and demanding answers. More questions need to be asked—not less. To the public, what could be more clear?”

LATER THURSDAY–The ethics commission heard Tibbs’ complaint and after 15 minutes they ruled Bieter committed NO VIOLATION and dismissed the allegations.
Looks like the gunshot wound to the foot may have an infection.

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  1. political geek
    Aug 9, 2007, 4:17 pm

    Tibbs was right here. This just stinks. I am tired of politicians giving handouts to their friends. I admire Tibbs for taking the risk and asking the question no one else seems to have the courage to ask. We all rumor and talk, but he is the only one I see out there doing anything about it.

    Also, it the council rejects the contracts on the merits of the work, what is left? just an attempt to kickback.

  2. Oh please this is pathetic. Didn’t take the ethics committee long to find the lack of an issue:
    He’s floundering. Time to move on, nothing to see here. Its too painful to watch.

  3. Eh. Sorry Dave, I don’t agree with your premise that there is a potential for healing his foot here.

    1. The doctor’s appt may have been necessary but why pick a day you have a council meeting? Was this honestly the only appointment time available 3 weeks in advance?

    2. Maybe the issue wasn’t seen by council leadership as significant. It is the responsibility of the elected official to know what’s coming before them at any given meeting. If this item was not a published item, then he has a complaint, in which case he should have

    3. At the next meeting raised the issue and asked for someone to ask for reconsideration. If it was reconsidered then he could have said his piece. If it wasn’t reconsidered then he would have had an issue. However,

    4. Running to the media and an ethics commission seems juvenile in the absence of the above.

    I still think Tibbs would have much better issues regarding property tax and city expenditures. You know, the things that the public knows about and cares about.

    Maybe he should forget about his foot and concentrate on bringing real issues to the campaign.

  4. Dear Editor,

    I’m assuming your first post tomorrow will be the announcement that the Ethics Commission voted unanimously to dismiss the complaint. Regardless of the spin Jim tries to put on this, it’s clear that his lame attempt at political theater backfired. Not only has he blown his reputation as a “nice guy”, he also seriously wounded his “I can bring people together” message.

    His weak, weak effort to align himself with Ms. Terteling-Payne is nothing more than a paper-thin appeal to the old-school Republican ruling class of Boise. Next, he’ll probaly trot out “endorsements” from Kempthorne, Otter and few other notable Republicans in a flailing grasp to gain credibility with those who’d put partisanship above good government. Perhaps we’ll even hear some testimonials (conveniently broadcast on right-wing talk radio days before the election) from the 10 Commandments crowd: Brandi Swindell, Bryan Fisher, Fred Phelps, et al piously announcing the only hope for the moral salvation of Boise is the placement of Jim Tibbs in the Mayor’s office.

    Please. Let’s hear some concrete ideas from Jim about his vision for Boise, rather than a campaign run based on a Cliffs Notes version of Karl Rove’s political playbook.

  5. Tibbs’ post hoc rationalizations in this latest statement are as lame than the original, baseless charge he made in his press conference last week.

    He is in a hole. Please take away his shovel.

  6. Colleen Fellows
    Aug 10, 2007, 12:47 am

    “This matter isn’t about politics; it is about honest and transparent government. I intend to deal with public policy matters in the proper arena, before the City Council” said Jim Tibbs, after he’d skipped over to a well-publicized press conference. Could Mr. Tibbs please characterize for me his definition of “not political”.

    In his explanation, Tibbs clarifies that “I was not advised by Council leadership to stay for any significant issues.” So in other words, upon reading the agenda, he was unable to make the call for himself, that what he’s currently snitting about was at that time a “significant issue”. Tibbs further stated ”I reviewed the Council minutes of July 24th discovering that a decision was made in my absence”….and said nothing….until speaking with his campaign team….and then the press.

    Not only is the foot infected, the festering mess is leading to toxemia. At this rate, gangrene is just around the corner. I recommend he seek immediate medical help, and while there, maybe have the other foot extracted from the old oral cavity. Hoof in mouth disease can be a tricky thing to cure.

  7. Full Disclosure…I know both men and do not particularly admire either one of them. I would never vote for either and never plan to.

    Having said that, Jim Tibbs is a complete moron!

    Whoever advised Tibbs to make such a desperate play should be removed from his inner circle. A first year poli-sci student could have effectively argued against such foolish, desperate move.

    Tibbs never stood a chance in this battle of the twerps. Now he stands even less of a chance.

    Anyone else remember Monty Pythons skit called the “Upper Class Twit of the Year Competition? Well, now you can watch it live!!

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