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Hockey Mom vs Joe Six-pack At Ice World

The Hockey Mom who called the Mayor’s Hotline complaining about drinking and empty beer cans in the locker room of the City-owned Ice World might sound overly protective of her little boy, but two nights in a row should prompt some “surprise inspections” by management.

If the bike coppers are writing tickets in the park for sipping a cool one within 200 feet of the river in summer, perhaps the peddle police need skates so they can send some dudes to the penalty box for drinking in the Ice World locker room.

Seems like the ice rink has a long history of less than proud moments. The GUARDIAN has been aware of just a few like the Zamboni midnight run to Burger King, stolen hockey sticks and skates, about 5 or 6 recent unexplained firings the Director of Parks won’t confirm, complaints of instructors doing private lessons on city time, and now beer consumption. No wonder J.R. got rid of the place!

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  1. Not a hockey mom
    Nov 4, 2008, 10:41 pm

    Makes a person wonder what other things the city and the management turn a blind eye to. You only need to be a patron of the facility to know that the firings were a fact. The loss of two key people that were an asset to the facility (the operations manager and the Pro Shop manager) doesn’t need to be confirmed by the Director. Maybe the ethics committee should interview the staff to try to find out what other things might be going on?

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