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New Guy Shoo-In For Boise Council

Team Dave looks like it is about to have a “Dream Team” when a local Democrat named T.J. Thomson wins the landslide election for Boise city council in November. From what we can gather, he is a relative newcomer to Boise and so far will run unopposed.thomson

TJ as he is known, will have a kick off party next Wednesday with Mayor Dave Bieter. No surprise, he gushed over Bieter’s remarks at the Chamber of commerce fund raiser this past Wednesday.

Thomson has been working for at least six months positioning himself to fill the seat currently occupied byJim Tibbs. Tibbs is fed up with being an “ousider” on the council after his unsuccessful bid for mayor two years ago against incumbent Dave Bieter. Check HERE to see what he has to say about himself.

Thomson has a slick website, sends out media releases and e-mails with a tone that suggests he is a veteran politico. He sports an endorsement list that reads like the “Who’s Who of the Democratic Party and includes the support of the firefighters union.

The GUARDIAN has met him once and had only brief e-mail exchanges. Frankly, our biggest concern is that he sounds just like every other candidate for public office. He supports smart growth, preserving the foothills, helping coppers and firemen, protecting quality of life, bikes, energy conservation, clean water–WHAT A GUY!

We tried to get him to show some passion for things like citizen control of police–a police commission. To be for or against annexation without a vote of the people. A position on long term debt without a vote of the people as mandated by the constitution. Passion on ANYTHING. Smart guy. He wouldn’t tell us.

If he is elected–and there is no reason to think he won’t be–Team Dave will pretty much be without political opposition.

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  1. Tom Anderson
    Jun 5, 2009, 9:46 am

    Here’s how it works…

    Our ‘pretty boy’ candidate is good chums with all the rich folk, so gets lots of big donations eventually totalling about $25,000 which go to 5,000 yard signs and lots of slick door hanger brochures. He is chummy because he is one of the rich boy club and knows how ‘the game’ is played. (Check out the net worth of the city councilors, few ‘average earners’ ever get elected)

    ‘Good / Loyal Democrats’ are then expected to proudly display a yard sign even though they have no idea who this guy is.

    ‘Pretty Boy’ gets labeled a ‘serious candidate’ by the fascist media and gets lots of free exposure ensuring positive public opinion.

    The ‘democratic process’ ensures only those willing to ‘play the game’ get elected, which is almost always a loss for us, the citizens.

  2. Just what we need! more newcomers to Boise.

  3. Kevin Richert, editorial page editor, the Idaho Statesman
    Jun 5, 2009, 12:13 pm

    I hate to point out a typo in a headline, but according to Webster’s Dictionary, the proper spelling is shoo-in.

    EDITOR NOTE–You are indeed correct and we have fixed the headline. Many thanks.

  4. The mayor must be giddy, TJ’s on the record saying he wants to “Integrate a Light Rail System”…

  5. Wasn’t Dennis Doan Dave’s campaign manager before Dave got him promoted from a 3 person engine captain to chief of the fire department, same Doan thats past president of BFD Firefighters Local….hmmm dot dot dot (connecting dots)

  6. I’ve know TJ since he was student body president at BSU. He’s an absolutely great guy who has worked diligently (as a volunteer) on a number of campaigns in Boise, as well as been an active participant in his local Neighborhood Watch program.

    Tom Anderson clearly has never met TJ nor has taken the time to get to know him. He’s certainly no member of the “rich-boy club”. He’s an honest, hard-working guy who is concerned about the city of Boise.

    But, don’t let the facts get in the way of all the pent up hate you have. Given the comments here, it’s really no surprise that many good people don’t run for office. It must be nice to be able to sit at home and throw darts at those who choose to throw their hat into the ring. Last I checked, I didn’t se Lisa, Mr. Watcher or Tom Anderson on any ballots in Idaho.

    Good luck, TJ. Don’t let these jerks get you down.

  7. David A Honey
    Jun 5, 2009, 10:30 pm

    To set the record straight, and get the ball rolling, I will also be running for a position on the Boise City Council this year. I am opposed to annexation without a vote of those in the affected area and, although I consider Mayor Bieter a personal friend, Dave and I differ in opinion about the City’s need for a costly downtown trolley.

    EDITOR NOTE–David, send us an announcement and appropriate links if you have them.

  8. I couldn’t pick Mr. Thomson out of a crowd of three. If he will represent, truly represent, the citizens of Boise, I couldn’t care less what “party” he belongs to. But if he actually thinks our current mayor is right in wanting a “choo-choo” then there is a major problem! I am afraid I see another case of 16% of the voters giving a candidate a “landslide victory”!

  9. I’m not sure where (or if) you’re getting or researching your information, but TJ Thomson is an Idaho native and has spent nearly a decade in the City of Boise. He is not a “new-comer” to the area!

    He is the most down-to-earth person I’ve ever met and is in NO WAY a “member of the rich-boy-club”…that is SOOO not his nature. That incorrect statement is almost comical when referring to TJ! (He’s so genuinely humble he probably WINCED at the “pretty boy” comment!)

    He’s an honest and caring citizen that is truly in this because he believes in public service…a rare breed in politics these days!

    You clearly don’t know anything about TJ or know him personally, because NOTHING could be further from the truth.

    Some people (although rare) still exhibit true character and integrity…he is one of those gentlemen.

    He’s the real deal and will offer a fresh voice and new ideas to the City of Boise.

    Please take the time to get to really listen to what he has to say and get a feel for him personally. You’ll be impressed.

  10. @Cyclops: What 16% are you talking about? City elections usually run around 30% turnout. Not great, but actually much higher than most cities in Idaho.

    What’s your threshold? 40%, 50%, 70%, 100%? Idaho is a fairly good state in terms of turnout, particularly in presidential years–70%. Still, everyday you can read about those unhappy with the results.

    I admire your passion about city politics, but your attempts to diminish results based on voter apathy are weak, at best.

    EDITOR NOTE–In defense of Cyclops. Nick, he is agreeing with you right down to the EXACT %! With a 30% turnout, it takes just 16% to get elected. Tell him you are sorry.

  11. Bob Freeman
    Jun 6, 2009, 3:25 am

    If Kevin Richert of the Idaho Statesman pointing out a typo isn’t rich I don’t know what is.

  12. Mike Murphy for Mayor
    Jun 6, 2009, 12:21 pm

    30% Turnout? Of how many ELIGIBLE Voters?

    Hizzoner was voted in by about 8.7% of those eligible to have voted in the last mayoral Race(Give or Take a Percentage Point).

    67.9% (the percentage of those who cast a vote) sounds much more dramatic though.

    Tango Juliet is a personable enough fellow (I had the opportunity to meet him briefly @ the Obama Rally), and more than likely has Boise’s best interests in mind; but is – it must not be forgotten – a political animal with national connections, formidable organizing and networking skills, who has carefully crafted a symbiosis with Hizzoner.

    The good Mr. Thompson – in allying himself with Hizzoner’s aspirations – is offering the same-ol’-same-ol’ in a shiny new wrapper.

    The tragedy is, is that the electorate is going probably going to fall for it again.

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results! ~ Albert Einstein

  13. Chris Campbell
    Jun 8, 2009, 12:19 pm

    Lisa – you are somewhat correct about Dennis Doan, he was a Captain of a 3-person Engine Company for the BFD (which by the way, 3-person engine companies fall below national standards and requirements). That is all you got right.
    He was not Beiters Campaign Manager (he was an advisor) and never the President of the Boise Firefighters Union (he has never held a management position in the Boise Firefighters Union – he was the president of the Idaho Professional Firefighters Asso, that represents firefighters state wide).
    And yes he is the current Fire Chief of the Boise Fire Department and doing a great job. He has strong support from a majority (if not all) members of the department and proving to be a true leader and visionary that will lead the department in to the future. Something that it has needed for years.
    Learn the facts before you take a shot at someone.

    Just for the record, I am a Boise Firefighter and fully support him as my chief.

    As far a TJ, haven’t met the guy or heard much about him. So as far as this firefighter, he hasn’t earned my vote yet.

  14. TJ seems almost congenitally nice. He is from my neck of the woods in SE Idaho but, like me, has called Boise home since. He was one of the state coordinators for the Obama campaign and seems hellbent on Idaho politics. He brings much to the Council table including his skills as an auditor which I would think would ingratiate him to the crowd here. But since he apparently has aspirations beyond city government, I wouldn’t think he’d merely be a rubber stamp on the Council. I’ll watch the campaign but, so far, I like what I see from him.

    Cyclops leave the apathetic alone. Do you really want them voting? Its bad enough now. 😉

  15. Tom Anderson
    Jun 9, 2009, 7:26 am

    Nick Adams: I speak from experience. I ran for Boise City council many years ago. The only way to get elected is with LOTS OF MONEY. The only way to get the money needed is from business or pony it up yourself. I raised maybe $1,500 from friends and relatives. My competitor raised 20 times that amount from the rich folk that run businesses around town. The only way to get the support of the business community is to be one of those who will ‘play the game’. ‘The Game’ is rigged to make the rich richer, and keep the status quo intact.

  16. Sisyphus, given what we have so far at the state and local level, how badly could they screw it up? I almost think we would do better if we voted based on the color of a candidate’s eyes!

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