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Idaho Does Not Deserve Craig

If having the Broncos on ESPN is worth “thousands in publicity for Idaho” and promoting Boise in the United Airlines magazine is worth more than half a million dollars, we wonder how much Larry Craig’s antics has COST…probably a lot more than all the “positives.”Larry%20Butch.jpg

The poetic justice comes in the half million dollars the big business and rich people paid Craig to vote to their benefit. That investment has turned out to be as valuable as shares in Micron or Enron. And just like those “leaders,” Larry keeps the money for himself.

Then there is junior senator Mike Crapo who loves to publicly support fallen heroes and convicted politicians. When former mayor Brent Coles was sentenced for his crimes against the people, Crapo tried to influence the judge with a complimentary letter on United States Senate letterhead.

Now Junior “fully supports” Craig’s most recent flip flop (mostly flop) to stay in office after pleading guilty to whatever he did in the toilet in Minneapolis. A noncommittal statement is one thing, but to EMBRACE (pun intended) a guy who admits guilt and can’t get his story straight–even to the public–is another thing.

The only ray of hope we see in the Craig mess is Guv Butch sharing a bit of his advice to Craig which was basically, “Larry, you should go, but the decision is yours.”

Craig brought all this on himself–and Idaho–not just in the toilet, the courtroom, and the newspaper. It was Craig who stood at the Depot with what has turned out to be a motley crew and pronounced his own political death.

When he called the media to his “intention” speech, he said Idahoans don’t need a senator distracted by legal matters, but rather we deserve a senator who can devote his full attention to the business of Idaho and the senate.

We agree. We don’t deserve Larry Craig.

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  1. I am glad that I never voted for the guy. There were even jokes about him on NPR this morning. Yesterday, on CNN, one moderator commented that Larry must be following the Bill Clinton playbook: hold tight and wait for the dust to settle. Another commentator said “so it’s Bill Clinton’s fault?”

    One has to have some pity for the guy – he just doesn’t sound like someone who has a grasp on reality. Kind of like George Bush. Why do these people keep getting elected to office?

  2. One of the true measues of fame is when a person’s name becomes part of a crossword puzzle. And, lucky us, Larry has made it!

    I was working a puzzle a few days ago that had the clue “Larry Craig’s state.”
    Yep, the answer was “Idaho.”

    So that’s how we’re known now: Larry Craig’s state … instead of potato state, white supremacist state, Rocky Mountain fever state, pigeon-quarter state, etc.

    Ain’t you proud?

  3. ahhh it reminds me of the days of George Hansen….being re-elected while in prison. Good old farmers and ranchers of idaho. if they have you in their pocket, they will get you re-elected.

    EDITOR NOTE–Don’t remember if he was actually re- elected in prison, but I recall he was the first sitting congressman to actually go to prison.

  4. Grumpy old Guy
    Oct 6, 2007, 11:53 pm

    Oh, come on everyone, Craig’s peckerdillos deserve just a tad more sympathy than is being offered. After all it was he who pointed out for the record that Bill Clinton was “a bad boy, a naughty boy” and we might not have known that without Larry’s keen insight and (eloquent) mouth.

  5. Recent conversation with Republican friends who all support Mr. Craig’s decision to flop has me baffled. Any of us who do not support him in the Party are looked on as if WE are traitors.

    Can we take a quick look at who the Traitor really is? Mr. Craig was not forced to use a Public Restroom, and I understand that he had access to the “executive” facilities because he is a Senator. He was on salary and working for the people when he was crossing states. He was not on vacation. He had not signed up for TIME-OFF. It was HE who voluntarily walked into a sting. It was all his choice.

    One question; how many times previously had he been acting out this same manner in Public restrooms? Does anyone really know the answer? June 11th was just the time he was caught.

    Mr. Craig has dishonored himself, his family, his office of the Senate, the Republican party, and the entire state of Idaho. It is he who is the Traitor to this great land and people. He may have done great things for Idaho in the past, but this incident (in which he could not keep himself from) has scarred him for life. Unfortunately all the good he has done is not what people will remember.

    There is a price when we opt to betray those we promise to serve. He obviously made the decision and with that comes it’s consequence. Isn’t that the Republican way? To be Accountable? Be Responsible? To be a person of integrity.

    Mr. Craig plead guilty, used our money to change the plea, made mention of retiring and stepping down, and now he “deserves to serve out his term”…he has served, and because of his dishonor he should leave his post. In my humble opinion, THAT would be the RIGHT thing to do.

  6. shealyisnottheantichrist
    Oct 7, 2007, 10:45 pm

    To Fed Up:

    In reference to your question:

    “Isn’t that the Republican way?”

    No. It is not the Democratic or Independent way either. The first priority of any elected politician, no matter what they tell you, is to be re-elected and hold on to their power etc.

    I am sorry to disillusion you.

  7. His not retiring early? What are we missing? It has to do with Money. Why else would someone put up with the embarrassment. Does his retirment pay double if he stays? Some where I’m sure it has to do with money. Any one know?
    Can’t we the people of Idaho call for a empeachment? Don’t we have any control over these people? Craig no dout needs to leave, how can we help him hit the road?

  8. To shealyisnottheantichrist:

    Disillusionment has long since passed, and regardless of the “hang-on & never give-up your post” mentality for the “I-gotta-get-re-elected” types (which is obviously more than I care to admit), IT IS TIME FOR ACCOUNTABILITY. It wasn’t long ago when Rush asked a woman the question about when someone’s in office, something to the effect what is their goal? She responded in a Pollyanna manner…”to serve their fellow man, etc…” He stopped her after a couple of sentences and refuted, “NO! To get re-elected!!”
    This may be true, but it is still unacceptable.

    I’m with Robert…how can we help Mr. Craig to know his time is up?

  9. I just heard on the news that Senator Larry the Lavatory Lurker is to be honored by an Idaho Group, stating that the award was in process before his hand-rubbed stall wall incident became public. What a Travesty! How can we get rid of this man? I believe that a recall petition is in order as he has decided to stay on at our expense.

  10. As Clint Eastwood would say, “deservin’s got nothin’ to do with it.” We just don’t know how to quit him. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. That’s one mighty big ego he’s sporting, though.

    It makes him irresistable to Idaho Republicans. They will overlook all his lying and mismanaging of this affair to let Larry have his day in Court that he gave up because he wasn’t guilty in the first place????? I guess holdover Craig supporters (I laughed just typing that) sleep pretty well at night unencumbered as they are with rational thought. With Novak’s revelation that Republican Senate leadership was aware of the Senator Perv’s predelictions, I’m starting to wonder how many Idaho Republicans were complicit in the secrets of Larry Craig. After all its their closet they had him build to put himself in.

  11. Hey–Larry can’t face leaving the yacht he lives on when in D.C.
    See the article about his cushy residence and yachty neighbors:
    http://www.newyorker.com/talk/2007/10/01/071001ta_talk_hettena Excerpt:

    “But, amid the ruckus that followed the arrest of Senator Larry Craig for allegedly soliciting sex from a plainclothes officer in an airport rest room, little attention was paid to his unusual Washington, D.C., address: 1000 Water Street. There, across the Washington Channel from the Jefferson Memorial, is the Capital Yacht Club, where Craig lives on a forty-two-foot Bertram yacht called the Suz II, named for his wife, Suzanne, who stays back home in Idaho. Craig, a fastidious man who was known to pick up trash around the club, is well liked by his fellow-yachtsmen. (Explaining his behavior in the airport stall, he told the police that he had bent down to pick up a piece of paper.)…”

    Whatever floats your boat?

  12. I hope Uncle Larry stays. He has done so much for Idaho. Idaho is full of cut n’ run Republicans. At least the NRA and Bill Sali appreciate a patriot they can get behind. Senator Craig has always watched Idaho’s back. Real Idaho Republicans will re-elect this great man.

  13. Dog! You need to go dig another hole. Take a crap on someone else lawn. Please take Larry with you. I understand he’s good company.

  14. Robert,
    I’m a dog and I don’t know if he likes dogs for friends. Besides I am not welcome in Canyon County anymore, because I pooped too many times on Republican McMansion lawns over there. The senator has staunch supporters for his wide stance on the issues in 2C. Gay Way Junction in Fruitland might be a good place for him to go too.

  15. Russ Babcock
    Oct 17, 2007, 4:12 am

    A couple of things on the two interviews.

    Ronald Regan might be a little jealous. Larry and his wife did a little better than a B movie.

    Only conclusion I could find is in the Matt interview nationally, Larry indicated he reached down with his right hand and removed a piece of paper from his shoe.

    The audio transcript by the arresting police officer indicated Larry showed him his left hand. I guess its a more interesting situation showing a wedding ring.

    What the local interview did say , Larry really believes he can bring back pork to Idaho.
    He is on some very high power committee’s.
    If a fill in were put into the Senate , he or she would not be on those committee’s.

    So that being said, If money can be allocated to Idaho because of where Craig sits, than leave him in.

    I guess the problem now for the future is, a judical judge figuring out where Larry Craig of Idaho sits?

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