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Good Reason Why Bad Decisions Are Made

By JIMMY D. BUS Guardian Transportation Correspondent Like the politicos, when the Daily Paper recently ran a story about the possible return of AMTRAK service to southern Idaho they simply got derailed when it came to facts. Enthusiasm trumps information every time. The Daily has since run a correction which basically says the Eastern Idaho […]

“We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Feasibility Study”

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE MAYOR AND COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF BOISE CITY, IDAHO: Section 1. That the City of Boise supports the resumption of Amtrak’s inter-city passenger rail service through Boise at the earliest feasible date to serve the citizens of Idaho’s capital city and the region. Boise’s Team Dave is […]

“No Fact” Train Rally Held At Depot

Two politicos and a chamberman staged a train buff rally at the Boise Depot Monday before a small crowd of enthusiasts and city employees who applauded the arrival of a locomotive and the announcement it was made in Boise. Senior Sen. Mike Crapo, Mayor Dave Bieter and Chamber of Commerce Pres. Bill Connors urged the […]

Can AMTRAK Pay the Freight?

When it comes public rides, it is hard to find anyone opposed to “PASSENGER TRAINS IN IDAHO.” The politicos know this well, so they have asked AMTRAK to conduct some studies about returning train service to Idaho. Senior Sen. Crapo and Mayor Bieter of Team Dave will hold a public hearing at the Boise Depot […]

Boise City Spending Budget To Increase

The budget for Boise City is a work in progress, but the GUARDIAN is getting calls from insiders and concerned citizens telling us the new budget is headed north. Apparently the pencil pushers are confident the revenues are in place, to fund an increase in spending, despite lower property values. We hear that while other […]

Boise Fire Goes After EMS Business

The GUARDIAN has learned the Boise Fire Department is seeking an ambulance transport license from the State of Idaho to compete head-to-head with the Ada County Emergency Medical Services within the city. Everyone in Boise lives within the countywide EMS district and residents are taxed for the service. If Boise also has ambulance service, it […]

Mayor Hotline July 25 to 31

RUN AROUND, MISSING CHILD, STATESMAN TRASH, TRASH TALK, PANHANDLING, TASER INCIDENT 7/31/09 @ 2:33 pm Anonymous Woman Basque Event Safety Hazard: Hi, I’m calling to report a safety hazard on the corner of Grove and 6th St. This is due to the Basque event. The vendors have their booths set up in the crosswalk so […]

Eagle Tries “Credit Card” Transfer Scam

The City of Eagle is attempting to use a clause in Idaho municipal funding law to go into long term debt without a vote of the citizens–a philosophy that is common among local governments in the Gem State. In the latest scheme, the city gets a loan known as a “Tax Anticipation Note” that is […]

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