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One thing we should’nt forget
We’ll always be in their debt
Whether a hawk or a dove
If it’s freedom you love
Go out and thank a Vet!

T J Thomson was handily elected
Will he see the trolley is rejected?
If he follows the mayor
He won’t have a prayer
Of ever being respected!

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  1. Poet Paul that was a nice post. I do enjoy your poetry.
    Sometimes it makes me cry and sometimes it makes me laugh but you ususally are on the right path.

  2. Let me stare into the crystal ball!
    Ah! I see it forming now. Along about next January or Febuary, TJ will have digested all the information and come out firmly for the trolley!
    Lord, I am getting tired of being lied to by politicians!!!

    EDITOR NOTE–We are still willing to give the guy a break…no doubt about it, the survey will be PRO TROLLEY. If it isn’t THAT will be a major news story!

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