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Heidi Caye
1934 Division Ave.
Boise, ID 83706
Homeless Citation: I’m calling in regard to something that I saw last week. I was up on
Federal Way and I was watching a police officer ticket a homeless man on the corner of the
street with his little cardboard sign and it made me sick. I thought that was absolutely wrong and I would like a call-back from somebody who can explain to me how that approach is going to solve the problem. I would also like to say that I think we need to find a different approach; Boise’s a great city and I don’t think that does us justice, nor does it do justice to the people who need help. Please give me a call back.
Action Taken: left msj
(EDITOR NOTE–May not have been a ticket)

Dean Hersian
Homeless: I have a complaint about all the panhandlers in town. I’m very surprised; I moved
here six years ago and it’s just incredible how the same panhandlers work the same corners
almost daily and they either have props like a gas can or a dog, and of course they always have a sign saying “God Bless” and I just think it makes the city look really bad that all these people work on these corners. It sure must be nice to have a tax-free business like that because they’re taking a lot of cash and not paying anything for it. And also it looks really bad for the city. Thank you.

Frank Baldwin
Streetcar: I’m working on getting a Post Office Box but I don’t have a permanent address right
now, but I’ve lived in Boise most of my life. I was just thinking about the streetcar. In large our
undertaking doesn’t want…it’s easiest or works best in that regard about having more drivers or
buses and having the buses have longer hours and savvy roots to Idaho Center and all we have
to do is pay for maintenance and oil and gas and tires. It seems to me that the downtown life
could really blossom and the people who want to drink could still take cabs and the people who
work all day I think would enjoy coming downtown not having to drive and enjoy shopping,
restaurants, coffee shops and so on. The downtown could really blossom, it seems to me.
Action Taken: left msj

Lilly Bell
2518 N. Arrowood Way
Meridian, ID
Parking Ticket: I actually live in Meridian, but work in downtown Boise. I am trying to pay a
parking ticket either on the phone or on line, but because I lost the ticket, I don’t have the ticket
number, so I have been attempting to reach someone by phone to get the ticket number so that
I can pay the parking ticket. I have dialed 17 different phone numbers and used “0” multiple
times to get to an operator. All 17 calls plus the 0’s were forwarded to the answering phone or
operator or have gone straight to voice mail. I’ve been on the phone calling numbers for 30
minutes and have yet to reach a live person. I have called between the time of 8:10 and 8:40
and I thought that was something important that you might want to know. I have called all the
numbers available on the parking page, I have called the Mayor’s direct general information line,
I’ve called the City Council line, I have called the people in Finance, I’ve called people in
Clerking, I’ve called 17 different phone numbers and I cannot reach a live person and I think
that’s a real problem. Thank you so much; I will keep trying to pay my ticket.
Action Taken: Left Message, 11/11 was Veterans Day, city offices closed

Panhandlers: I don’t know who I’m calling here from the phone book, but I’m tired of the
homeless people panhandling and calling me up. I’m a disabled person; I’m partially paralyzed
from the neck down and I’m tired of homeless people panhandling wanting handouts. It’s got to
come to a stop. I can’t even go downtown and enjoy a cup of coffee on a patio on a warm day
because the homeless will not leave people alone. People are sick and tired of it. We do not
owe them nothing. I’m not going to leave you my name or phone number; just please tell them
to stop it or I’m going to do something about it. Good bye.

Donna Pullin
7260 Cascade Dr.
Boise, ID
Veterans Parade: I am appalled that our Veterans had to pay the $150 to have a parade plus
the trash and so on. If there had been ample publication and posters on the streets and in the
media, the public would have overwhelmingly taken care of any expense that had to be. I am
from a family of military background and have a grandson on a nuclear submarine right now and
I am just appalled at our lack of patriotism. Thank you for listening.
Action Taken: contacted Donna and 5 other callers w/ info about parade

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  1. Flyonthewall
    Nov 18, 2009, 11:05 am

    Hmmm,…. let me think. Perhaps we should start taxing the homeless so they will aspire to be something different.

  2. Just a thought....
    Nov 18, 2009, 12:31 pm

    Hard to get exited about helping someone with a sign that says “Homeless family need money for food and shelter” as he stands there smoking a cigarette.

  3. Paying beggars always means more beggars…

  4. The people who need help don’t typically stand on street corners. They’re ashamed to ask for it and seek help from shelters, the government, or churches. THOSE are the type of homeless I am more than willing to help out. I have not and will not give panhandlers money, instead I support established charities with good ethics and management.

  5. That’s okay people since you can’t get past ‘what Boise looks like’. Winter will be here shortly and we will see where Boises Priorities of spending funds on Trollys and such verses senior meals, night shelters for those who had it all at one time, homes, families, jobs gone. We’ll start seeing frozen bodys with winter as the churches can’t take them all in. Perhaps many of these individuals were state workers who were laid off as well. Humm! The city could provide all kinds of shelters, meals with all the tickets they are capitalizing on at this time including the BSU games. Enjoy your comforts for those of you who still have jobs and beds.

  6. Saw a spot on the local news about a homeless guy who got a ticket for being …well ..homeless. He took it to court and won. That is the good news. The bad news is the judge ordered him to pay the county $300 for his court appointed attorney.

    Somebody has to figure out these people sleeping the the bushes this time of year really don’t have any place else to go. All of this was a huge waste of taxpayer money to prosecute, litigate and take up space on an already clogged court docket.

    I am sure this guy learned his lesson and will beat a hasty retreat to the local Marriott.

  7. The one from the 11th is a riot. 🙂

  8. Bus tickets to Reno.

  9. Just a thought....
    Nov 19, 2009, 10:36 am

    Fyi Paul…..that guy already had six cases against him with fines totaling $920.00; which has gone unpaid. This guy is more than just someone sleeping in the bushes…sounds more like a habitual offender that has no regard for the law???

  10. Reno, heck!

    Take some of that streetcar money, and buy a couple buses. (Mayor Dave could even drive one, if he’d like!) One-way passenger rides to Fresno, where the buses could be loaded with delicious and reasonably-priced produce, to bring back to the good citizens of Boise!

    (But seriously, I have sympathy for the involuntary homeless. They’re not accustomed to the hardships of that lifestyle. The pros are resourceful; they’ll figure out a way to survive. And I have yet to see the “frozen bodys,” unless there was a contributing factor, like intoxication.)

  11. Bottom of it all is that eventually they will issue a Warrant for unpaid fines, he’ll get arrested, can’t get bailed out so will get a few to several days, may months in Ada County Jail with free mini meals, cot and a mini tooth brush.
    Is Reno a solution or is it out of sight out of mine?

  12. Reno is our solution… and a cheap one too. Free bus ticket and a roll of quarters when they arrive

  13. Note to Just a Thought…:

    You are right. Let’s just scoop up all the homeless and throw them in a nice warm cozy jail. That “habitual offender” and people like him look bad hanging around on the street and in the bushes.

    We have a homeless problem in this coutry that is exacerbated by the economy and housing foreclosures and people with no money. Mental institutions overflowing with people who have no safety net and people content to ignore the reality of all this.

    Frankly, I am amazed the crime rate continues to go down instead of up as we drag our way through this econcomic mess created by our beloved bankers who ought to be taking up space in our jails and prisons.

  14. I was approached in the parking lot of Cabela’s on Franklin. She was begging for money because her car ran out of gas on the freeway. I had a gas can and offered her a ride. She abruptly turned and went to another customer.

  15. As a native of New York that moved here last year, I can honestly say from experience that many of these ‘homeless’ panhandle as a profession.

    I’ve walked with a homeless friend down streets in New York, and she’d point out here and there people who had signs saying “Need help getting home to [random city here across the country]” and then show me down the block where they had a small apartment.

    Or, the times during the holidays where I’d offer to buy a meal for someone, only to have them refuse, but are more then happy to accept $$$.

    Like Shane pointed out, these street corner beggers are likely not as ‘down on their luck’ as they’d like you to think.

    Yes, some people may consider me harsh and unkind, but the truth hurts.

  16. Every week (taking my aged mother on her weekly errands…) I watch a ring of ‘homeless unfortunates’ who meet each other, trade signs, drop off/pick up dogs, relieve each other while one goes in the store to buy smokes/snacks, stand up/switch positions in wheelchairs
    …and I’m supposed to feel sorry for panhandlers?? Yes, there ARE people who need help, but these scammers who’re allowed to practice their insulting ‘free enterprise’ methods towards people who want to help are a pretty sorry bunch. When I watch people reaching into their jackets or backpacks to change their signs, my pity is long-gone!

  17. Just ask em if they filed their taxes

  18. I help the homeless and less fortunate population in the area by donating money, goods and time to the charities that help them. It’s far better than handing out dollars every time I go to the grocery store. At least the charities provide a place to sleep, some food, a mailing address for job hunting and some education.

    I am really starting to resent the lies I know are on those cardboard signs. There was one woman who was “4 months pregnant” for the better part of a year. It’s pathetic. And I agree that it’s making Boise look bad.

    If we all stop paying beggars, they’ll have no choice but to find legitimate means to make ends meet.

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