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TV Drop Off Site: I would like to remain anonymous. I just call Allied Trash
management and asked where I could donate my television that is going to be obsolete
here shortly in February. I hate to throw it in the trash, but they told me there is no place
to donate it; that I would have to call the landfill and arrange to take it out to the landfill.
My concern is that in the near future many people are going to be getting rid of their
television sets and they certainly won’t take the time or effort to go to the landfill. We
need to have a central place where people can drop off their old discarded televisions
without polluting the landfill or throwing them in the trash. So, my concern is that we
have a central place where electronics, especially televisions, can be dropped off in view
of this new switch-over. There’s going to be a big demand for that in the near future.
Thank you.
Terry Lostrom
1100 Saratoga Dr.
Boise, ID
VRT: I’m following up on a call that I made about three weeks ago regarding Valley
Transit’s operation of its Bus 10 out of downtown, that is supposed to leave at 6:45, and
at that time it wasn’t. In the three weeks since I called in the complaint, the week after
that it ran pretty close to on time, and the two weeks since it has again not been
downtown at all by 6:45 when the schedule says it’s supposed to leave. I did talk to the
bus supervisor after that last incident, who said that he had talked to the driver and they
had ironed it out, but as near as I can tell what they ironed out is that Valley Transit is
okay with publishing a schedule that says it is supposed to leave downtown at 6:45 and
it doesn’t. Thank you for listening.
Action Taken: left msj
Glenn Miles
1306 N. 26th
Boise, ID 83702
Missing Cats: From about 21st St. along Ellis, going diagonally parallel to State St., you
see signs or pictures, photographs of dogs on the telephone poles saying “missing”, like
a Golden Retriever is one. A gal on the 2600 block of Ellis, south side of the street,
came banging on my door in the middle of the week; she had two cats missing. She
was on her way to work and she had a friend two houses up from where she was, still on
the 2600 block of Ellis, and she too had two cats missing. Later on that day around
1:30, I had a cat missing. I went down to where there was another Russian Blue on the
corner of Lemp and 26th, and their Russian Blue had also stayed in all night long and it
was missing. So, yes, this is prior to Halloween, but somewhere along the line we have
a problem of animals missing. Four families, six cats; in speaking with the sheriff’s
daughter, her cat was not missing but that was inland from the line of Ellis St.
Somewhere along the line there needs to be a heads-up; yes we’ve been to the Humane
Society; yes. Animals are dear to people, you know? If a whale can be dear to
somebody; if a deer can be dear to somebody, the cats can be dear to people too. I
would like a heads-up from the City Council and from the Mayor.

Mary Alice and Roy Glen
76 Horizon Drive
Dogs Off Leash: We’re just calling to voice our opposition to the on-leash proposal for
lower Boise foothills trails. I will be attending the meeting at 5:30 this coming
Wednesday to testify. We are in a unique position; we live across the unmarked
trailhead to Military Reserve and in five years of living here have never seen a conflict
between dog owners off leash with other dogs, other users, bike riders, or people. So, I
believe that the proposals are a sledgehammer where certainly many other solutions
besides a bond lease need to be tried first. Thanks for listening.
Campaign Signs: I just wanted to make a comment on how obtrusive and ridiculous it is
to have all the election signs in Ada County. I just don’t understand why anybody would
want to put up with all that crap. I understand it’s a right, but they’re everywhere and I
hope someone picks them up and recycles them. You guys have a recycling coordinator
and I haven’t heard anything about where you take them or anything. So, maybe
someone can step up to the plate from the city. Thank you.
Christy Compton
1614 Cleveland
Boise 83705
Parking: My comment is – I can’t find anybody else to help me. I’ve called the city, I’ve
called everybody. I live on Cleveland St. in Boise between Latah and Roosevelt on
Overland. Where my house sits, it sits kind of by Grifoils. They opened up a plasma
center in Napa Auto Park parking, and there just isn’t enough parking. NAPA has 18
parking places. Grifoils was told they could have all of them. NAPA is towing cars parked
in their side. I have to walk and carry my groceries in because my driveway isn’t very
big and my husband drives his truck when he’s home and I have kids and they drive.
We’ve never had this problem and now they’re going to plan on doing 1,500 people in
six days. There is just nowhere for them to park I don’t see how they can. On
weekends I can’t have people over any more because on Saturdays there’s too many
cars. I was just wondering of there’s something I can do or somebody I can call to see if
I can get somewhere so they can’t park in front of my house because then I have to park
clear down the street. Cars are parked there for hours at a time. Thank you.
November 1 – 7, 2008
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Action Taken: contacted
Dr. Po Huang
52 Horizon Dr.
Boise, ID 83702
Dogs on Leash: I’m calling to voice my concern on the on-leash proposal for the foothill
trails. I moved up here because of the access to the trails; I use the trails a lot with my
dog. There’s no way I can ride my bike or run with my dog on-leash. The other thing is
with all the effort in regards to cleaning up the poop on the trails and all the gains we’ve
made already, in order to institute another restriction on our trails, I think is probably the
wrong thing to do. I just wanted to voice my concern in regards to this proposal. Please
call me if you have any questions.
Clair McGrath
2611 Sunset Ave.
Boise, ID 83702
Dogs On Leash: My comment is in regard to the new on-leash proposal for the lower
Boise foothills trails. I really oppose this proposal and I think requiring these areas to be
on-leash only is totally unfair. I think it really affects negatively the quality of life for
residents like me in Boise. I regularly walk my dog almost daily on these trails and I’ve
never seen a problem that directly related to a dog being off leash. I’ve seen many,
many more problems with mountain bikers riding too fast, in fact I’ve been hit by a
mountain biker myself; I’m a mountain biker so I don’t hate bikes, I just think that there’s
problems on these trails with fast mountain bikers. I would really ask the city to consider
other alternatives; the first one would be doing a better job of enforcing the current rules.
I don’t think that’s done enough. The second one might be establishing some rules like
the city of Boulder, Colorado has. I lived there and they worked great; they required
dogs to remain in the sight of the person walking them, and the dog must be under voice
and sight control, which means that a ranger can ask the person to call the dog; the dog
must return upon its first being called, and if not the person is subject to a citation. So,
only well-behaved and well-trained dogs are allowed to be off the leash. I think that’s a
really good compromise. So, I think there are a lot of solutions here that can make a
wider variety of people happy; there are just way, way too many people in Boise who
enjoy walking their dogs off leash in these areas. Expecting people to drive out of town
is ecologically irresponsible and just really negatively affects our quality of life. Thank
Ann Loftus
1908 N. 15th St.
Dogs on Leash: I’m calling regarding the resurgence of leash laws required in the
foothills. I’m actually a dog owner and I would like to see that the lower foothills remain
off leash, at least some kind of compromise where the foothills would be partially off
leash; some trails would be off leash, some trails would require leashes, or perhaps
some kind of time restrictions; only off leash during certain times. I’m not a proponent of
the complete elimination of the leash required on all the lower foothills. Thank you very

Bill Narver
5602 Randolph Dr.
Boise, ID
Street Light: I would like to report a street light, which is numbered 44080A and it
comes off and on at odd hours of the day and night. It seems like an awful waste of
energy. There may be a short in it. Would you turn this over to the proper authority and
see if there’s a possibility that this could be corrected. Thank you very much.
Action Taken: contacted

Ken J. Pedersen
2020 Blaine Way
Boise, ID 83702
On Leash Enforcement: I was calling to support the dog police. I had a very positive
incident with them at Elm Grove Park and they were very informative and very helpful. I
see that they were scoured in the Statesman editorial, but I think everybody needs to
support animal control and common sense and good management with their pets. I
learned a lot from them and they were very professional. So, “atta boy” to the dog
police; I think it’s a very good idea. Thanks.
Lady from Sacramento called 11/3/08, 11/4/08, 11/5/08, and 11/7/08

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  1. Why do people think it’s their god-given right to take dogs everywhere they go?

    If they can take their dogs everywhere, then what’s to stop me from taking my pet donkey to the foothills or farmer’s market? Or my pet elephant, or pet baboon or tiger or lion or grizzly bear?

    Regarding TVs, old school TVs will not become obsolete, I have a digital to analog converter and it works very well.

  2. People are sure funny, aren’t they?

    There are probably folks who are wondering why the presidential candidates weren’t asked about bus schedules or flickering streetlights in the debates! (Sometimes I almost feel sorry for Mr. Beater.)

    Regarding the guy whose TV is about to become obsolete: he must not be watching it, because on MY TV, every 10 minutes on every station, there’s an informative warning/announcement about how to keep your TV from becoming obsolete, and how to get gummint help. (My Wal-Mart Chinese converter box seems to be doing the job just fine. But now the Missus thinks we don’t need a bigscreen – I really shot myself in the foot!)

  3. Here in Eagle there are regularly scheduled “hazardous waste” collection sites – usually announced in our sewer billing. They will take everything from out dated prescription drugs, paint, outdated electronics, etc. This keeps the landfill free from mercury and other chemicals. But, Boisecynic is right – you get a converter and your tv will be just fine.

  4. Most Idahoans like to take old TEE VEEs out to the desert and shoot em. Refrigerators can take more rounds but don’t explode like a Sony Trinitron.

  5. The Boise Picayune
    Nov 16, 2008, 8:36 am

    Refrigerators go off even better than a Trinitron when you place a bottle of Tannerite inside and hit it with a 7.62 x 39 round.

    Just don’t stand too close!

    And, regarding the buses…

    Witnessing a bus leave early and strand an elderly couple downtown once, I called VRT @ 336-1010 and asked them why the bus had left early.

    I was told that according to their clock, it had left on time. When I told them that their clock was incorrect (I had an “atomic” wristwatch), I was informed that that didn’t matter as the buses ran on “Bus Time”.

    Hmm… Bus Time – Bus Time…

    Nope – I don’t remember “Bus Time” from school.

    P.S. Dirty Little Secret – The buses cannot maintain a schedule if they obey Speed Limits and various other traffic laws.

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