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Mayor Hotline January 31 – February 6

JoAnn Kachigian
Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial: I’m just calling to see what it would take to put a sign up
there on Capitol Blvd. to show all of these visitors who are here for the Special Olympics, that
we have the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial. I have been calling the Mayor’s Office over
the years and every time somebody takes a message, there’s never any action taken. I just
think we have this wonderful gem in the heart of downtown and visitors coming here have no
idea we have the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial there. All we need is like one of those
blue and white signs that show where we have a church or library, one of those markers; it can’t
cost too much money. I don’t know if I’m supposed to call Parks and Recreation, but I thought
Mayor Bieter could lend his position to get something started. You could probably erect
something this weekend while we have all these international visitors here. I just want to spread
the word that we have that Human Rights center there. I’ve sent emails in the past and they
always say they will take it and present it, but I never hear back and obviously no action has
been taken. I know that Parks & Rec. is in charge of it now because we gave the facility to the
Parks & Rec. Dept. Someone needs to spearhead this and do something, or I’ll pay for the sign
or something. Okay?

EDITOR NOTE– JoAnn, The GUARDIAN was just as confounded last summer when trying to direct visitors to the MK Nature Center behind the Fish and Game office on Walnut. They were approaching from the Greenbelt where there was NOTHING to identify the really neat attraction. The GUARDIAN contacted F&G, they contacted Boise Parks for permission. They had a meeting, a sign was designed by F&G. It got approved and recently they planted it along the Greenbelt so bikers and joggers from out of town would know they have arrived. It is a rather small sign–about the size of a magazine–but it is in place and looks appropriate for the location. You do indeed need to stay on them.

We have tried for years to get directional signs posted at major intersections with arrows for the Old Pen museum, Fairgrounds, Capitol, BSU, Airport, Depot, etc. At all levels of government they have either refused to do it or couldn’t agree on how to “get er done.” We hope the F&G sign was worth the effort.

Jason Smith
10675 W. Hickory
Boise, ID 83713
Trash Increase: I’m calling regarding the latest trash increase. I already talked to the trash
people and I’m not really getting anywhere with the 18% raise. My next question is – why am I
required to have trash service? Why can’t I not opt out and take my own trash to the dump?
I’m kind of being held hostage here with an 18% increase; you know we’ve had some pretty
good increases the last two years, plus this year’s. I really have no recourse other than to
complain and that doesn’t seem to really go anywhere. Have Mayor Bieter give me a call; I’ll be
in and out today. If we don’t link up, I’ll try calling him tomorrow. Thank you.

Anonymous Male
Graffiti Report: I reported some graffiti on the back side of 1401 W. Grove, downtown Boise,
about 3 weeks ago to the dispatch number. I just drove by and noticed that the graffiti is still
there. A lot of good it does to call the dispatch. I can tell you I’m going to vote for someone else
next election, for someone who can take care of the graffiti problem. Thanks, that’s all.

Lady from Sacramento called: 1/31/09 am, 1/31/09 pm, 2/1/09 am, 2/2/09 am, 2/2/09 pm,
2/3/09 pm, 2/4/09 am, 2/5/09 am, 2/5/09 pm, and 2/6/09 am

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