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Double entendres and crude puns aside, the saga of Larry Craig and the toilet cop has been a welcome relief from stories of endless forest fires and hot summer days.

One local office has a set of “rules” posted on the stall of the men’s room which include:
–Wide stance not permitted
–No toe tapping
–Leave papers on the floor
–No luggage inside the stall
Followed by the explanation, “This is NOT a Congressional privy.”

Two guys at a local bar nearly got in a fight when one accidentally rubbed ankles with another under the table and was challenged, “Did you just brush your foot against mine dude? What is that supposed to mean?”

Men all over Idaho–all over America– are secretly trying to figure how to accomplish a “wide stance” sitting on the toilet with their pants around their ankles. Seems impossible to do and still get a foot under the divider.

Children caught with their hand in the cookie jar or violating the parental curfew are already telling parents, “The Statesman made me do it.”

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  1. Ok Dave now this is getting downright icky.

    However, it has been hilarious though and Craig’s press conference should have been an embarrassment to himself. And why oh why is the little woman always hauled out to stand by her man? I’m just surprised good ol Lar didn’t have the step children and step grand babies arrayed around him

    Like it was a campaign photo op.

    Ok here’s the deal as I see it. Either this man has been lying to the Idaho electorate since at least 1982 with the congressional page scandal or he is such a stupid stupid man that he pleads guilty to something he didn’t do. I suspect it’s both and the stupidity comes from knowing the Statesman is hot on your tail and you do the exact behavior they’ve accused you of.

    I think the real wide stance here is the thousand empty miles in this man’s brain.

    While this story is good for laughs this man needs to resign.

  2. Keep Larry Craig in Congress !! He now has more power for our small state than ever before! Think about it. As a voyeristic and tenured Senator sitting on many important committees , he also knows the ‘secrets’ of other ‘like minded’ Congressional people.

    He is in a great position to use his tenure and tendancies for the benefit of Idaho. Not all powerful negociation goes on behind Congressional caucus doors. We are just beginning to realize the national power-dealing that goes on behind stall doors! Larry Craig has shown us the way. Let’s keep the Senator from Broke-back mountain.

  3. Colleen Fellows
    Aug 29, 2007, 12:22 pm

    Maybe a more plausible excuse would have been to say that the paper in his stall was too rough, so he was merely reaching under to the other stall to see if he could find the neighboring potty paper. The leg thing could have just been an involuntary twitch; he had been cramped up an airplane for a few hours.

    I just know that my kids find more believable excuses for corners they’ve painted themselves into.

    Ah well, I hope he decides to stay in the race. It will make for an exciting year. For a campaign stunt, maybe he could pick up some litter. He could show his gratitude by repeating his opener and thank folks for “coming out today” as he did at his press conference. Besides, his current opponent Larry Larocco has already helped in community trash removal in areas of N. Idaho on his campaign stops. Now, see, maybe that is what was going on, he really felt pressured to keep up with Larocco’s reach for public service. He just wanted to get a leg up on his campaigning.

  4. If businesses are locating in Boise creating “economic gain” for all the publicity the BSU Bronco football team has generated for Idaho, how much has Larry Craig’s tap dance in the toilet COST US. He has us back to “Boys of Boise” ridicule!

  5. “The leg thing could have just been an involuntary twitch; he had been cramped up an airplane for a few hours.”

    I’m dubious. How far are you able to stretch your legs from side to side when your pants are around your ankles?

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