Thanksgiving Wishes From The GUARDIAN

From the entire GUARDIAN staff (1) we wish you all a safe Thanksgiving Weekend. Feel free to share any great adventures, recipes, or ideas with your fellow GUARDIAN readers. Be nice to those relatives and don’t be afraid to tell little white lies about the quality of food if need be!

JOKE–What did the turkey say to the turkey hunter? Quack, quack.


Cranberry and gravy from a can
Stuffing you heat in a pan
Makes Thanksgiving no fuss
So you have time to discuss
Your Black Friday shopping plan!

Sometimes we don’t see clear
All the things we hold so dear
So let’s find a way
Not just on Thanksgiving Day
To give thanks throughout the year!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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  1. The ol’ bikeboy would like to wish a happy Thanksgiving right back at the Guardian staff (1) and the many Guardian readers.

    Like many, I tend to gripe about what’s wrong. And I tend not to even mention what’s right!

    I feel truly grateful to live in this wonderful corner of the world. Most of us can acquire both our needs, and many of our “wants.” We seem relatively isolated from disasters of every kind. (Knock on sagebrush!) We have the freedom to dissent and make our opinions known; we should NEVER take that freedom for granted.

    My hat is off in particular to our military men and women who stand guard 24/7/365 – even on holidays! – to protect our freedom. And to our law enforcement, fire protection, etc., for being ready to serve at a moment’s notice.

  2. That is one ugly bird! Why do we eat such things?

    Oh well, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to one and all.

  3. New Guardian Reader
    Nov 25, 2009, 2:01 pm

    Dear Editor,
    Would you, could you, please dedicate a category to Poet Paul’s posts?

    Many thanks and happy Thanksgiving.

    EDITOR NOTE– Happy to do so. I will label the older ones as I get time (after TG). Good idea!

  4. Dave Woodruff
    Nov 25, 2009, 2:06 pm

    Thank you for a delightful breath of fresh air and integrity and mostly politically incorrect (using the quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles or professional standards) being a new source of honest news reporting (the way it used to be?)!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving you old curmudgeon. You knew that poll was coming didn’t you? 😉 Hope all is well with you and yours.

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