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Ice World: I’m a concerned parent. I wish that you guys would do something about the
drinking that goes on in Idaho Ice World in the locker rooms with the adult leagues. I
was under the assumption that that is a “no drinking” facility and a city policy, and it just
doesn’t seem to matter; the locker rooms are always trashed by these people; there’s
beer cans everywhere, and I just really wish that you guys would do something about the
drinking out there and put it to a stop. My child plays in a league out there and I just
hate for him to have to deal with this all the time. Thank you.

Ice World: Another night at Ice World with my son and another night of adult drinking. I
spoke to your hockey director, Mr. Mylymok ; I spoke to your assistant hockey director,
Mr. Chanley, and they don’t seem to care. I guess my only option is to pull my son out
of the league to avoid this. This is absolutely ridiculous; I thought it was a “no drinking”
facility, but apparently it’s not. So, thank you.

Thomas Cornwall
1809 N. 24th St.
Boise, ID 83702
Dogs Off Leash: I’m calling both the Mayor and City Council to express my concern
regarding the notice given for public comment regarding the recommendations for dog
off leash areas in the Boise foothills. Just recently a website posting with less than a
week prior to the meeting has announced a public comment period. With this short
notice and the fact that it’s scheduled for 7:30 a.m. is going to make it very difficult for
working people or people who operate on any kind of tight schedule to attend. For future
reference, a more timely notice with at least two weeks anticipation should be made. My
thanks for your attention to this in the future. Thank you.
Action Taken: contacted

John Lindsey
Bail-Out: I live here in Idaho. I’m just calling to ask why we are giving these banks a
bail-out or giving bonuses to them. I’m starting with you because you’re the Mayor.
That’s what I want to know – why are we giving these executives a bonus when we’re
trying to get the banks bailed out? Thank you.

Lady from Sacramento called: 10/26/08, 10/27/08, 10/28/08, 10/30/08

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  1. As well as dog leashs I would like to add diapers and Muzzles to the mutts. Maybe the owners too.

  2. Mr. Cornwall,
    Notice of meeting less than a week.
    Meeting starts at 7:30 AM.
    Equates to little, if any, public input.
    Now, you don’t REALLY think that is an accident, do you?

  3. I have played hockey at IIW for more than 10 years. I don’t know what league these kids play in, but I have never known any kids’ leagues playing after the adult league. Yes there is drinking in the locker room after games, but I have never seen a locker room “trashed” by any adult team. Yes hockey locker rooms aren’t always the cleanest, but they are also trashed after the kids’ league games. I think these parents might be volunteer members of the Boise’s Morality Police!

  4. We need the Mayor’s office to print the calls from the lady from California. She is the best entertainment on the web site!

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