Canyon Commishes In Media Spotlight

Our sister CALDWELL GUARDIAN and editor Paul Alldredge are putting some heat on the Canyon Commishes and it looks like the local CANYON DAILY Paper is siding up with the guy they once dismissed as a mere “blogger.”

Like the senior BOISE GUARDIAN, Alldredge has gained traction with hard hitting stories bringing to light some of the actions of local government that politicos don’t want challenged. In the current case at hand, Alldredge calls for a vote of the citizens on the issue of long term debt for a new jail.

When the Idaho Press Tribune suggested “all parties” come to the table, the Commishes responded with a guest opinion essentially claiming “all parties” (meaning politicos) were already at the table and anyone else didn’t count.

When it comes to spending large sums of taxpayer dollars for debt, both GUARDIANS agree: “Politicos can ask, but CITIZENS decide.”

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  1. Dave, there is a new issue at hand in Canyon County. It involves use of county credit cards for personal purchases by the Sheriff and a DSD employee. County got all their money paid back but the Clerk/Auditor and the Prosecutor are probing this deal.

    After reading the law it seems like the best thing is to not have one of these cards in the first place.

    Great to be 2C!

  2. Paul,
    Purchase cards actually save taxpayers big money. Better accounting of spending and less checks to be cut. The abusers need to be reprimanded, pay the money and taxes back.
    By your logic no one should get a mortgage because some lenders made bad loans. It is stupid to undue ones political career as in the sheriff by using a p-card for personal gain. Sounds like 2C to me. Look how they voted.

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