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Mayor Hotline January 16 to 22

Once again we are faced with a serious allegation via the Hotline. The GUARDIAN will run it and hope that police are not only investigating, but the potential suspect–if there is one–has been relieved of duty. The facility is run by Ada County and the Commishes should be informed up front. When the GUARDIAN unveiled CHILD SLAVE LABOR practices in 2007 at the juvenile probation department, the Commishes stopped it immediately.

If charges are filed, it will probably be made public only after a grand jury hearing. This process keeps names secret until charges are filed, thus saving the reputation of those falsely accused.

Child Abuse & Porn: I’m calling regarding the juvenile detention center. There is a man that has been employed there for quite some time and he has been abusing Marijuana and has been found with child pornography, beastiality, and other kinds of porn. The police confiscated his computer, but yet he was able to work there and abuse children for, he claims, 15 years. There’s no question in my mind that there’s been child abuse issues with him since he was very upset that he was no longer being asked to work with the girls in the division. The computer was taken by the police last Friday and along with a lot of the beastiality and grotesque child pornography and so forth, and the abuse of the animals and the children is really sick, and not only that he was doing it at the same time as he was smoking marijuana. This is here in your juvenile detention center; juveniles don’t have much of a right to speak out and they really should. They shouldn’t be ignored. I’m sure there have been a lot of complaints and a lot of problems with that. It’s been ignored and gone by the wayside simply because they’re juveniles, yet infact they should have been taken seriously because the man is dangerous and
in harms way of people and animals. Thank you. You may want to contact the juvenile detention center at the Ada County Police Department; it’s the Ada County Juvenile Detention Center. I feel sorry for any person that’s been abused by this person who has been employed by the county, that this county has paid for to abuse them. Thank you.

Sarah Lunstrum
1801 N. 20th St.
Boise, ID 83702
Trash Cans in Bike Lanes: I just want to let you know how much I love my daily bike commute to work, except for Tuesdays when it’s trash day in the neighborhood I have to ride through to get to work. I ride down Boise Avenue and it seems the stretch of that street from Rinehard to Broadway doesn’t have a consistent sidewalk and folks are putting their big old trash cans right in the bike lane, so when I bike to work at 7 in the morning, I have to get right out into traffic to avoid the lines of trash cans. Just today I had another near miss with a car; I know I’m getting out into traffic safely, but even though I have bike lights it’s hard for cars to see me, and I think sometimes car drivers are in a hurry and they don’t necessarily want to wait for a biker to get around trash cans. Anyway, I just wish that trash cans would not be stored in bike lanes; I think that’s a big safety hazard and I would appreciate your thoughts on that. Thank you.

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  1. I’d like to hear what “bike friendly” Mayor Beater has to say about the mini-dumpsters in the bike lane. As I ride about our fair community, it’s always obvious when it’s trash day. And those things are as big as a so-called “Smart Car” – they should be ticketed for parking in the bike lane! (/some sarcasm)

  2. Bo hoo hoo, the big bad garbage cans are in the way. The bikers will complain about _everything_ they can. I might feel a little more sorry for the bike riders if they weren’t zipping in and out between cars, making left turns in right lanes, and blowing through red lights causing near accidents with cars that have a green light.

    If the cans are such an issue, either find a different path to take to work, or come up with a better solution to the trash problem.

  3. Brielle, you need to focus a little more. Two separate issues in your message:
    1: Rogue bikers who ignore laws and safety. We all hate them. Bikers (at least lawful ones) and drivers alike. Not all bike riders are this type though. On a (car-driving) errand last September I conducted an informal survey. I saw 31 bike riders and 30 of them were riding in a lawful manner. That’s ALL of the data I have seen on this issue. Every other person who speaks of it uses sweeping generalities and assigns the behavior of a bad few to all bicyclists. Fact is according to the data over 96% of riders are riding lawfully.
    2: The MHL caller is complaining that when she tries to ride lawfully in the designated bike lane it is blocked by trash cans and she’s forced to ride in the not-just-for-autos lane. Here’s a biker upset because she can’t yield the road to cars and you bitch about it. Sounds like YOU are the one who complains about……everything!

  4. My understanding is that the cans cannot be on the sidewalk because they would then block wheelchairs/handicapped people. I’m a little more concerned about them than bikers.

  5. Ada County Juvenile programs are rampant with corruption. I hope the Director gets fired. Problem is in this town, no one cares about the kids. The rich just get lawyers and their kids get through the system with with no problem.
    Sick, Sick, Sick.

    Juvenile corrections hide behind the laws enacted to protect the kids. That is why they rarely get exposed. Slave labor for profit with kids in correction is alive and well in Idaho. If the kids say anything they will be terrorized as well as the parents.
    The Facist State of Idaho is alive and well.

    EDITOR NOTE–Take a deep breath Dog. If you have info that the 2007 GUARDIAN scoop didn’t correct the slave labor problem, let’s hear it. Not fair to make a new allegation unless you have a fact…my guess is the guy under investigation is probably already gone, but since it is a “personnel matter” and a criminal investigation no one will go public–yet.

  6. The trash-bins-in-the-bike-lane issue will be addressed when a cyclist swerves to miss one and gets plowed by a car.

    – There will be a story in the newspaper, and the TV anchorettes will wring their hands and look very solemn while reporting the mishap.
    – Many motorists will authoritatively declare, “Bikes don’t belong on the roads at all!!”
    – There may be “task force” to look into the problem and make recommendations.
    – Then we can get back to business as usual.

    That’s how we do things here.

    (The casualty won’t be Sarah Lundstrum, or me, or some other experienced/responsible cyclist. It’ll probably be a kid.)

  7. Alex Michas
    Mar 22, 2010, 5:34 pm

    My name is Alex. I have been wrongfully charged with the 12/25/2008 burglary at the Idaho Business Review at BODO. I was having X-mas eve dinner with 9 people but the BPD failed to question “any” of these witness’. They have a poor video of someone who resembles me and that is all. I find it a little disconcerting that BPD can get a warrant and arrest someone without even checking out the alibi. Anyone who might have any knowledge regarding who might have Burglarized the Idaho Business Review on Dec. 25th 2008 please contact me @

    EDITOR NOTE–What the heck. No hurt in giving the guy a voice. Seems like a pretty old case at this point anyway if it was 2008.

  8. In regards to the case at Ada Co. Juv Det. There were a couple things wrong and right. It was wrong to say that the sick guy that was working there had been abusing the kids. The police do not have any evidence of that. It was also wrong to think that the center knew. It was reported at 11pm and he left and never came back. No complaints by kids have been filed!! You are correct in saying that the Director should be fired and that the guy is a sick sick man though.

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