Decider Craig Makes Wrong Decision

Without regard to Senator Larry Craig’s potty training–you don’t use a “stance” so wide that you encroach on your neighbor’s space–the entire debacle in the Minneapolis airport toilet has shown the world Idaho has a “decider” who decides

We don’t know if the man is gay, nor do we care. That is not the issue.

The bigger issue here is that he and his staff have made absolutely lame excuses for his arrest and subsequent conviction for actions he has admitted to in an airport toilet stall.

All Idahoans should shudder to think that a man who is one of only 100 people who ultimately make the laws of the land, finance deadly wars, and spend the hard earnings of 300,000,000 Americans isn’t smart enough to hire an attorney in the TWO MONTHS between his arrest and a court appearance.

To glibly claim he probably should have had legal counsel because his actions were misconstrued by a cop sitting on a crapper next to him is an insult to the intelligence of all citizens. If his reasoning power is limited to entering a GUILTY plea in court, while trying to tell constituents he really didn’t do it, should he represent us in the senate of the United States of America? He either lied to the court or to the public.

Whether or not there was a piece of paper on the floor of the public toilet, one would think a United States Senator would heed the advice of every mother in the civilized world… ”Dirty, dirty. Don’t touch.” To claim he wasn’t really waving his hand beneath the stall, but reaching for a paper is implausible.

The GUARDIAN can’t buy the excuses. Larry Craig has brought shame on himself, the State of Idaho, and the U.S. Senate. Let’s hope there are 99 other senators who will decide on a solution for the member of their exclusive club.

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  1. Colleen Fellows
    Aug 28, 2007, 1:11 am

    Dear Senator Craig,

    I feel compelled to write concerning your less than forthright nature. Respectfully, sir, your story stinks as much as the location in which it occurred.
    At times like this, I am taken back to my fourth grade days, when I learned Idaho’s state song by heart. Your actions sir are particularly relevant to the lilting refrain……..

    “and here we have Idaho, winning her way to fame”…..

    Thanks a lot Larry, but this situation isn’t really serving the romantic notion of an idyllic state.

  2. Hats, hats off to Senator Craig. He has lasted many years without his —- coming to full light, although he has ‘danced’ around the edges from time to time. Nothing like procurring a ready-made family to help hide the truth for a while. He has done quite well actually. Whether in a Minnesota bathroom or a Gay Bar, however, one gets ‘exposed’ in the end. I just know that I won’t be looking forward to shaking hands with the Senator anytime soon, as it adds a whole new meaning to the political term ‘pressing the flesh’.

  3. BoiseCitizen
    Aug 28, 2007, 6:21 am

    That is what galls me to no end. Craig’s lame excuse of “…I shouldn’t have pled guilty…”. Does he think that the good citizens of Idaho are idiots? He certainly must. He has spent 27 years in the U.S. Congress. He couldn’t figure out how to get an attorney? Those are actions of a guilty man. Hoping beyond hope that it will be swept under the rug and forgotten. It is time for him to come clean and admit who he is and what he has done, then resign.

  4. Craig = Career Over (hopefully)

  5. jiminy!!!

    Jiminy God!!!!

  6. I was a lifelong Republican, having first volunteered in the 1986 Symms-Evans race. The Republican Party in Idaho grew arrogant, and many of its so-called leaders treated people underneath them like crap.

    The Republicans lost me in the last election, and it’s only getting worse. They spend money like crazy (our state budget growth FAR exceeds population growth and inflation), they propose half-baked ideas that never work and cost us more than they told us (University Place, the Statehouse renovation, Garvee Bonds, etc.), and they seem to become what the Democrats used to be–the party of lobbyists who sneer down on the people.

    The Idaho Republican Party has been rotting at its core, and now the rot is showing on the outside.

  7. Joe in Boise
    Aug 28, 2007, 11:00 am

    What do you do if you drop your wallet in Senator Craig’s office? Kick it into the hallway before you pick it up!

  8. Joe in Boise
    Aug 28, 2007, 11:13 am

    Time to read my copy of “The Boys of Boise” again.

  9. Thanks Sara. Those were the two exclamations that jumped out at me this morning; been uttering them all day.

    It is not at all believeable that he failed to seek the advice of counsel. Indeed according to the police report he specifically followed up with them so he could have his attorney establish contact.

    Also his post conviction denial of guilt is classic criminal defendant behavior which, if it comes to the sentencing Court’s attention, demonstrates a lack of remorse for his crime and typically results in harsher punishment.

    Moreover the circumstances of arrest don’t jive with the senator’s protestations of misinterpretation. His “wide stance” leads me to believe he was sitting in the stall with his pants up. He did not flush upon exiting the stall either, leading the cop to conclude he was not there for the bathroom’s intended purpose.

    Ignoring the hand gestures its all very odd behavior for a sitting senator who was aware of an intense investigation and who just vehemently denied anonymous sexual contact a month before.

    It strikes me that if we give him the benefit of the doubt then Craig admitted guilt when he shouldn’t have. There is another plea available to Defendants called an Alford plea in which the Defendant can admit to the facts making the crime without admitting guilt. He didn’t avail himself of this opportunity. But if the allegations are true, which he has admitted under oath of his own free will and without any duress, Mr. Craig has had a lifetime of telling lies to his family, friends, colleagues, supporters, and the citizens as a whole. Form your own judgment.

  10. I am not an Idaho native. We got here several years ago. One of the first political rumors I ever heard was about Larry Craig.

    As with most rumors I gave it limited attention.

    What galled me at the thought of the rumor being proved true, was how hypocritical that would make Larry Craig.

    Now it is obvious how giant a hypocrite he really is. The damage that hypocrisy has done to himself, his family and this state will never truly be quantified.

    What joy can be pulled out of this is the fact the GOP leadership will finally be exposed for the pond scum they have become.

    Larry Craig is the keystone. Now that he has tumbled out, we can only sit back and wait for the rest to come tumbling down.

  11. I’m with you Dave. To say that he didn’t have counsel is just insulting. I’m sure he really wanted a trial. It would have all come out under oath.

  12. Mike Murphy, Bull Moose Tenor
    Aug 28, 2007, 2:18 pm

    Wow! What a choice we have to make… Who’s the bigger embarrassment? Sali? Or Craig? I’m beginning to think this State would elect Dracula, as long as he was on the Republican Ticket.

  13. political geek
    Aug 28, 2007, 4:04 pm

    Colleen, a quick correction. The US Constituion gives the Governor sole appoinment power without consultation to fill a vacant Senate seat. As long as they meet the req. 32 yrs old etc. Otter can appoint his wife, himself, or pick anyone from anywhere in Idaho regardless of political party.

  14. Oh how I wish we could back to simpler days….. Like back in 1987 when Gary Hart had an affair with Donna Rice. Beautiful girl, luxury yacht, wine, bedroom….. Things like that I can understand….. But a bathroom in an airport with a man……?????

  15. Well, now it’s the Statesman’s fault:

    NY Times
    Published: August 28, 2007

    WASHINGTON, Aug. 28 — Senator Larry Craig said today that he regretted his guilty plea in connection with an airport bathroom incident, and he accused an Idaho newspaper of hounding him mercilessly in recent months…..

    Mr. Craig said today that The Idaho Statesman, a daily newspaper based in Boise, had been relentlessly pursuing rumors about his personal life for months, and he implied that the paper’s efforts might have clouded his judgment.”

    excerpt from NYT article in full here:

    Oh yeah, Lori Otter for Senate! At least she’d stay out of the men’s room. (Though I’m pretty sure she wears the pants in her household)

  16. PS
    Speaking of telling the truth I wonder when we will hear from Butch (whiskey soaked cigars, tight fitting jeans contest) Otter.

    EDITOR NOTE–Porc, your memory is far too long! Can you name two county commishes in office when Butch got pinched? Or even what year he got pinched?

  17. The Senator made yet another poor decision Tuesday, when he chose to attack The Statesman for his woes. He should actually be thanking them for using restraint in shelving the story until news of his arrest surfaced.

    Imagine the situation reversed: The Statesman runs their story in the spring, possibly stirring some national interest, THEN Craig gets arrested. I doubt that a plea deal would have been so easily arranged following that scenario.

    There has always been healthy skepticism and criticism of the daily paper, but I sense that the court of public opinion is not with The Senator this time.

  18. Oh yes Mr. Guradian I remember very well…

    In 1992 Otter was pulled over on Interstate 84 near Meridian, Idaho for suspicion of driving under the influence. He claimed the arresting officer observed him swerving was he was reaching for his cowboy hat, which had been blown off by the wind in his open car.

    Otter offered several excuses for failing the field sobriety test including: his stocking feet were stung by weeds and gravel, he had run eight miles and his knee hurt, he was hungry, and that he had soaked his chewing tobacco in Jack Daniels.

    A jury convicted Otter in 1993. He was sentenced to 72 hours of community service and 16 hours at an alcohol treatment program. This incident allegedly forced Otter to abandon an anticipated run for governor in 1994 and instead seek re-election for lieutenant governor.

    My guess one of the commishes name is Vern..

    EDITOR NOTE–Astounding!! 15 years and still counting. There is always a commish named Vern:-) Good job. We have openings here at the same pay as editor for people with your institutional memory.

  19. Colleen Fellows
    Aug 28, 2007, 8:57 pm

    Porc and Guardian,
    Sorry guys, it wasn’t cigars. Otter’s defense was whiskey-soaked chew, high-heeled cowboy boots, followed by stocking feet on sharp gravel and flashing police lights. The year was 1992 for the arrest, and the spring of 1993 for the conviction. I do believe the Ada County at the time were Vern Blisterfeldt, Garry Glenn, and Roger Simmons.

  20. It is truly painful to watch Larry “Thumper” Craig insincerely thank the media for “coming out” at the press conference.

  21. Colleen was very close, but Roger Simmons didn’t take office until January of 1993, after winning his first term in November of 1992. The three commissioners in ’92, at the time of Butch’s arrest, would have been Vern Bisterfeldt, Gary Glenn and John Bastida. New political trivia question: Does anyone know where Butch had been hanging out that evening, BEFORE his arrest?! 😉

  22. Oh Sharon! That is such an easy question! Butch’s usually spot! Shorty’s Salon in Garden City.

    So what do I get for answering correctly? Any insider info about the bathroom habits of Gary Glenn? Speaking of which, whatever happened to that wacko anyway?

    EDITOR NOTE–I will take the blame, but we got way off topic, so I am calling “time out” for non-Craig comments.

  23. Butch wasn’t at Shorty’s before his arrest. I’ll give you a hint. He was in Meridian.

    Gary Glenn is now the president of the American Family Association of Michigan. I couldn’t tell you his bathroom habits, but perhaps Vern or Roger could fill you in. At both the old Admin building and the new courthouse, the commissioners’ offices have had a private restroom for the commissioners.

  24. Legal Question: Doesn’t ‘reasonable deniability’ disappear when you Plead “Guilty” in a Court of Law ?!? Larry Craig, Bill ‘I did not have sex with that woman’ Clinton, Brent ‘I’m on an early morning paper route’ Coles and Butch ‘the rocks hurt my feet’ Otter have all attempted it….but I think it ends when you stand before a judge and plead GUILTY. I could be wrong, however as every pen inmate adamantly states that they are innocent.

  25. Depot,

    It is possible to still claim you are not guilty if you are pronounced guilty by a judge or jury while steadfastly maintaining your innocence. However, that option disappears when you pronounce yourself guilty.

    His claim now that he is innocent means that he was either lying then, (Is that contempt of court? More trouble.) or that he is lying now.

    It is either one, or the other.

  26. The Tsunami of coverage of this incident emphasizes just what it means for public officials to be in the PUBLIC EYE.

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