Dan Dunham, CWI Board Candidate

The GUARDIAN has offered space to candidates on the ballot for the November 4 election. Here is what
Dan Dunham has to say about the College of Western Idaho board.


What do you want the College of Western Idaho to be? Do you think it could be a
really great community college? Do you think it could be just like CSI and NIC?
While that would be admirable, I have a bigger view. I’m Dan Dunham and I believe
the College of Western Idaho could lead the way for education in Idaho. Following
the lead of the citizens that participated in the “Community Conversation”, the
College of Western Idaho will strive to meet the needs of the community.

Education administrators need to constantly explore the platform and delivery
method for effectiveness and cost efficiency. Your precious tax dollars must be
used wisely to best serve the students and the community.

Rather than limiting the College of Western Idaho to what has been done in the past,
I, Dan Dunham, know this is an opportunity to explore new ideas. As a businessman,
I have started several businesses. I understand leveraging current assets to get
the best possible use and return on investment. I want to use existing buildings in
the school system to not only save money, but to deliver college classes to the
community. I will work to bring the community college to the community. Many
academic classes could be delivered at school buildings, and perhaps even private
buildings, reducing the cost and making access to classes better for the community.

I have a military background and understand leadership. Knowing that the best
leader is one with a servant’s heart, I will be valuable in the search for a new
President for the college. I was an enlisted soldier as well as an officer. That
perspective allows me to empathize with both leaders and followers, and understand
the dynamics of organizational management that will be realized in a “win-win”
approach to all problem solving.

I don’t waste money. I have the best interest of the taxpayer, the student, and
the staff as my focus. Why did I decide to run for this position and ask for your
vote? I recognize this incredible opportunity to set the course for a new entity
that will serve as an example for how education is delivered in Idaho. I recognize
the opportunity for colleges in Idaho to deliver useful, timely and desired
education using the most cost effective methods possible. Please vote for me, Dan
Dunham, for a seat on the CWI Board.

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  1. pete s. simpson jr
    Oct 29, 2008, 8:25 pm

    Left is not wrong and Right is not Right

    I am really amazed at how divided our nation has become. We have become so divided that we are losing sight of issues that are extremely important to our economy, quality of life and existance as human beings. We only have one world and one shot to get it right, so we better start thinking outside the box. The way we have conducted business affairs in this country makes my sad and ashamed.

    We have a duty to make this country proud and strong and as long as the “Right” think they are right and the “Left” think they are right we will continue to be a nation divided by political ideals instead of a nation united by what really is important to our children, grandchildren and the human race.

    We are all in this together, no matter what race, religion or political party seperates you from the man next to you.

    It’s time to start doing what is right for all of man kind.

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